28 Apr 2011

And I heard as it were the noise of thunder

During a quiet routine system patrol for bogies whilst at the command of the Cyclone class battlecruiser I decided to power down the thrusters and leave my ship in idle mode. Protocol strictly prohibits doing this whilst sat in the top belt of a low-security system, but, I figured the two guys in local who had been present for some time now wouldn't bring me any bother so I stepped out of the pod goo for a short moment to go to the ship's canteen for a sandwich and to stretch my legs.

As I walked back to my pod unit with my Golgothan fried beef and chilli sandwich in one hand and cold drink in the other, there was no cause for concern as each of the ship's warning system monitors I passed in the dank, dimly lit corridors flashed green. For a moment I kind of forgot that I was in charge of this hulking block of rusty scrap metal, my crew going about their business merrily.

The Cyclone in which I was flying was nothing special, it had the usual faithful tech II Minmatar 425 millimetre autocannons that were linked to some well-oiled tech II spin-happy Gyrostabilizers and add to that a tech II Tracking Enhancer a tech II large Shield Booster and tackle module but other than that you could label it in the tech one junk category. Most of the parts, including the tech II stuff were indeed thrown onto the ship from my own loot stash.

Ship fitting data and engineer's report [Cyclone, Cyclone]

Damage Control II [New, Rens market]
Tracking Enhancer II [New, Rens market]
Gyrostabilizer II [Reconditioned, previously fitted to damaged Rifter]
Gyrostabilizer II [Oil leak, will need repairing next service]

V-M15 Braced Multispectral Shield Matrix [Reconditioned, Caldari battlecruiser wreck]
Warp Disruptor II [New, Jita market]
Large Shield Booster II [Second-hand, previous fitments unknown]
Medium Electrochemical Capacitor Booster I, Cap Booster 800 [Re-load gears need replacing next service, sticking]
Y-T8 Overcharged Hydrocarbon I Microwarpdrive [blocked thruster, check throttle bodies next service]

425mm AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet EMP M [New, Rens market]
425mm AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet EMP M [New, Rens market, springs need replacing next service]
425mm AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet EMP M [New, Rens market]
425mm AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet EMP M [New, Rens market]
425mm AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet EMP M [New, Rens market]
Medium 'Gremlin' Power Core Disruptor I [Reconditioned, Bosboger parts bin]
5W Infectious Power System Malfunction [New, Jita market]
5W Infectious Power System Malfunction [New, Jita market, check faulty bleed valve next service]

Medium Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
Medium Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I
Medium Anti-Kinetic Screen Reinforcer I
[Rigs all solid]

Warrior II x5 [Checked, ok]
Warrior II x3 [Checked, ok]

[Overall condition of ship - rusty]


Yeah so back to the sandwich. Beautiful. The bravery of the crews who risk life and limb exporting their beef from dangerous lands should be commended. As I took control of the ship again I checked the local communications systems, nothing had changed, still the same local count and no hostile ships on my 360 degree scan blip were spotted between the pos trash.

Then suddenly, PILGRIM! Right next to me in the belt. Alarms began to ring and sirens wailed as the two ships momentarily collided, the huge battlecruiser listing violently as it then bounced into an asteroid before managing to stabilise itself. The fight was on.

I had the wrong ammunition loaded as my drones were sent out to nibble at the recon ship, frustrated I bashed at my command console and ordered an immediate ammo switch. But in the panic I had switched to the wrong ammo! After firing off a few broadsides I again ordered the now correct ammunition change. My shields began to shine a bright red as I ordered an injection from the shield booster, the boosters whirred magnificently as they rebuked the incoming damage.

Then the lights went out and the ship made an uncomfortable sounding noise, the old girders creaked and the fittings rattled as the ship drifted with no power. The capacitor injector crew were of course on stand-by and quickly sorted the mess, injecting power back into the capacitors the lights flickered and we were back in business as we returned a few neut cycles for good measure.

Our cannons were hitting out under the stress of the tracking disruptor that was reducing the tracking capabilities of the hard-hitting guns, the damage was being applied but not how the gunnery crews would have liked. It was intense down there, every man to the pump, concentration at maximum.

It was a repeat cycle of blackouts and cap injection, each time we were neuted out of the fight we would wait on the boosters rescuing the situation, the kiss of life in combat terminology was well and truly our saviour. The large shield booster was now almost perma-running and overheated to fend off the incoming drone damage.

Each re-load cycle of the cap booster seemed to take longer and longer each time it was needed, as the fight drew on I noted that we were now running agonizingly low on boosters, it was getting close but the Pilgrim was now buckling under the strain of itself having to deal with my own neut cycles. The order was given to crank up the heat in the gunnery rooms as we sought to finish the menace that had stalked us and brought to the plate this fight.

Almost ten minutes had passed, it seemed like thirty but something had to give as steam and chemicals now filled the gunnery rooms. The heat was intense down there, nanobots raced to cool the heat and repair the holes that were now appearing, icey cool water injectors sprayed the hot metal as the cannons continued spewing out fiery hot projectiles at the foe.

Shield warning lights were now at the critical stage but the Pilgrim was deep into its armour and it now seemed that its own repper had stopped working as we suddenly began landing some solid blows. The noise from the gunnery crews changed from cautious silence to loud whoops of joy as one final wrecking shot of hot plasma slammed into the Pilgrim, shattering it into a thousand smoking gold pieces of Amarrian floating junk.

I immediately shut down all heat and switched to cooldown mode as we returned to station for an expensive repair job. Next to me was a standard blue pill that I had forgotten to take, I never did like mixing food with combat drugs.

Good fight.


25 Apr 2011

Top Gunpoint Diplomacy

The macho students of an elite Molden Heath flying school for advanced fighter pilots compete to be best in the class, and one romances the teacher. 

Opening card.

On December 14, 2008 some Molden Heath Pirates established an elite school for the top one percent of its pilots. Its purpose was to teach the lost art of space combat and to insure that the handful of men (and women) who graduated were the best fighter pilots in the Molden Heath region.

They succeeded.

