11 Jan 2014

Wormhole Adventure: The POS is under attack!

Report: Starbase in J101957 is under attack
From: DED
Sent: 2013.11.08 01:27

Solar System: J101957
Moon: J101957 V - Moon 5

Attacked object: Sensor Dampening Battery
Current Shield Level: 97%

Current Armor Integrity: 100%

Current Hull Integrity:  100%
Aggressing Pilot: Commandarm Lex

Aggressing Pilot's Corporation: Laguna bonanni

Aggressing Pilot's Alliance: -

I was just about to go to bed when the first structure mail came in. I was the only member online and I was out of the hole on a jaunt into lowsec for a few days away from the endless probing of gas sites every day.

I decided to log a probing alt in and see what exactly they were shooting us with. This was a new toon and he was only in a Heron, so I had to be careful not to give anything away.

A Naga was shooting at our POS modules. I remember pulling a face and then thinking how silly I must have looked.

No way was I going to bed just yet.

I scanned my way out and set Saint on a path to the entry point of Anka in The Bleak Lands - it was 30 jumps away. I was 5 or 6 jumps behind on the lowsec route with MB in a Daredevil. Still, it would be some 25 jumps from where I was at. I couldn't hit those gates fast enough!

When I arrived with Saint I was cloaked in his Helios, not wanting to spook our little friend I tried to warp in from a few different angles to get closer to him but I couldn't get no closer than 350km. If he saw combat probes out even for one second he'd have bolted, no doubt about that, this guy was like an urban fox rustling through a dustbin. I was lucky that the entry to the hole was off scan.

And so it began. A slow burn while cloaked 350km to my target. A painful and desperate crawl.

Slowly the distance reduced ...


250 ...

200 ...

150 ...

100 ...

MB was now sat on the other side of the hole, waiting to pounce but somewhat vulnerable.

35 ...

29 ...

A shadow approaches.

3km away from him and I could hear his heart beating.

And now for my trap card .....

In warp, nervous, tense, primed and ready, focused.

Let me introduce you to my 720 DPS Daredevil.

I hoped that he was still there when the grid loaded.

He was ...

I have never seen a battlecruiser disintegrate so fast. It exploded like I was shooting at a cargo can. I think I shouted something at my screen. Damn it felt good!

I podded him too for good measure.

I had successfully raised the drawbridge, but the excitement was only just beginning.

To be continued ...



  1. Ahh, Lex. I almost miss that guy.


  2. 720 dps daredevil? Most battlecruisers will put out less damage as that..
    So it took like 10-12 seconds to kill him and his pod including lock times?

    1. Yeah he squished in quicktime. The C4 Wolf Rayet had a nasty little bonus to small weapons damage.