28 Jan 2014

Wormhole Adventure: Evacuation

Vincent R'lyeh and Miura Bull were tasked with the evacuation of the remaining ships that were in the wormhole. Vincent explains what went down on the evacuation op ...

So I logged on today in the vague hope that someone had scanned the exits from the hole having seen Nog's Lost In Space post and discovered to my joy the exit to the C3st was still open.

Unfortunately that was it, so with a heavy heart I was logging in my probe alt but paused to read the flurry of mails I noticed.

Here I discovered SKRMR's decision to withdraw from the wormhole due to the COMPLEXITIES of wormhole living (tell me about it).

I found myself in hearty agreement but also deeply pleased to discover the Russians had already pulled out thereby causing us to be WINNING this here game of spaceship system ownership.

However, sadly this now meant that we had to move all our shit out again (yhey logistics).

Fortunately at this point a certain Mr. M Jackson logged on and probed out the C3 exit quick smart. This fortuitously turned out to be an exit to high-sec [Reisen] in the Forge only 9 jumps from Jita and with a low-sec exit gate to boot.

Not being one to look a clone horse in the mouth Mr Jackson and I quickly contacted one M. Bull Esquire, a certain Dr. M. Gentleman and a lady of some renown who went by the moniker of S. Smith. Mysteriously they were all in the area and equally mysteriously Miss Smith happened to be in a vessel of hers known as 'Lex's Mom' which turned out to be an Orca of prodigious dimensions.

Quickly stuffing Lex's Mom until she was bursting at the seams, Lady Smith hightailed it towards HS accompanied by Sancho Gentleman (having quickly bookmarked the route in the corp bm's) who dropped his Legion off in High-sec and returned for a Damnation.

En-route to Reisen and shadowed by myself and Le Bull in Wolves we quickly noticed a Tengu on scan in the C3 rapidly joined by a Pilgrim and an Arazu.

Deciding discretion was the better part of valor I fled into Low-sec (following a brief frantic bounce around various planets having forgotten to check which gate was the LSE) and docked up whilst Effendi Gentleman escorted Mademoiselle Smith into the only station in Reisen as the Orca contained pretty much the entire module & ammo content of our POS bar some mizziles and cap charges as well as a Loki, Noctis, Ilik's Hound & a Comet.

After this and despite the occasional appearance of scan probes and ships on D-Scan, Senor Bull & The Gentleman proceeded to fly a procession of battle scarred Battleships, Battlecruisers, Command Ships & Assault frigates out of the hole, through high-sec and into the 'Peace and Order Unit' Station in Akora (the irony of choosing this particular station not of course being lost on us) in Caldari Low-Sec.

Despite a brief attempt at a gate-camp by the locals which was just too late arriving to see the Abaddon lumber past but was also too slow to lock Caballero Bull in an Oracle all ships were safely stored in Akora barring a few which we couldn't fly i.e Ilik's Oneiros and Duke's Noctis (as Ms. Smith had departed by this point).

Suffice to say the POS is now mostly empty bar whatever Monsieur Bull left when he too got fed up of hauling stuff. ~ Vincent R'lyeh.

To be continued ...


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