Today, the Pirates call it Sard Caid's Weapons School. The flyers call it:



Aviator Miura "Maverick" Bull and his Radar Intercept Officer Wensley "Goose" fly the F-14A Rifter aboard the RANSM 'Oddelulf'. They, with Maverick's wingman Lt Graham "Cougar" and his RIO Phantom Ghost "Merlin", intercept 9pool bogies over the Bosena gate. After one of the 9pool's Drake's missiles locks on Graham, he is too shaken to dock, despite being low on capacitor. Miura defies orders and assists Lt Graham in docking despite also being low on cap, but Graham gives up his Wings of Clam citing his newborn clone child whom he has never seen. Despite disliking Miura's reckless flying and repeated violation of rules, due to his talent, CAG "Stinger" (Avan Sercedos) must send him and Wensley —now his top crew— to attend the Top Gunpoint school in Molden Heath.

The single Miura flies recklessly in part to compensate for his father Duke Bull, an Aviator with the militia aboard the Carrier Oriskany (CV-34) during the Minmatar Rebellion. The elder Bull died when his F-4 Jaguar was shot down in an incident Miura refuses to believe was his fault.

Wensley is cautious and devoted to his wife Vasavia and child. The two officers are nonetheless close friends and effective partners, whose mantra is "I feel the need...The need for speed!". At a bar the day before the Top Gunpoint program starts, Miura, assisted by Wensley, unsuccessfully approaches a girl by singing "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'". He learns the next day that she is Ariartus, an astrophysicist and capsuleer Top Gunpoint instructor.

Miura's reckless flying both annoys and impresses LCDR Dirty "Jester" Protagonist and other instructors. He defeats DP in combat, but violates two rules of engagement in the process; becomes a rival to top student "Iceman" Albback, who considers Miura's methods "dangerous"; and continues to pursue Ariartus. During class she analyzes Miura's engagement with 9pool, calling it "an example of what not to do." Later, Ariartus admits to him that she admires his tactics but criticized them to hide her feelings for him from the others, and they begin a relationship.


During a training sortie Miura abandons his wingman Craftycroc "Hollywood" to chase chief instructor CDR Sard "Viper" Caid. Although Miura effectively challenges the older pilot, Sard manoeuvres Miura into a position from which his wingman DP —who has already defeated Craftycroc— can shoot down Miura from behind, demonstrating the value of teamwork over individual ability.

Near the end of the training program, Miura and Iceman Albback both chase DP, the latter attempting to gain a rocket lock on the target. Under intense pressure from Miura, Iceman Albback breaks off. Miura's Rifter flies through the jet wash of Iceman Albback's ship and suffers a flameout of both engines, entering a flat spin from which he cannot recover, forcing him and Wensley to eject. Wensley ejects directly into the jettisoned Rifter's canopy and is killed on impact. (Sorry Wens).

Although the board of inquiry clears Miura of responsibility he feels guilt for Wensley's death, losing his aggressiveness when flying. Ariartus and others attempt to console him, but Miura considers leaving RANSM. Unsure of his future, he seeks Sard's advice. Sard reveals that he served with Miura's father in the militia, and tells him classified details that show that Duke Bull died heroically. He informs Miura that he can graduate from Top Gunpoint, if he can regain his self-confidence. Miura chooses to graduate, but Iceman Albback wins the award for top pilot.

During the graduation party, Iceman Albback, Craftycroc, and Miura are ordered to immediately report to Oddelulf to deal with a "crisis situation", providing Rifter support for the rescue of a stricken boosting tech 3 ship, the SS Loki, that has drifted into hostile space. Miura and Phantom Ghost are assigned to one of two Rifters as back-up for those flown by Iceman Albback and Craftycroc, despite Iceman Albback's reservations over Miura's state of mind. The subsequent hostile engagement with six 9pool bogies sees Craftycroc shot down; Miura is sortied alone due to warp failure and nearly retreats after encountering circumstances similar to those that caused Wensley's death. Upon finally rejoining Iceman Albback they shoot down four 9pool bogies and force the others to flee, and return triumphantly to Oddelulf. Offered any assignment he chooses, Miura decides to return to Top Gunpoint Diplomacy as an instructor.

At a bar in Teonusude, Miura hears "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" and recalls meeting Ariartus. She enters the bar and the two reunite.


Miura "Maverick" Bull

Ariartus "Charlie"

"Iceman" Albback

"Goose" Wensley

Sard "Viper" Caid

"Jester" Dirty Protagonist (DP)

Lt Graham "Cougar"

"Wolfman" Jack Dant

"Slider" Willem Revolati

"Merlin" Phantom Ghost

"Sundown" Doctor Genocide

"Hollywood" Craftycroc

"Stinger" Avan Sercedos

"Wensley Goose's Wife" - Vasavia

Memorable Quotes.

Sard Caid: Good morning, gentlemen, the temperature is 110 degrees.
Jack Dant: Holy shit, it's Sard!
Wensley: Sard's up here, great... oh shit...
Miura: Great, he's probably saying, "Holy shit, it's MB and Wensley."
Wensley: Yeah, I'm sure he's saying that.


Sard: In case some of you are wondering who the best is, they are up here on this killboard.
[turns to Miura]
Sard: Do you think your name will be on that killboard?
Miura: Yes, sir.
Sard: That's pretty arrogant, considering the company you're in.
Miura: Yes, sir.
Sard: I like that in a pilot.


Jack Dant: [watching a video of Falcons being shot down] This gives me a hard on.
Craftycroc: Don't tease me.


Sard: [discussing Miura] Let me ask you something. If you had to go into battle, would you want him with you?
Dirty Protagonist: I don't know, I just don't know.


Vasavia: Hey, Wensley, you big stud!
Wensley: That's me, honey.
Vasavia: Take me to bed or lose me forever.
Wensley: Show me the way home, honey.


Willem Revolati: Wensley, whose butt did you kiss to get in here anyway?
Wensley: The list is long, but distinguished.
Willem Revolati: Yeah, well so is my Johnson.


Miura: I think I'll go embarrass myself with Wensley.


Avan Sercedos: And if you screw up just this much, you'll be flying a blockade runner full of rubber dog shit out of Molden Heath!
Miura: Yes, sir!


Sard: Top Gunpoint rules of engagement are written for your safety and for that of your team. They are not flexible, nor am I. Either obey them or you are history. Is that clear?


