31 Jan 2014

Wormhole Adventure: The Final Curtain

The wormhole adventure was now all but over. It had been quite an experience and had thrown up many new areas of gameplay that we hadn't experienced before. We had stories and memories aplenty, some good and some bad, and so it was a mixed feeling of relief and sadness that we were finally leaving behind the hole.

As a corporation we had now 'wet our feet' with wormhole life. We discussed the stay in great length and would certainly be interested in doing more wormhole related stuff in the future, but that is for another time. Now it is time to take off our comfy wormhole slippers and put back on the stomping boots.

During our stay down the holes we made a bit of ISK, we lost some ISK, we killed stuff, we lost stuff. In closing though I don't feel all that matters much in the grand scheme of things. This adventure was more than just ISK in the wallet and kills on a killboard. It ran far deeper than that. It felt good to say we'd done something like this as a group, we had fought together and defended our home together.

Duke spoke about the final stages of the tour.

I was getting a little stir crazy toward the end yet found myself too lazy to scan my way out of the hole most days. The POS locking and scramming MB. That still makes me chuckle. Noobs we are.

Nogusha summed up his stay down the holes.

My wormhole saga:
Wondered how to move shit in.
Moved shit in. 
Shot some rats. 
Shot a POS. 
Moved shit back out. 
Got lost. 
Breathed a sigh of relief. 
Went back to chasing FW farmers.

Crake had a brief stay during the time of the POS bash.

1. Came in an Atron. Brought an extra point since no one had one. 
2. Watched you guys shoot at the POS for a while.
3. Left the wormhole.
4. Huh

While I was admittedly sceptical, my short holiday style stint with you guys in the hole was actually quite fun. I especially liked the teamwork on display and the fun that was had. - Ilik Tanikalot

We left the wormhole? - Reciprocrat

We won Crat, the Russians ran away, dismantled their pos and moved out.

It's boring now (famous SKRMR attention span) - Vincent R'lyeh

And so closed that chapter of Screaming Hayabusa life.

The end.

Will the last person to leave J101957 please turn out the lights?



  1. Entertaining read Muira, good to see my old R1FTA buddies still rocking

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about all your wormhole exploits. These were some good stories.

  3. Enjoyed all the stories man brava.

  4. Very much enjoyed reading through this adventure, thanks.

  5. Glad people enjoyed reading about us failing with wh life. :P Was good fun though none the less!