23 Jan 2014

Wormhole Adventure: Istodard Exit

We'd had a bubble camp on the hole for about an hour or so before those involved had to log off and do other things. We'd had no traffic so it was disappointing to end the session with no kills. Our lowsec exit in the C3 led into Istodard in Molden Heath, the home system of Calamitous-Intent.

After a short break I logged back in and it was just myself online in corp. I logged Saint on and decided that I'd take a little trip into Molden Heath via the lowsec exit. I was in my capsule and Saint was one jump ahead in his Helios. As I jumped into Istodard with the Helios I spotted Sam Rais (one of the suspected Russian alts) idling on the hole in a Tayra. He had clearly seen the wormhole activation and had decided to hold his position. Good or bad timing? Either way, he soon warped off and then logged off in quick fashion. No doubt spooked by the fact that one of our alts had just seen him.

I raced back to the POS and jumped into a Proteus and I then jumped Saint back into the static and waited for him to log back in. About 30 minutes later he logged back in. I waited on the hole in the C4. In hindsight I probably should have waited in the C3 on the low exit but never mind. There were quite a few Russians in their POS but I figured I could try and pop the industrial and get out. Looking back now I was perhaps naive to imagine that they didn't have any eyes on me.

He held cloak for the maximum amount of time. A Pilgrim decloaked right next to me and a Muninn and Hurricane were now in warp and on short range scan. We were aggressed and so began the dance. I scrammed the Tayra but he was some way off of me (about 14km perhaps?) so I decided to switch over and I went for the Pilgrim instead. By now everything was on grid. The Tayra warped off, logged off and CommAngry Lex logged in, confirming Duke's suspicion that Sam is his alt. His Wolf was inbound.

My Proteus was now in half armor and I was getting that horrible sinking feeling when you just know you're outnumbered and going down fast. I had the Pilgrim down to half armor too, but I only had a few cap boosters left, the Cane also neuting me dry not helping matters. I decided to bail out, save face and exit the hole. I jumped through and hit warp to the Istodard exit. They followed.

It was quite a relief upon jumping into Istodard to see some familiar faces in local.

Kaeda Maxwell > Miura Bull \o/
Miura Bull > hihi

I mentioned to Kaeda what was happening and we decided to go at them in a pair of Thoraxes, both ships belonged to Kaeda and I thanked him for the loan of vessel. We agreed it wasn't worth risking a Proteus and any other expensive hardware in a shits and giggles fight.

Kaeda jumped on comms and we were ready to go.

We went back in and fought them in the C4 but we both had to jump back through in structure. The Pilgrim and Cane predictably shutting down our guns. But we figured it was worth a try. We warped to a safe spot to weigh up our next move and the smacktalk began ....

Commandarm Lex > heyy nobs//
Commandarm Lex > you want to fight? I'll beat your muzzle on all the stones in this system, and all the others, you're stinking bastards
Commandarm Lex > tell me who you suck to arrive here?
Commandarm Lex > he he he)))
Commandarm Lex > hey bithes))
Commandarm Lex > you probably are suffering there huh?) cool you there to fuck each other fags?

We headed back into Istodard for repairs and Kaeda fitted a cap booster to his Thorax. They followed again and this time our good friend Lex began his smack talking in Istodard local.

Commandarm Lex > тут и х 7 человек
Commandarm Lex > )))
Commandarm Lex > и такие пидоры)
Commandarm Lex > вы чё зассали чтоли?)))
Commandarm Lex > Miura Bull n***a f***a (edited)
Commandarm Lex > its u friends&
Commandarm Lex > ?? \
brandobas > who the fuck are you?
Commandarm Lex > brandobas nubbi
brandobas > eh?
Commandarm Lex > come at me bro)
brandobas > Holy shitstorm of cliche.
brandobas > Get fucked.
Commandarm Lex > give fucked))
Commandarm Lex > noob))
brandobas > Not going to work.
brandobas > Smacktalk is so stale.
Commandarm Lex > you have a great community fag)))))
brandobas > What's with all the double chins?
brandobas > You fat?
Commandarm Lex > brandobas i sit on u face
Lord Reapier > love your limited vocabulary

We were now joined on comms by Lord Reapier and brandobas. Lord Reapier joining fleet in an Omen. We wasted no time and went back in and killed the Wolf and the Muninn, and oddly enough they remained silent after their defeat, but this is what was said just before we engaged them.

Commandarm Lex > t1 cruisers(((
Commandarm Lex > buehh((
Commandarm Lex > noobs

The Cane pilot logged off in the static once his aggro timer had ticked down. The now shipless enemy went back to their POS and logged off.


We then had another cool fight with the C3 residents who had no doubt been watching our movements with interest. We had Crat in his Thrasher with us now and brandobas had joined us too. Lord Reapier had switched into a Legion, brandobas in his Loki. We were fighting a Cane, Loki, a Tengu and surprise surprise they pulled out a Falcon. The Falcon did die in the end but I lost the Thorax after being permajammed straight off the bat and being scrammed by the Cane I was going nowhere fast. The Tengu was saved by Falcon in deep armor. Good fight.

To be continued ...



  1. I was getting goose bumps just from reading that. Awesome. And yes, no doubt a victory.

  2. Agreed, very entertaining to read. Can't wait for more things to get blown up. These are the things an EVE newbie reads about and then decides to start PVP in similar fashion. Only to get squashed like a bug repeatedly :-p