20 Jun 2013

The Solo Combat Pilot's Regional Guide: Placid

In reality, Placid is anything but. The southern reaches of the region are home to the notorious Intaki, whose huge emphasis on personal freedom goes some way towards explaining its general lawlessness. The situation is not helped by the Federation's seeming reluctance to invest heavily in the region - a source of some resentment among the Intaki who haven't already fled to Syndicate.

In which Sard Caid ...

... catches Miura in the dumpster looking for tags.

It started with a tweet ...

17 Jun 2013

Space Hermit (episode 2)

Previously on Space Hermit ....

Miura begins to doubt what he has become. A murderous loner who is hellbent on furthering his machine-like killing sprees of which he has little to no memory. After much soul searching Miura is left with the realisation that he must crawl out of his shell and find a fix to this loner lifestyle. Fearing a fall into the downward spiral of capsuleer burnout, will the friends he has hidden from for so long now ride to his rescue?

Space Hermit

I am a Space Hermit.

Space Hermits are dedicated to the life of the true solo combat pilot. Anti-social or just playing on hardcore mode, these pilots live and fly, to some degree, in seclusion from society. Gangs are alien to them. Some Space Hermits claim gangs to be a bewildering experience where the urge to fly alone again is constantly ever present.

4 Jun 2013

Those Daring Young Men in Their Flying Machines

... Ain't What They Used To Be!

'The king is dead, long live the king!'

artwork by Joe Struck.

2 Jun 2013