5 Jan 2014

Wormhole Adventure: Gateway to the Unknown

The beauty of wormhole life runs deep, but it isn't just down the holes where the scenery is stunning. The revolving doors lifestyle of the opening and closing of exits to far and distant lands meant that access to these new lands was only a few probe hits away. At times it felt like I was spinning a wheel that would give me the chance to step into a different part of New Eden at my choosing.

I exited the wormhole in the Khanid region. Setting my waypoints back to Sinq Laison where I had some business to attend to. I put the Loki into full speed ahead. But I had to stop for a moment, for right in front of my eyes nestled inside a dark-blood-red nebulae was a stunning blue swirling sight. It was beautiful. Like a distant dream. What region was I looking at? Aridia? Kor-Azor? Fountain? Querios?

Y'know, it's easy to get caught up in ship stats and modules and tactics and all the myriad and devious complexities and forget that when it comes down to it, EVE is one of the most beautiful looking games out there. ~ Nogusha.

To be continued ...



  1. You are so right, every once in a while all capsuleers should undock and just switch off the overlays, data tables and information sheets. The pure visual beauty of New Eden is stunning ...

    Though you should probably do it in a reasonably safe place ... which New Eden is not.

    1. Hehe.

      "Hey stop scramming my ship gottamit I am parked in a beauty spot here!"

  2. Hey Miura. I've re-found your blog at a good time. I'm a former (for now) low sec pirate, returning to EVE and currently trying wormhole life on for size. I'm blogging a bit as well, and this post of yours inspired one of mine. Looking forward to seeing how your wormhole adventure pans out.

    1. Good luck with your own adventure. Will keep an eye on your blog. :)