28 Feb 2013

Ain't no Shakes here Sunshine

Everybody talks about the shakes in PvP. Only those who have experienced it can truly understand its intensity, that brief feeling of euphoria. It's a gripping and heart pounding feeling. Sure, over time some of the veterans will tell you that the shakes don't last. Honestly, that accounts for any drug, your body and nervous system develops a tolerance. If you could bottle this feeling up, particularly the rush that one experiences in his early days of PvP then you'd be a millionaire. You'd also be responsible for a major problem. There would be an epidemic of Gaming Junkie Shake Syndrome, people would quite probably slump and die at their keyboards if they had access to this feeling on tap. It would be disastrous. The shakes are good in moderation.

27 Feb 2013

On The Campaign Trail: Vultures


I didn't know why I was here or what in fact I was doing. Some random dingy motel away from the spacelanes, just a wannabe reporter and his ZX-20 hoverbike. My head throbbed from the ugly hangover that was creeping in. The Fear. All night spent with my head in papers, notebooks scribbled full of words, a jangled old mess now hazed by the many bottles of beer and liquor consumed. I clutched at the fabled CSM White Paper as if it was some kind of holy scripture. It wasn't. 

6 Feb 2013

Bling Abaddon

An Abaddon was running a mission in Curse region. Two people in local, just him and me. My covert ops buddy was a few jumps out and I was in a capsule after dropping off a hull in nearby Sendaya.

3 Feb 2013

B-Type Conundrum

Since the removal of the static DED complexes a few months ago now, the cost of certain items has skyrocketed. I wanted to have a quick peek at two of the more popular items from the loot drops of the 2/10 sites, the Gistii B-Type Small Shield Booster and the Gistii B-Type 1MN Afterburner.

1 Feb 2013

Postcard: Lokis

Led by a couple of Guardians, a swarm of Lokis are spat out of the station undock.

Do you insure your ships?

I have a confession. I don't.

After reading this article on clone upgrades and ship insurance it got me thinking. I can not for the life of me remember the last time I insured a ship. It's just something that I never sustained a habit for doing. But why?