23 Jul 2013

Killmails In Picture

Sometimes a screenshot from a fight can go a long way to painting more of a picture of what actually happened over just reading a killmail. If I have been in a particularly interesting engagement I will always try and capture the moment, if you like, with a quick screen grab.

Here are a few that I have collected.

8 Jul 2013


What do standings mean to you as a pilot? What do they mean to your corporation or alliance? I often get asked about standings and my only real answer is that they are nothing more than an identifier, a quick glance local reference. I have never used or followed standings in any other way.

There are corporations and alliances who live and die by standings. Diplomacy around standings is a big thing for them. I know of some organisations who set their rules of engagement based on them. This is a strange policy to some and the norm for others. Some even sell standings, again, an alien concept.