Ariartus: So, Miura, where exactly were you?
Miura: Well, we...
Wensley: Thank you.
Miura: Started up on a 6, when he pulled from the asteroid belt, and then I moved in above him.
Ariartus: Well, if you were directly above him, how could you see him?
Miura: Because I was inverted.
Iceman Albback: [coughs whilst saying] Bullshit.
Wensley: No, he was man. It was a really great move. He was inverted.
Ariartus: You were in a 4g inverted dive with a 9pool bogie?
Miura: Yes, ma'am.
Ariartus: At what range?
Miura: Um, about two meters.
Wensley: It was actually about one and a half I think. It was one and a half. I've got great camera drone footage of it, and he's right there, must be one and a half.
Miura: Was a nice picture.
Wensley: Thanks.
Ariartus: Eh, Wens, what were you doing there?
Wensley: Communicating.
Miura: Communicating. Keeping up foreign relations. You know, giving him the bird!
Wensley: [Ariartus looks puzzled, so Wens clarifies] You know, the finger
Ariartus: Yes, I know the finger, Wens.
Wensley: I-I'm sorry, I hate it when it does that, I'm sorry. Excuse me.


Dirty Protagonist: That was some of the best flying I've seen to date - right up to the part where you got killed.


and finally.....

Iceman Albback: You can be my wingman any time.
Miura: Bullshit! You can be mine.

Another successful RANSM mission.

Thanks for reading!


24 Apr 2011

Shine On You Crazy Black Rebels

It had been nearly a week since my last kill, I had spent most of my time in dry dock with my flying hours reduced to a minimum for various reasons or another. My lust for battle was intensifying, the rush was back, the kick of the dogfight was coursing through my veins and today was going to be the day that I appeased my hunger.

Spotting a suspicious looking Malediction class Interceptor hopping the belts and bouncing planets I decided to give chase in my Wolf, narrowing the ship down to the star I landed out of warp some 80 clicks off of my foe. Expecting the pilot to initiate warp I was surprised to see him burning towards me, I set my microwarp drive thrusters to half capacity and snaked towards him.

As I got closer I smashed open the throttle and the Wolf sprung into life at full speed, autocannon fire and rockets spewing out into space with ferocious gusto as we locked horns. The fight was good, my over-heated armor reppers were needed and at one point in the fight I was fully neuted and had to juggle my modules as my capacitor was bled dry. As the Malediction began to break into fragments he made a run for it, deep into structure and almost out of overloaded scram range I got off one last volley and the plucky frigate exploded in a glorious fireball.

Next up I decided to make a pod run over from Bosboger to our home turf of Molden Heath where I then jumped into a Myrmidon that had been gathering dust in my Oddelulf hangar.

Setting my waypoints for a counter-clockwise circuit of the Molden Heath Loop I spotted a young pilot in an asteroid belt in Heild, spooking him as I landed some way off his Hurricane, he was already in warp and docked in the station before I had time to do anything about it. At this exact moment a rather unfortunate Rifter decided to land smack bang on top of me in the belt and as my autocannons tore into the ship, the Rifter was soon no more.

In what turned out to be an uneventful roam, my only other kill was this Bestower that I crossed paths with on a stargate.

Docking up for a few hours rest I later decided to take my Dramiel out for a spin. Heading down towards Verge Vendor I found a Jaguar idling in Ouelletta, the fight was on and the Jaguar's shields were stripped with ruthless efficiency, however, it soon became clear that this was no ordinary Jaguar and after an in your face up close and personal brawl the Jaguar eventually buckled.

It was while waiting out my criminal flag that an old acquaintance from my early days as a Black Rebel entered local. Ilik Tanikalot was one of the first members through the doors and although we had both now moved on to pastures new, you never forget your roots as a member of the Black Rebel Rifter Club. The chance to roam with an old buddy was too good to turn down and Dramiel and Enyo partnership was on.

Ilik Tanikalot uses Brutor Tribal Wax Hair Products.

It didn't take us too long to find our first fight over in Costolle. A gang of two Hawks, a Caldari Navy Hookbill and a Manticore (which later decloaked, we didn't realise it was there at the start) were loitering in one of the faction warfare complexes, after a few attempts at getting a decent warp in and the gang warping off and back at various ranges we eventually got the fight going. During this process I warped to a gate to bounce back and forgot that I had GCC, luckily I managed to rep the incoming sentry fire and avoid an embarrassing loss mail.

We started on the Hawks, they seemed to quickly pull range and it soon became clear that the Hookbill had dual webs and had snagged Ilik's Enyo, in the confusion the Enyo popped and the Hookbill's webification was now strangling my Dramiel. Switching my full focus to the Hookbill and also trying to lock the Manticore in the process the race was on to shake the webs. The Hookbill exploded and I switched back to the Hawks as the Manticore disappeared from view.

With bits of my Dramiel breaking up and my faction modules on fire, my armor repper working overtime and the Hawk's tanks holding nicely I decided to do what most Dramiel pilots do best and I disengaged and made a run for it. A good fight and Ilik was pleased to see the Hookbill mail to compensate for the Enyo loss.

After some re-shipping and a short break we made our way over to the Parts/Obalyu pocket, Ilik now in a shield Thrasher. In Atlulle we found an Incursus and Wolf in a belt but they both decided to run from the fight as we landed, probably spooked by the Dram. As they left local I made the decision to drop off the Dram and jump into a Thrasher of my own, a 400mm armor plated model would do just nicely.

We set a new destination to Amamake.

After a few quiet systems we found some life in Mannar, an Ishkur and a Federation Navy Comet at the same belt. As I entered warp to the belt it became clear that this was one rather large system, Ilik was on the other side of the system as we had split up scouting duties upon entering. I was first on the scene and immediately pointed the Ishkur as Ilik's Thrasher made best speed behind me.

Swathes of tech II and tech I drones and autocannon fire from the Ishkur (yes you heard that right) took me deep into armor as I locked up the Comet which Ilik now had pointed. Thrashers are mean ships and as I entered structure the Ishkur broke up in a flash of blue light, relieved to have his tech II drones off of my back we demolished the rather poorly fitted Comet in quick fashion, his capsule destroyed in the excitement and Ilik taking a full sec-loss in the process, forgetting he wasn't an outlaw I apologised for my nasty pod-killing habits. Scooping loot and licking my wounds at 55% structure, we docked for repairs and another short break, the Thrasher smoking under the green hue of the hangar lights.

We made best speed to Amamake, cutting across Gratesier via the couple of high-sec systems but we found no targets on this route apart from a couple of gangs in Egghelende which we decided to swerve. It was now getting late and after chasing a Vexor for a short time in and around Amamake's neighbouring systems we decided to head back to Amamake where we would end the evening in the top belt, one way or another.

