1 Feb 2014

21 Daredevil Salute (part 1)

Over the months and years I had developed a habit of buying stables of ships that were scattered far and wide. I had noticed that with each shopping trip I'd throw in a couple of Daredevils here and there. Only I never really flew them and they were pretty much turning into novelty purchases. I had collected 21 Daredevils and had reached the conclusion that before they do something silly with the bonuses, I might as well burn them all in the name of all that is fun, madness, and an overheated pair of light neutron blasters.

This is my Daredevil story, my log of destruction ... my 21 Daredevil Salute.

#1 The Piano Dentist

Start of service: 31.12.13
Lost in action: 31.12.13

Hangar: Pelille

First recorded kill: Tristan

Total number of kills: 6

Lost to: Ishkur

Notes: The Piano Dentist had a brief service in and around the Placid region of lowsec. No particular good fights to note. She succumbed to the Assault Frigate class Ishkur in the Vestouve system. The pilot had noted the Ishkur ratting in the asteroid belts and decided to engage at point blank range, with the flight data recording the Ishkur being too strong in this combat scenario.

Last voice recording: "Didn't even get it into half armor"

#2 Penny Black

Start of service: 31.12.13
Lost in action: 02.01.14

Hangar: Avaux

First recorded kill: Procurer

Total number of kills: 11

Lost to: multiple hostiles (small gang)

Notes: Penny Black served from the Placid region and toured up into Metropolis and Heimatar. The pilot -Miura Bull - noted in his flight logs the following statement.

I was a little disappointed with this incident. I was sat in the plex and didn't spot the gang enter local. I reacted too late to them landing on me as I was watching my in-flight entertainment. I locked up the condor randomly as it was the closest thing to me, blapped it but didn't have time to do anything else. Maybe I should pay more attention in future.

The board of enquiry reached a narrative verdict on this loss. They agreed that pilot error was a major factor but at the same time noted that the numbers present would have caused the Daredevil's demise anyway if it had stayed on the field. The board also noted that had the pilot been paying attention he may have avoided the fight in the first place.

Last voice recording: "Oh bugger"

#3 Diablo

Start of service: 02.01.14
Lost in action: 03.01.14

Hangar: Decon

First recorded kill: Algos

Total number of kills: 12

Lost to: small gang

Notes: Diablo served in the Placid region. Diablo had engaged a small gang at a faction warfare district, taking down a Condor and Merlin. As it was engaging the small gang of frigates a Caracal cruiser had joined the fight and the incoming missile damage proved too much.

This bizarre looking Dramiel is mentioned as a noteworthy kill by the pilot.

Last voice recording: data not available

#4 Red Thunder

Start of service: 03.01.14
Lost in action: 04.01.14

Hangar: Harroule

First recorded kill: Mobile Tractor Unit

Total number of kills: 12

Lost to: Enyo

Notes: The Enyo fight once again proving that an Assault Frigate might just be too much for the Daredevil to handle. Miura had the advantage at the start of the engagement and had noted that he was confident of taking down the Enyo at the edge of his null ammo range. The Enyo pilot then too switched to null and in what turned out to be a straight structure race, the Enyo emerged victorious.

Last voice recording: "No, I'm all right..."

#5 The Dead Flag Blues

Start of service: 04.01.14
Lost in action: 04.01.14

Hangar: Intaki

First recorded kill: Tristan duo

Total number of kills: 2

Lost to: Hawk

Notes: A short service record with just two fights on record for two kills and the loss. A Hawk proving way too strong for the fragile frigate hull.

Last voice recording: "Ouch, stop that!"

#6 Number Six

Start of service: 04.01.14
Lost in action: 05.01.14

Hangar: Pelille

First recorded kill: small 2v1 then Catalyst

Total number of kills: 10

Lost to: Hookbill

Notes: Number Six recorded 10 kills, which included this Daredevil which unfortunately seemed to be idling at a stargate with no pilot at the controls. Number Six toured mainly in the Syndicate nullsec region, where it met its end in an unfortunate incident with a burnt out microwarpdrive and a Caldari Navy Hookbill.

Last voice recording: "Oh for ffuu ... mwd just went bang"

#7 Lucky 7

Start of service: 05.01.14
Lost in action: 09.01.14

Hangar: Reblier

First recorded kill: Venture

Total number of kills: 48

Lost to: Gnosis

Notes: Lucky 7, perhaps living up to its name and notching up a 48 run killstreak. It met its maker in bizarre fashion versus a young pilot in a ratting Gnosis which was fitted with a medium energy neutralizer.

Lucky 7 was involved in some memorable engagements. Most noteworthy perhaps being this 4v1 in which Lucky 7 survived with very little structure hitpoints remaining.

This odd-looking shield Daredevil.

A Daredevil fight in Amamake.

And finally, this act of cannibalism in Ostingele. Which was a 1on1.

Last voice recording: "Gah neuts!"

And so we reach the end of the first installment of the 21 Daredevil Salute. With the score so far reading 7 Daredevils lost for a kill tally of 101.

14 Daredevils remain combat ready.

To be continued ...



  1. Awesome stuff.


  2. I guess every time you log in to EVE a song starts playing 'If I were a rich man ... lalala'.

    The Daredevil just looks great imo.

  3. Nice read boss. Looking forward to the next installment. Syclone.

  4. I'm not sure if I'll be able to continue with this series. I pretty much burned myself out on DD's with this first installment. Although if I do jump into one and find some cool fights I'll document them perhaps. But yeah, DD's bleh.