28 Apr 2012

The Last Rocket

A magical word or phrase uttered with the intention of bringing about evil or destruction; a curse.

I've been flying the Malediction a lot recently, it really is a great little Interceptor that at times can feel quite bomb proof. Mainly, I've been having fun taking out poorly fitted frigates and destroyers that have been unfortunate enough to stray into my path during my roams. I also had fun fleeting up with a friend where we managed to snag a Rokh and a Retribution between us. There was also an oddly fit Hawk that I took out on an acceleration gate. This fight was one that I nearly turned my back on, fully expecting the Hawk to be a competent pvp fit, so I was glad that I stuck around and started the fight.

I had been trying to start a fight with a Tristan and a Ferox since I spotted them loitering together in Jovainnon, but I was having no luck getting them to engage me. I followed them into Aeschee and locked up the Ferox as the Tristan warped away, to my surprise the Ferox fired on me and the fight was on. Setting my orbit wrong from the start I took some nasty hits and was soon in half armor, how embarrassing. Correcting my mistake I settled into a tight orbit and began spitting rockets at the Ferox. Slowly, very slowly I began to lay down the damage.

At this point the Tristan warps back in and locks me up, he doesn't fire on me (you'll see why later) but he does web me so I decide to switch my rockets onto the frig to remove him from the fight. As the Tristan enters armor he warps away and again I start on plinking away at the shields of the Ferox. After a short time the Tristan lands again and this time he doesn't get away in time as he explodes under intense overheated rocket fire.

Gate fire.

I hold my breath, wondering what might appear on my overview--eek a Wolf.

It is Ohm's Law's and he is heading towards us, but he hasn't yet locked me up.

Now at this point I had been shooting at the Ferox for quite some time and I was just noticing the local chat. Maybe Ohm's was holding fire on me in amusement at the banter going on in local? Maybe he just wanted to see a Malediction kill the Ferox? All this time I'm hoping he doesn't spool up his cannons and obliterate me, which he quite easily could have done.

Ivan Trosky Trosky > forgive the caps lock
Ohm's Law's > im havign watch watching
Ohm's Law's > fun watching*
Ivan Trosky Trosky > XD
Ivan Trosky Trosky > im sure you are
Eisler Rollard > >.<
Eisler Rollard > lol
Dism0 > i only take advance payment
Ivan Trosky Trosky > lol. good one.
Dism0 > recession and all
Ivan Trosky Trosky > of course
Dism0 > too many flakes
Ivan Trosky Trosky > quite

Dism0 > so how'd that work out for you?
Ivan Trosky Trosky > Pretty badly. But to be expected from first time low-sec expedition :)
Dism0 > did you have a crappy fit ship?
Ivan Trosky Trosky > Ferox, probably not fitted well
Ivan Trosky Trosky > But oh well
Ivan Trosky Trosky > "hope for the best, prepare for the worst"
Ivan Trosky Trosky > obviously, i did not prepare very well.
Dism0 > 4/2012 toon, id expect not a wise choice to be in low-sec
Ivan Trosky Trosky > Indeed. But oh well.

At this moment in time I am racing to finish off this Ferox before my supplies of rockets run out and I fear that I am losing the battle. My overheat is touching close to 90%. I am on my last few shots, the Ferox is in deep structure and then.......


The rocket launchers stop firing.

Ivan Trosky Trosky > Save now this guy is just playing with me
Ivan Trosky Trosky > :/
Ivan Trosky Trosky > either kill me, let me ransom, or go away.
Ivan Trosky Trosky > I really dont care which
Dism0 > lol who is it?
Ivan Trosky Trosky > Miura bull
Dism0 > if youre lucky he will blog about it
Ivan Trosky Trosky > haha known forever as the noob. Wonderful! XD

I open up a convo with Ohm's and I ask him nicely if he has any spare rockets. He kindly offers to go fetch some from a neighbouring system. Crisis averted, almost, why doesn't the guy jump back through the stargate? He hasn't been shooting me now for some time. As I am thinking this to myself he starts shooting again then stops. Odd.

Ohm's arrives back in a Hurricane and drops a can of rockets and it is now game on again. Ohm's declares that he will not fire on the Ferox and spoil the killmail. But I don't have a problem with him sharing the killmail in exchange for the rockets so we agree to finish the Ferox together. The Ferox soon implodes under the heavy gunfire.

Miura Bull > gf

Ivan Trosky Trosky > lol. WEll thanks for finally ending that
Miura Bull > well
Miura Bull > I ran out of rockets
Dism0 > lol
Ivan Trosky Trosky > Funny lol

I think next time I will load more rockets into my cargohold.