After a few false alarms and elusive targets we found another Thrasher sat proudly in the fabled top belt, we initiated warp and held our breath. Landing 20 off of the outlaw Thrasher we began taking artillery fire, we burnt towards our enemy with microwarp drives blazing and ripped through its shields and watched as it broke up under the green glow of the gaseous Amamake sky.

Just as we were initiating warp and leaving the belt the back-up landed, the usual local neighbourhood watch consisting of recons and a couple of cruisers. We offered up a 'good fight' and a 'too slow' in local but strangely got no reply.

It brought to an end a good day in the space lanes and great little roam with a ghost from the past, here's to more of the same in the future.

The Black Rebels are alive and kicking.


16 Apr 2011

Blog Plug

My good friend and companion of Caldari culture, Firelight Morgenstern, has started blogging after some persuasive tactics bore fruit. He's quite an odd character and I hope he lives up to his promise of tales about his adventures flying his superior Caldari vessels and amongst other things his chatter about his shady underworld activities involved in the combat booster trade.


Please pay him a visit on the link above and follow him, it would make him happy and encourage him to produce more, ahem, 'material'.



15 Apr 2011

Bellicose Tea Party

Welcome to the Minmatar In-Ship Entertainment System.

Bass in your face Brutor!

You have chosen Johnny Cash - A Thing Called Love. At your request your ship alarm systems have been disabled for your listening pleasure, enjoy your selected track.

Now being the mean-skinned Brutor man that I am I am not averse to singing along during long roams, once you get used to a lung full of pod juice gargling up the lyrics every now and then you're soon in full flow.

I also like to make up and tweak my own versions as I go along, and today I will share with you.

Six foot six he stood on the ground,
He weighed two hundred and thirty-five pounds,
But I saw that giant of a man brought down to his knees by ECM.

He was the kind of a man that would gamble on luck,
Look you in the eye and never back up,
But I saw him crying like a little whipped pup because of ECM.

You can't see it with your eyes,
Hold it in your hand.
But like the wind, it covers our land,
Strong enough to move the heart of any man,
This thing called ECM.

It can lift you up,
Never let you down,
Take your world and turn it all around,
Ever since time, nothing has ever been found,
That's stronger than ECM.

Most men are like me, they struggle in doubt,
They trouble their minds day in and day out,
Too busy with living to worry about a little word like ECM.

But when I see an autocannon's tenderness,
As she holds her young projectiles close to her breast,
Then I thank god that the world's been blessed with a thing called ECCM.

You can't see it with your eyes,
Hold it in your hand.
But like the wind, it covers our land,
Strong enough to move the heart of any jam,
This thing called ECCM.

It can lift you up,
Never let you down,
Take your world and turn it all around,
Ever since time, nothing has ever been found,
That's stronger than ECCM.

Ever since time, nothing has ever been found,
That's stronger than a projectile blast to the face due to a cycle missing.

So I was roaming in a Bellicose in the wild worlds of Syndicate when a couple of Sabre's uncloak on a notorious gate for cloaky Sabre's (surprise, huh!?) well I think to myself, I CAN TOTALLY TAKE THESE EASILY, THIS WILL BE A NICE COUPLE OF KILLMAILS.

You know what's going to happen next right?

All right stop, JAMMER time.


Dead Bellicose.

I did have a bit more luck though a little later with a different set-up over in Empire space, which I later lost fighting a Jaguar after a Rupture that landed mid-fight on me at zero swung the fight (i.e he neuted me to death). A Wolf pilot got a little excited at the Bellicose he had spotted at the top belt, landing at zero was going to hurt though.

Then, to my surprise I spotted another Bellicose doing the same thing. Was somebody else trying to spring the same trap I thought to myself as I blasted into warp.

No was the answer.

I've got a few more of these ships to burn, I hope to find some nice kills (or losses) to write about in the near future.


9 Apr 2011

The Solo Combat Pilot's Guide to Good Roaming #4

This is a medium sized roam which twists through the 'back door' of the Amarr/Minmatar faction warfare grounds, thus hopefully missing the camps that operate on the main pipes, an activity which most pilots usually associate with the faction warfare style. On this roam our objective is to flag the attention of travellers using this route, the lone pilot catching up with his fleet, the backwater ratter, the small patrolling gangs, plex runners and general lost sheep.

Our start system is Gratesier, which is located in the Sing Laison region and which has good access points from Everyshore, Heimatar and slightly further afield, Metropolis. The roam ends in Huola, a busy Amarrian base system.

Gratesier - Huola 'Huola, it makes me happy' (sung to the tune 'Tequila')

Recommended ship type - Frigate/cruiser hulls.

System 1 - Gratesier 0.4

The Gallente Federation system of Gratesier is a system of no luxuries, no stations and no help for the weary traveller. It does however generate a lot of passing traffic and its nineteen asteroid belts can be tempting to the untrained ratter/miner who ventures in from the safety of the nearby high-security systems. Those jumping in from Ala should be weary of a local alliance who often camp this entry gate.

From the star you will have system wide coverage of the whole system.

System 2 - Saidusairos 0.1

Moving into The Bleak Lands region and another station-less system, the Amarrian system of Saidusairos offers nine asteroid belts to explore and has high traffic volumes of adventurers seeking passage to Domain, Devoid and the null-sec promised lands of Providence that lie beyond these Empire regions.

The 'Derelict Ruins' site in here is well worth a visit and often attracts those who wish to tussle with the local Blood Raiders that patrol it.

The ruins of some projects and expeditions are still unknown to this day. Either too secretive or minor to have been remembered in any empire’s history, these ruins remain a complete mystery to the local citizens and scholars alike.

System 3 - Kurniainen 0.1

The 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support is a welcome rest stop for capsuleers, here young Amarrian's hone their hatred towards the Minmatar race and zealous capsuleers sign up for their duties. Kurniainen is the first Amarrian defensive system of The Bleak Lands from invaders from the Northern regions. As such, you are likely to find patrolling vessels and sometimes small gangs ready to defend the borders. There are seventeen asteroid fields spread over a relatively large system.

The market in here is poor, even for basic ammunitions and supplies. The station does however offer a medical cloning facility and a basic ship repair service.

