23 Nov 2013

Stargate Conflict

With the recent announcement regarding a planned future installment of a new region in New Eden, I got thinking about what I would want, from a personal and biased viewpoint, from such a new region.

17 Nov 2013

Welcome to Fabulous Jita Local

This is an odd post to pen, but last night I found myself in the notorious capital of New Eden, the rogue system of Jita. Shopping on an alt is one of those tedious things we all have to do at some point in our immortal adventurings. Now, nothing out of the ordinary so far, but then I remembered about the Great Cleanup of Jita Local earlier in the week. The removal and banning of bots, scripted chat clients or whatever they are called, and this can only be a good thing, right?

5 Nov 2013

Full Tilt!

I have noticed a disturbing trend with my PvP habits.

I will lose a ship, usually in a close fight, and I will go straight back to the hangar to pick up another ship and then lose it again, usually in fights I know I can't win. It is a lot like a losing streak in poker. I can't work out why this happens or if there is a way to fix it. I am not even sure if you can fix it. Is it even a bad thing? If you fixed it as such, would you become risk averse? Is this just the way to fly to maximise killboard production?

1 Nov 2013

A Little Rifter Video

SKRMR pilot Crake Gaterau (pilot 15) likes his Rifters. He is like some kind of reincarnation of an old school Wensley with all guns blazing, blitzing through the gutter of space with bits of rusted metal flying, spinning hot and twisting burning into battle.