16 Jan 2014

Wormhole Adventure: Plan of Action

We had decided to move in some heavy gear and strike the enemy POS. We now felt that we were in this deep enough that there was only one option. We had to remove these guys from the wormhole.

Wednesday, NOV 13, 1800 EVE Time
Formup in the Neverland Funhouse.


The operation is still a go with modifications. Please read the following op-order.

The Russians have anticipated our attack and onlined a number of their weapon batteries. Most of the weapons they've activated have a locking range of 90km so if we continue with our plan to snipe from beyond this range we will be good to go. However, there is a complication. They have onlined a doomsday weapon… No I mean they have onlined a Medium Artillery Battery.  Just one. This weapon locks out to 350km and has an optimal range of something like 260km.

In the beginning of the op, we will be under fire. Ilik and Dong have offered to bring in logi ships. Please let me know if this is still on the table because we will need your services!

Modified Plan of Action:

Phase One: Eliminate Big Bertha
We will continue with the plan to remain 90km from the offensive batteries, however we will need to field Tier 3 BCs with armor plates and resists. The artillery battery we’ll be engaging puts out 90 DPS on average (across ammo types) with a rate of fire of one round every 24 seconds. I have read on forums that unmanned guns will change targets every 30 seconds or so. Therefore we should expect to be shot once, maybe twice, before the weapon turns on someone else. Make sure your tank can absorb the alpha. We’ll have logi and legion links to help with the tanking.  If we can field 2000 DPS we can take this mod down in about 7mins.

Phase Two: Incap Phase
Once the artillery battery is down, we can return to the Funhouse, swap mods for more DPS and return to incapacitate the remaining autocannon batteries and web/disruption batteries. 1hr 20min

Phase Three: Reinforcement Phase
Once the POS’s defenses are down, we can close in on the tower with shorter range, high DPS ammo and send the structure into reinforcement. We only need to bring the shields down to 25% to accomplish this.  2 to 3hrs.

Notes: If you can’t field a Tier 3 BC but you want to be involved. You can help by providing anti-tackle frig support during phase 2 and 3 incase the Russians log on and decide to engage. You can also contribute with a Stealth Bomber during the final phase if you like.

We will have tactical BMs around the Russian POS to use as perches for our sniping.

God speed gentlemen! ~ Commander Duke Thunderhorse of the Wormhole Legion.


But would the plan come good?

To be continued ...



  1. Looks like another sleepless night in anticipation of tomorrow's update of this tale of adventure!

  2. This whole adventure makes a lot more sense if the participants are portrayed as kids and the current conflict as two neighborhood's hooligans planning attack on each other's tree forts.

    1. LOL. We have located the enemy tree fort and we are about to attack with grappling hooks (string and a stick) and supersoaker 500's. We anticipate a water bomb defence force and maybe penny bangers. It's about to get real nasty in the hood.

  3. Goddamn you and all the cliffhangers. Its like the end of Inception all up in here!