System 4 - Oyonata 0.3

Moving deeper into The Bleak Lands we come across Oyonata solar system, well documented as a battle ground for the warring militias. Its eleven asteroid belts are always worth a check, although most of the fighting will tend to take place on the stations or on the stargates themselves. An uninvited guest to one of these skirmishes can cause a small moment of confusion and perhaps a fight.

Oyonata has two stations, both have repair facilities and the 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support has a medical bay available. There is usually a small amount of ships available on the market in here although buying the parts may prove difficult in this poorly supplied system.

System 5 - Sosan 0.3

Only through many hardships
Is a man stripped to his very foundations
And in such a state
Devoid of distractions
Is his soul free to soar
And in this
He is closest to God

- The Scriptures, Book of Missions Verses 42:5

The system of Sosan in the Devoid region can at times be a hotbed for hostilities as those loyal to the Empire defend its military installations from attackers. Use this to your advantage during busy periods and you will hopefully be able to stir up some trouble.

Thirteen asteroid belts, one of which is an ice field can be checked for strays from neighbouring high-sec areas.

Sosan has two stations, both of which offer a good ship repair facility and medical bays. The market is generally poor, unless you wish to purchase a copy of the Pax Amarria, of which we found many on sale in the system.

System 6 - Asghed 0.4

Asghed is a busy junction system which offers four out-gates, increased traffic flow can only be a good thing as fleets and lone pilots move towards this usually contested system.

Thirteen asteroid belts, repair and medical facilities available between the three stations make for a good system to hunt in, although perhaps not to shop in as the market is again poor. The systems off of Asghed are also worth peeking into as scouts and patrols monitor the area for hostile intruders.

System 7 - Labapi 0.4

This system has no stations or outposts. Welcome to Labapi. Home of ..... well, nothing much really. Even the mining colony left town.

Throughout the history of space flight, countless mining corporations have tried and failed to strike it rich among the stars, fuelled by dreams of lucrative profits and grand adventures. All too often, however, these naïve dreams are met with the cold reality of ambivalent police forces and roving pirates that are all too eager to exploit the lax policing.

Well worth a quick warp in to, even if just to admire the ruined station of this ghostly former colony. Watch out for the local pirates, loitering in here might be your best chance of a fight.

System 8 - Roushzar 0.4

Roushzar can be quiet at most times, shadowed by Huola it mainly lies dormant. However, it is always possible to find somebody enjoying the relative peace and quiet in its twelve asteroid belts. You may even stumble upon a waiting gang or scout that is waiting to strike in Huola.

Four stations offer the usual repair services and a medical service is on offer at the Empire Family Bureau. Once again, as expected, the market is poor.

System 9 - Huola 0.4

Huola is a busy system where the two warring factions of the Minmatar and Amarr meet head on to do battle. On average you will probably find around 25-35 pilots during busy periods. This can obviously vary wildly depending on circumstances. Whatever is going on, you should be able to garner some (un)wanted attention as not being allied to a faction should mean you stand out from the crowd, especially if you are a shade of red. Warp around, poke your nose into gatecamps and be a general pain and you should get your fight. Just be ready for backup to arrive.

Did somebody mention backup?

There are likely to be a number of military installations to check out as well as the four asteroid belts.

The 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support is the main faction warfare station and offers up a good market where ships and fittings are readily available, albeit at an increased price. Hanging outside this station can usually get you a fight. The bottom station, Ishukone Corporation Factory, offers an alternative rest stop for the non-fw pilot. Both have cloning and repair services on tap.

Happy hunting!


7 Apr 2011


My corpmate Ariartus has published an interesting set of interviews which offers an intriguing insight into what makes Gunpoint Diplomacy tick. It is well worth a read, I hope you agree.



2 Apr 2011

Rolling Around Looking For Easy Kills Like Punks

I seem to have a knack of finding mining fit battlecruisers lurking in belts doing their dirty deeds. On this particular occasion I was out with my buddy Firelight Morgenstern on a routine patrol, I was in a Hurricane and he was in a Tengu, a nice little two-man fleet. Needless to say, this rock-hungry abomination that we stumbled upon didn't last very long under heavy fire.

After offering up a good fight in local we received this verbal return.

[ 2011.03.05 19:53:16 ] Javen Kai > fuckin assholes

So, I decide to fire up the troll machine and invite him to my ransom channel.

[ 2011.03.05 20:02:41 ] Miura Bull > hello mr, your language was not very nice and my mum read it on my screen

[ 2011.03.05 20:03:00 ] Javen Kai > what f is this

[ 2011.03.05 20:03:07 ] Miura Bull > can you say sorry please?

[ 2011.03.05 20:03:15 ] Miura Bull > mum read screen when you swore at us

[ 2011.03.05 20:03:15 ] Javen Kai > for what?

[ 2011.03.05 20:03:24 ] Miura Bull > swearing in my game i'm playing on

[ 2011.03.05 20:03:53 ] Javen Kai > you have brought me here to mock me?

[ 2011.03.05 20:04:04 ] Miura Bull > no mister

[ 2011.03.05 20:04:12 ] Saftsuze > Javen, wash your mouth and transfer 10 million isk to mr Bull, please.

[ 2011.03.05 20:04:33 ] Miura Bull > yeah

[ 2011.03.05 20:04:35 ] Javen Kai > lol

[ 2011.03.05 20:04:40 ] Javen Kai > you guys are punks

[ 2011.03.05 20:04:45 ] Miura Bull > if you pay 10m isk you can have a pass for the mining fields if you like

[ 2011.03.05 20:05:00 ] Javen Kai > i dont need a pass.. next time im coming back with my fleet

[ 2011.03.05 20:05:07 ] Miura Bull > oh

[ 2011.03.05 20:05:10 ] Saftsuze > And another 10 will give you the rights to swear

[ 2011.03.05 20:05:21 ] Miura Bull > i'm sorry what fleet? don't please bring fleet

[ 2011.03.05 20:05:40 ] Miura Bull > how many in your fleet ? only two and 3 of us here

[ 2011.03.05 20:06:03 ] Javen Kai > thats need to know information, top secret

[ 2011.03.05 20:06:18 ] Firelight Morgenstern > now look what you've done miura

[ 2011.03.05 20:06:34 ] Miura Bull > sorry bro

[ 2011.03.05 20:06:51 ] Firelight Morgenstern > javen

[ 2011.03.05 20:07:00 ] Javen Kai > hmm?

