4 Jan 2014

Wormhole Adventure: Lady Luck

A few days into the stay and people were starting to get settled. The routine of logging on, scanning the new holes and sites and then updating the map was, well, just that, the routine. We'd ran a few sites already and it was nice to be dealing in this new currency of sleeper loot.

A strange occurrence happened when Duke logged on for the evening and began his routine. Duke explains further ....

So our C4 connected to a C3 occupied by a couple old R1FTA buddies, Aliak and haerod and thank the wormhole gods it did.

The C4 was quiet so I decided to roll our static but before doing that I jumped into the C3 with Duke's covops to make sure the coast was clear. I caught a Proteus on d-scan so I checked my channels and sure enough, haerod was logged on. I asked if he was in a Proteus and he was a little startled by my clairvoyance. I explained the situation to him and we both got a kick out of the randomness of it all.

He had no use for our C4 connection so I started the process of closing it. Our static hole can handle a total of 2,000,000,000 kg of mass passing through it before it collapses. My Orca's mass is 250,000,000kg so I needed to make a total of 8 jumps, with the MWD running on the last one to make my mass 300,000,000kg just to be sure the hole closes.

7th jump and I'm in the C3. I activate MWD and try to jump back into the C4 and the damn thing closes. My alt's Orca is stuck in the C3. Now I usually carry a Heron in the Orca just in case but tonight I committed the cardinal sin of having no probes. That's ok, I should have BMs to the lowsec exit... Nope, I didn't make them for my alt corp.

Thankfully haerod was still logged on. He had his wormhole alt hook me up with the exit and even scouted me out to High Sec.

I guess we had a lot of ships pass through the static that day. Most ships are small enough that the affect of their mass on the calculation is negligible. That was not the case in this instance. My Heron may not have been in the Orca's hangar but Lady Luck was a welcome stowaway. ~ Duke Thunderhorse.

To be continued ...



  1. MB -

    WHs all have a variance for both time and mass. It looks like the one you were massing was a bit small. I have read that the variance can be as much as 20% but in my years out in W-Space (3 now) it seems more like +/- 10% to me. Love the blog, BTW and am interested in this new trip out to "my" part of EVE.