21 Jan 2014

Wormhole Adventure: Stick or Twist?

After a few days of repairing their damaged modules and us debating our next move, our adorable neighbours played their hand first and built a brand new POS. This time it was very well defended, a Large Amarr Control Tower with all the trimmings.

Realistically I think that deep down we all knew that we wouldn't be able to muster a force to take the thing down, so we switched tactics somewhat. At first Duke put the idea out there that it might be a good idea to think about building a Moros inside the hole. A pretty extreme development but it was seriously discussed to the point of working out all the costs involved and the operation of using the thing. The fact that it would also be stuck inside that hole for eternity was also not lost on us. In the end, our excitement towards pushing this project forward started to wane a little.

It was now a terror campaign of sorts.

Their production and industry that was so dominant before we arrived had been replaced with gun batteries and other assorted modules of destruction. An offline industry would not make them the ISK they were clearly here for. We decided that while they were still our neighbours we would, for the meantime at least, hunt them down, bubble the hole at all times, basically try to kill them at every chance we got, and generally just become a nuisance to them.

The fact wasn't lost on us that technically WE were the squatters in their hole. Oh well.

To be continued ...



  1. Some times I think you play with MB's character portrait so much just to get different perspectives to use with paintshop.