26 Oct 2013

The Uniform Rift (part III - Enter Dragon Lawyer)

Reply to Corporate Edict issued by MIURA BULL CEO of SKRMR:

Office of Susan Derpantsoff Esquire

The Uniform Rift (part II - Inspection)

Previously on The Uniform Rift, the Screaming Hayabusa Corporate Uniform is successfully rolled out.

The Uniform Rift (part I - Intro)

Recently, the Screaming Hayabusa corporation implemented an advisory dress code, the details of which are outlined below.

13 Oct 2013

RvB Ganked 88: Flux Capacitor

Date: Saturday 12th October 2013

Time: 20.00 UTC (Form Up 19.00)


Theme: Inties & Fast Frigs.
(One last play around before they change)

Where: Gelfiven / Oddelulf

6 Oct 2013

Crossing Zebras Community FFA

I jumped into the system of Asakai in the Black Rise region in a (t)rusty old Rifter. On comms I heard that a gate camp was about to be busted, so I x'd up and quickly made my way over to the fleet. Landing in the melee that was in front of me I locked up what I could and set my autocannons to maximum.

5 Oct 2013

Dirty Loyalty Points

I don't want to join faction warfare but I think that as a reward for spending the vast majority of my time in low-sec and in the faction warfare complexes, that I should be rewarded for my attempted 'conquering' and 'evicting' efforts.

3 Oct 2013


I'm sure at some point in time we've all crossed swords with an Excuse Monkey. It's now time to name and shame and reveal the best excuses that you've seen during your eve playtime.