[ 2011.03.05 20:07:06 ] Firelight Morgenstern > please refrain from bringing in your fleet, we could talk diplomacy if you like?

[ 2011.03.05 20:07:19 ] Firelight Morgenstern > no need for violence now is there

[ 2011.03.05 20:07:30 ] Miura Bull > dont tell mom Fire

[ 2011.03.05 20:07:36 ] Javen Kai > im not sure.. gangs like you live for it right?

[ 2011.03.05 20:07:44 ] Javen Kai > thats what you do roll around looking for easy kills like punks

[ 2011.03.05 20:07:50 ] Javen Kai > is that how it goes? huh pank asses

[ 2011.03.05 20:08:03 ] Firelight Morgenstern > we're kind of new, miura thought you was a rat and tbh so did i

[ 2011.03.05 20:08:27 ] Miura Bull > yeah we didn't mean to burn your ship, but after the rats attacked my ship it locked back at you for my settings are wrong

[ 2011.03.05 20:08:36 ] Javen Kai > lol whatever

[ 2011.03.05 20:08:40 ] Javen Kai > this is stupid

[ 2011.03.05 20:08:55 ] Miura Bull > is your fleet on standby?

[ 2011.03.05 20:09:34 ] Javen Kai > maybe.. you had better rally some more men.

At this point I randomly invite some guy to the convo from Saftsuze's ransom channel who he had killed earlier and was still loitering.

[ 2011.03.05 20:09:44 ] Miura Bull > hello marc freemen  are you in Javen's fleet?

[ 2011.03.05 20:09:48 ] Saftsuze > marc?! Are you following me? Stalking me?!

[ 2011.03.05 20:10:03 ] Miura Bull > me rally some men? I have no more friends they all playing playstation at minute having sleepover tonight

[ 2011.03.05 20:10:10 ] marc freemen > y'all are nuts im tring to do a quest here

[ 2011.03.05 20:10:23 ] Saftsuze > of the holy grail?

[ 2011.03.05 20:10:36 ] Javen Kai > no men to rally? so you pick a fight with no fleet backup but 3 or 4 guys?

[ 2011.03.05 20:10:43 ] Miura Bull > javen is doing a quest and i thought you was in his fleet that's not true is it?

[ 2011.03.05 20:11:01 ] Saftsuze > or the quest of Kruul's DNA ?

[ 2011.03.05 20:11:07 ] Miura Bull > yeah I realise my mistake now Javen

[ 2011.03.05 20:11:27 ] Javen Kai > I demand to know whos your CEO?

[ 2011.03.05 20:11:40 ] Miura Bull > sard caid

[ 2011.03.05 20:11:58 ] Miura Bull > he can handle all complaints but he will punish me so if you dont talk to him would be more apprciated thanks

[ 2011.03.05 20:12:21 ] Miura Bull > and i'll see if we can come to some sort of arrangement

[ 2011.03.05 20:12:55 ] marc freemen > idk what i have to do with this what is this?

[ 2011.03.05 20:13:17 ] Miura Bull > I don't know what it was for but when it stood next to you had to shoot it marc

[ 2011.03.05 20:13:21 ] Saftsuze > marc, you casn have the DNA for 5 million isk

[ 2011.03.05 20:13:32 ] Saftsuze > i can haz dna

[ 2011.03.05 20:13:45 ] marc freemen > i have his damn dna what is going on here please?

[ 2011.03.05 20:14:06 ] Saftsuze > why do i have it then?!

[ 2011.03.05 20:14:11 ] Javen Kai > so which one of you flys a battleship?

[ 2011.03.05 20:14:11 ] Firelight Morgenstern > brb guys tamagotchi needs feeding

[ 2011.03.05 20:14:21 ] Saftsuze > am i turning into a cloned Kruul?!

[ 2011.03.05 20:14:38 ] Miura Bull > Fire can fly a battleship with heavy guns

[ 2011.03.05 20:14:54 ] Javen Kai > mmm

[ 2011.03.05 20:15:16 ] Miura Bull > not guns I mean toropedos, he is quite good with them, he learnt it on his xbox, can you fly the battleship?

[ 2011.03.05 20:15:31 ] Javen Kai > you know your boss would really not like you giving out all this information

[ 2011.03.05 20:16:01 ] Miura Bull > firelight is my friend in different corp but dont tell my boss about me

[ 2011.03.05 20:16:04 ] Miura Bull > if that's ok

[ 2011.03.05 20:16:25 ] Miura Bull > can your fleet fly battleships?

[ 2011.03.05 20:17:02 ] Javen Kai > who doesnt fly battleships are you kidding me? this isnt Candyland.

[ 2011.03.05 20:17:39 ] Miura Bull > true.... i just dont want to underestimate your fleet if fire cant sort an agreement out

[ 2011.03.05 20:17:48 ] Miura Bull > I dont like fighting against battleships

[ 2011.03.05 20:18:55 ] Firelight Morgenstern > back

[ 2011.03.05 20:19:04 ] Firelight Morgenstern > god damned batteries were low, thought i'd lost him there

[ 2011.03.05 20:19:13 ] Firelight Morgenstern > so where were we? Javen?

[ 2011.03.05 20:19:23 ] Javen Kai > ask bonehead.

[ 2011.03.05 20:19:32 ] Miura Bull > bonehead?

[ 2011.03.05 20:19:41 ] Miura Bull > marc freemen  ?

[ 2011.03.05 20:19:42 ] Javen Kai > yea Mr.Bull i am calling you a bonehead

[ 2011.03.05 20:19:53 ] Miura Bull > oh ok :(

[ 2011.03.05 20:20:08 ] Firelight Morgenstern > there is no need for that Javen lad

[ 2011.03.05 20:20:46 ] Javen Kai > Fire your the CEO?

[ 2011.03.05 20:21:23 ] Javen Kai > of a one man corporation... lol

[ 2011.03.05 20:21:41 ] Firelight Morgenstern > I am guardian of miura bull and all of his friends who come round to play and my one man corporation just messed up your day LIKE A BOSS - lol

[ 2011.03.05 20:21:55 ] Firelight Morgenstern > and yeah with 1 man, we get on fine that way

[ 2011.03.05 20:23:08 ] Javen Kai > im pulling back my fleet, but next time Mr. Bull should be careful.

