10 Jan 2014

Wormhole Adventure: Site Runners

Mostly we ran the sites in the C3 with a Tengu and Legion, and later Tengu and Loki. We also had a Sleipnir with us on occasion. We would pretty much blitz our way through the sites working as a team, salvaging the materials and then leaving with our booty. It was a relaxing way to make some ISK I remember thinking to myself. It was also efficient enough, for the most part.

Let me tell you the story about that one time I found out just how much the Sleepers can hurt.

This particular morning I decided to try to solo some sites in my Legion. I had read how easy it was, in fact I had ran one site on my own only a few nights before. I was happily blitzing my way through the task when I suddenly started taking on insane amounts of damage. Uh oh I remember thinking to myself as I overheated my reps, only that's just what I did. I overheated the reps but forgot to reactivate the damned things. I felt like such an idiot as I mashed at the keys to try and save my ship. It went poof in a cloud of smoke and I was down a wad of ISK, minus a Legion and looking at a lost level 5 skill. And that's how I ended up switching to a site running Loki for the rest of the tour.

It wasn't just me that felt the full force of the Sleeper's wrath either. During one planned evening of site running Duke and I were out in Tengu and Loki. I think it was the very first site we ran, we had planned to spend a good few hours running sites. Anyway, it was not to be. Duke sounded somewhat worried on comms, reporting that he was stuck on the structure and couldn't move. I watched in horror as his ship disintegrated soon after. Minus a Tengu and with morale low we decided to abandon our site running for the day. And that's how Duke ended up with a new Tengu.

To be continued ...


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