8 Jan 2014

Wormhole Adventure: The Eyes of the Enemy

For over a week now we had been playing a game of cat and mouse with our neighbours. It seemed all they did was sit in their POS. They probably thought the same about us.

It was now part of the routine to log in all alts, scan the exits and then spend the next part of the day warping cloaked to the enemy POS to see if anything was happening. We were both like nosy neighbours checking out each other's new gardening equipment over the fence when the other wasn't looking. I'm sure they were doing the same.

I was the only one online at the time. I warped to the enemy POS bookmark and .... there was nothing there. Odd. I thought they might have moved out, how wrong I was. I warped to the other cluster and sure enough there sat a brand new POS. An upgraded one at that.

The enemy was stirring.

The wheels of industry remained silent for the time being. The sleeper loot ran dry.

With a cloud of uncertainty in the air it seemed as though the main activity was the constant watching of the movements of our neighbours and we felt the eyes of the enemy watching us too. It was an uneasy stand off.

Things would soon change.

To be continued ...


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