[ 2011.03.05 20:23:10 ] Miura Bull > sard caid is my ceo

[ 2011.03.05 20:23:27 ] Miura Bull > actually i think you should send him a message, i put my hands up that i made mistake

[ 2011.03.05 20:23:40 ] Miura Bull > maybe he would understand

[ 2011.03.05 20:24:28 ] Javen Kai > not buying it.. i know your type.. easy kills, you roam around all day mostly idle looking for an easy gank your all lame ass pirates

[ 2011.03.05 20:24:54 ] Javen Kai > and you bring me into the chat.. cause this might be your only entertainment for the day cos you sad boys

[ 2011.03.05 20:25:06 ] Miura Bull > just don't want you to get mad and bring your battleship fleet that is all

[ 2011.03.05 20:25:25 ] Miura Bull > this is not entertainment it is kind of serious business and worrying for us all concerned if you bring your fleet in

[ 2011.03.05 20:25:31 ] Javen Kai > i wouldnt risk my fleet for you guys.. lol its kind of an expensive one

[ 2011.03.05 20:25:49 ] Javen Kai > over a 30mil hurricane?we dont do risks for that

[ 2011.03.05 20:25:57 ] Javen Kai > bad buisness right there..

[ 2011.03.05 20:26:05 ] Miura Bull > I want to see your fleet

[ 2011.03.05 20:26:38 ] Javen Kai > i bet you do, ships are hung up at the moment. Perhaps we can arrange a date.

[ 2011.03.05 20:26:43 ] Miura Bull > i'd pull their pants down and tickle their harris

[ 2011.03.05 20:26:52 ] Miura Bull > I'm joking

[ 2011.03.05 20:27:04 ] Miura Bull > where are they hung up?

[ 2011.03.05 20:27:20 ] Miura Bull > I see you're the operations director?

[ 2011.03.05 20:27:23 ] Javen Kai > in a system not far from where you attacked me. Ready for pvp duties

[ 2011.03.05 20:27:30 ] Miura Bull > uh oh oh crap

[ 2011.03.05 20:27:33 ] Miura Bull > sorry man

[ 2011.03.05 20:27:38 ] Javen Kai > LOL you should be

[ 2011.03.05 20:28:03 ] Javen Kai > pilot's need there downtime tho.. which is lucky for you

[ 2011.03.05 20:28:15 ] Miura Bull > phewee

[ 2011.03.05 20:28:46 ] Javen Kai > but i wanna talk to someone important.. my corporation is looking to join an alliance

[ 2011.03.05 20:29:13 ] Firelight Morgenstern > is this your fleet ? http://eve.battleclinic.com/killboard/combat_record.php?type=corp&name=GlekCo

[ 2011.03.05 20:29:45 ] Miura Bull > well your stats show that you perhaps have the willing for a fight, maybe we could form an allice?

[ 2011.03.05 20:30:13 ] Javen Kai > mostly those kills are from our industrials getting ganked

[ 2011.03.05 20:30:35 ] Miura Bull > we could form an allice if you can show me the kills then, would be cool to fly with battleship fleet

[ 2011.03.05 20:30:44 ] Miura Bull > sucks when that happens to industrials

[ 2011.03.05 20:30:52 ] Javen Kai > we dont kill for sport just when provoked

[ 2011.03.05 20:31:36 ] Miura Bull > yeah I understand you buddy, it is like fox hunting, couple of us have been trying to get indie hunting banned for a while now

[ 2011.03.05 20:31:38 ] Javen Kai > but we need out of high sec to increase profits, to get out of high sec you need connections and you guys might help us

[ 2011.03.05 20:31:53 ] Miura Bull > true

[ 2011.03.05 20:33:11 ] Miura Bull > we didn't know your hurricane was an indie when we locked it up cos it had mining lasers on and we just thought cos it was rat it would be fighting boat

[ 2011.03.05 20:33:19 ] Firelight Morgenstern > yeah that is what happened

[ 2011.03.05 20:33:30 ] Firelight Morgenstern > hey . . where did marc go?

[ 2011.03.05 20:33:36 ] Miura Bull > pff ?

[ 2011.03.05 20:33:50 ] Miura Bull > Hey Javen, about this allice

[ 2011.03.05 20:33:59 ] Javen Kai > if i had my pvp gear on that ship.. it would have been abit more interesting battle

[ 2011.03.05 20:34:12 ] Miura Bull > oh god yes I fully agree

[ 2011.03.05 20:34:37 ] Miura Bull > so you have 9 in your corp . . . I want you to tell me what you 9 guys might bring in a fleet to fight by the side of me and my friends

[ 2011.03.05 20:34:39 ] Javen Kai > i solo sleeper sites with that thing

[ 2011.03.05 20:34:47 ] Miura Bull > an ideal fleet composition for you guys

[ 2011.03.05 20:34:58 ] Miura Bull > sleeper sites? do you mine them?

[ 2011.03.05 20:36:02 ] Javen Kai > i cant speak about our operations too deeply

[ 2011.03.05 20:36:32 ] Miura Bull > absolutely

[ 2011.03.05 20:36:44 ] Miura Bull > but we need some kind of idea for future joint ops etc

[ 2011.03.05 20:37:11 ] Javen Kai > we have the technology to explore wormholes

[ 2011.03.05 20:37:22 ] Miura Bull > ooh

[ 2011.03.05 20:37:54 ] Javen Kai > on a good night we can pull out 100million worth of resources in 5-6 hours

[ 2011.03.05 20:38:04 ] Miura Bull > dangerous places I hear?

[ 2011.03.05 20:38:08 ] Javen Kai > very

[ 2011.03.05 20:38:28 ] Miura Bull > do you think we'd be able to help your fleet if we bring me in my hurricane and my brother in his tengui boat?

[ 2011.03.05 20:39:31 ] Javen Kai > im sure yes our security department is thin.

