27 Sept 2014

There was once a dream that was Heild


Final Scene.

Miura Bull is crouched in the 2/10 plex, it is almost downtime before the removal of the sacred site. The sky is bringing in a new day, which fills the 2/10 and the surrounding landscape with a warm light. Sadness fills the air as the broken Minmatar warrior buries the figurines of those once loyal to the plex; the Jaguar Prince Alex Medvedov, a small clone child representing future warriors extinguished before they had the chance to battle in the Molden Heath Frigate Coliseum and finally the keeper of the gate keys, Matthew Heart.

Miura pats the dirt and looks around the glorious sanctity of the plex, a deep sadness fills his heart.

"Now we are free"

Miura looks around again, a reluctant heavy breath fills his lungs and the realisation hits him that he is there in the last moments of life in the plex. Never again will he hear those clashing sounds of battle or smell the broken Rifter hulls or see the piles of discarded faulty remote shield boosters piling up in his junk hangar.

A timer ticks, five minutes until cluster shutdown ...

One last time the acceleration gate buzzes and crackles ...

"I will see you again"

He smiles and looks over to the distant clusters of the faction warfare zones.

"But not yet"

"Not yet"

Miura Bull warps out to the sun and the screen fades out.



  1. I'm not crying. I uh got something in my eye.

  2. All those poor blinged out Dramiels. They will be remembered!

    1. My arty thrasher dined well on their gold-plated flesh.

  3. /me pours a forty for those halcyon days

  4. I wonder what happened to Matt. Probably removed him with the plexes, eh?

    1. I saw him docked up in Bosena about a month ago now!