[ 2011.03.05 20:40:11 ] Javen Kai > we cant all fly our battleship when we are running industrials

[ 2011.03.05 20:40:15 ] Firelight Morgenstern > I have a question Javen, sir

[ 2011.03.05 20:40:25 ] Javen Kai > yes Mr. Morgenstern

[ 2011.03.05 20:40:40 ] Firelight Morgenstern > I found this killmail in your wormhole operations . . http://eve.battleclinic.com/killboard/killmail.php?id=12501357  I wondered if you could elaborate on what happened

[ 2011.03.05 20:41:02 ] Firelight Morgenstern > for operations reviews etc, don't want to lose my tengui if we go in a wormhole togther

[ 2011.03.05 20:41:19 ] Javen Kai > yes i understand i will explain

[ 2011.03.05 20:41:39 ] Firelight Morgenstern > thank you

[ 2011.03.05 20:41:52 ] Javen Kai > our scout.. before he gained the ability to cloak

[ 2011.03.05 20:42:13 ] Javen Kai > had only his combat ship.. in our early operations we didnt have the resources we do now

[ 2011.03.05 20:43:30 ] Javen Kai > we send in a cloaked scout.. he scans if the wormhole is inhabitied

[ 2011.03.05 20:43:43 ] Firelight Morgenstern > I understand... is that the normal drake fitting you guys use? looks ok to me but just checking

[ 2011.03.05 20:43:50 ] Javen Kai > no its not

[ 2011.03.05 20:43:58 ] Firelight Morgenstern > pr0 scout drake?

[ 2011.03.05 20:44:23 ] Javen Kai > not anymore

[ 2011.03.05 20:44:47 ] Javen Kai > we use inexpesive probing ships that can cloak

[ 2011.03.05 20:45:03 ] Javen Kai > we scout.. if its inhabited with a force we can not handle we back out and rescan for a wormhole elsewhere

[ 2011.03.05 20:45:15 ] Firelight Morgenstern > ooh i do like the sound of that in and out

[ 2011.03.05 20:45:51 ] Miura Bull > this does sound promising

[ 2011.03.05 20:46:13 ] Javen Kai > we have gas miners, we have industrials, and my hurricane is able to tank sleeper pve sites solo

[ 2011.03.05 20:48:20 ] Javen Kai > we just looking for some good security guys.. possibly an alliance with a pvp corp

[ 2011.03.05 20:48:38 ] Javen Kai > we arent carebears.. but we dont make our money pirate we do it the hard knuckle way

[ 2011.03.05 20:50:03 ] Javen Kai > we hit a billion isk, last month

[ 2011.03.05 20:50:24 ] Miura Bull > my whole corp might be able to assist, we all have pvp experience

[ 2011.03.05 20:50:39 ] Javen Kai > wormhole is where the money is..

[ 2011.03.05 20:51:14 ] Firelight Morgenstern > i imagine it is

[ 2011.03.05 20:51:26 ] Miura Bull > yeah

[ 2011.03.05 20:51:53 ] Javen Kai > but as if now.. our t2 gas miner.. is also our security director

[ 2011.03.05 20:51:59 ] Miura Bull > would you guys be able to pay for a whole security wing though? They don't really come cheap these days

[ 2011.03.05 20:52:20 ] Miura Bull > I see, being on gas and doing security isn't a good mix

[ 2011.03.05 20:52:34 ] Javen Kai > exactly..

[ 2011.03.05 20:53:14 ] Javen Kai > im not sure how the finacials would work out

[ 2011.03.05 20:54:37 ] Javen Kai > it would only be profitable if operations could be run consistantly.

[ 2011.03.05 20:54:52 ] Miura Bull > you'd have to speak to Sard Caid tbh

[ 2011.03.05 20:54:56 ] Miura Bull > about a fee

[ 2011.03.05 20:55:06 ] Firelight Morgenstern > but I can also handle contracts

[ 2011.03.05 20:55:37 ] Firelight Morgenstern > some guy the other week paid me 500 million and I sat with him in low-sec for 2 weeks, non-stop so he could mine the ores out there

[ 2011.03.05 20:55:42 ] Firelight Morgenstern > he was happy

[ 2011.03.05 20:55:51 ] Firelight Morgenstern > he paid me 250 up front and 250 after

[ 2011.03.05 20:56:56 ] Javen Kai > i doubt we could afford that right now but i am interested

[ 2011.03.05 20:57:18 ] Firelight Morgenstern > well you said you was rich from sleeper sites?

[ 2011.03.05 20:57:20 ] Javen Kai > we spent it on battleships but either way.. you guys talk to people

[ 2011.03.05 20:57:25 ] Javen Kai > i have to leave.. will let you know about the deposit

[ 2011.03.05 20:57:33 ] Firelight Morgenstern > what I did offer one customer was a trial period, no obligation

[ 2011.03.05 20:57:49 ] Firelight Morgenstern > ok, well we have your number..... call us sometime

[ 2011.03.05 20:58:37 ] Firelight Morgenstern > we could sort a free trial where i protect your lowsec mining op or something, let me know

[ 2011.03.05 20:58:47 ] Javen Kai > we will talk again

[ 2011.03.05 20:58:54 ] Firelight Morgenstern > o7 fly safe

[ 2011.03.05 20:59:09 ] Javen Kai > but definatly give it some thought.. we could all make some isk by working together..

[ 2011.03.05 20:59:16 ] Firelight Morgenstern > damned right

[ 2011.03.05 20:59:24 ] Miura Bull > o7 see you

[ 2011.03.05 20:59:35 ] Javen Kai > fly safe boys.. next time hopefuly we can meet again side by side without guns pointed at each other

LOLOL he left at this point.

[ 2011.03.05 20:59:59 ] Saftsuze > OMG

[ 2011.03.05 21:00:02 ] Firelight Morgenstern > OMG

[ 2011.03.05 21:00:07 ] Saftsuze > LOL

[ 2011.03.05 21:00:14 ] Firelight Morgenstern > I AM SO GOING TO ARRANGE TO RAPE HIS MINING FLEET AFTER TAKING HIS ISK

[ 2011.03.05 21:00:18 ] Firelight Morgenstern > lol

[ 2011.03.05 21:00:55 ] Saftsuze > Man, you gotta keep up this through evemails. Always bet on stupid!

[ 2011.03.05 21:01:46 ] Firelight Morgenstern > hopefully he will meet me in lowsec with his fleet, would make a perfect ending to the story . .

[ 2011.03.05 21:02:42 ] Saftsuze > OMG - marc is back in parts

[ 2011.03.05 21:03:06 ] Saftsuze > /emote is switching to a scanning ship

[ 2011.03.05 21:03:16 ] Miura Bull > mahahaha

A few weeks later Firelight arranged a cut-price fee for his 'protection services' - a deposit of 150 million isk. He then pressed the block button.