Shiny Shiny

I had moved a small stash of ships out to Stain to do some null-sec roaming, my ship choices being the shield Rupture, MWD Wolf, MWD Jaguar, and also a mixture of various Thrasher flavours. Overall, a nice selection of Minmatar bloodstock to test the waters in what is a very unforgiving place, especially for solo work. I fully expected to lose all of my stock, it was just a case of seeing what I could drag down with me.

My very first foray into the black soup of Stain ended with the loss of an Artillery Thrasher, but it was so very close to ending with two killmails of my own. I was close to the Catch border when I noticed a Malediction shadowing my movements, I tried to get a fight started on several occasions but it proved unsuccessful. Then, a short time later on my next in-gate the Malediction aggressed and I immediately lit him up as we danced around the stargate. 

Multiple gate flashes, uh oh.

The Malediction began to pull some range as it entered deep armor damage and as it spiralled away from my artillery shells a Daredevil decloaked. It was decision time, do I chase the Malediction and finish him off but risk the Daredevil's webs bringing me to a stop or do I turn my attention to the Daredevil who was sitting inside my optimal? I chose to go for the Daredevil and I hit him good, so good in fact that he was in hull damage in a couple of shots. Then the rest of the gang joined in the party including a Scimitar which immediately brought back to life the Daredevil, and it was soon game over for the plucky Thrasher. I exchanged gfs with my foes and warped to a safespot to self-destruct my capsule.

After a short break I decided another Thrasher would be taken out and this time I settled on a maximum dps Shield/Autocannon fit. I undocked and spotted a Sabre on scan at a nearby gate, it was time to say hello. I warped to the gate and immediately jumped through and waited. The Sabre pilot followed and I held cloak for the maximum amount of time to hopefully fool the pilot into thinking that I didn't want to play. Once I had uncloaked I burnt straight back to the gate and the Sabre put up his bubble and started to lock me up. I returned the favour and the fight was on, albeit a very short one. The Thrasher comfortably obliterated the Sabre without taking even half shield damage in return, maybe the kick of the Thrasher surprised him? 

The next day I found myself fitting up another Artillery Thrasher, so good was the alpha and my original plan was to try and play with some more gangs and kill tacklers or at least die (again) trying. There was one other person in my local, in fact he had been docked up with me for some time and I thought of him as being afk.

I was wrong.

As I undocked from the station I was soon followed by a Daredevil that was spat out behind me. I warped to my insta-undock and safely landed some 170 kilometres off of the enemy ship. As I sat there idling I noticed he was burning straight for me, and fast. I primed everything with heat and noted that he was going over 4000 km/s. As soon as he got to 40k off of me I would pounce and lurch straight for him with everything that I could throw at him. I hoped for a good fight but in reality the Thrasher yet again went into blitz mode and a shiny Daredevil exploded under the shadow of the station.

Over on the Molden Heath border in the murky wastelands of the Derelik region, intel was reporting that a Bhaalgorn Battleship was tackled and the call was made for backup. I jumped into a Hurricane and headed over. Dirty Protagonist and his Gunpoint crew had been engaging a gang of locals in their frigates and things had turned sour for the Bhaalgorn pilot who couldn't shake off the tackle of DP's heroic Stiletto. Everything that came to save the Bhaalgorn and stayed on the field long enough was slain by the pirate fleet and as the Bhaalgorn pilot cowardly initiated self-destruct the call for overheats was made. The Bhaalgorn soon died. Op success.

Blasting through Aliette solar system in my Wolf en-route to some far flung land I spotted a Loki on scan. As I landed on gate I decided to go back and have a look. He was in the asteroid belt and I wasn't going to turn down the chance to test my wits against the advanced cruiser, even though I knew that if this Loki was fitted good it would eat my Wolf alive. I landed at zero and as I did the Loki was warping out towards the station. Damn, had I spooked him?


The Loki soon returned and he was now 30k off of me. Not ideal, but I thought what the hell and returned the lock and tried to make my way over to him with my overheated afterburner blazing. It was soon clear to me that it was time to say goodbye to this Wolf and sure enough, not long after I was webbed down and eating medium projectiles I was soon warping my pod out, leaving behind my wrecked Wolf.

But the story doesn't end here. As I was warping my pod out I noticed a Curse on scan. It was Jyren's Rage, a local pvp maestro belonging to HYDRA RELOADED. I stayed at my safe and watched the fight via directional scanner hoping for the Loki to pop. My corpmate, Kaeda Maxwell  had also randomly entered the system in a Thrasher and was watching the proceedings. Sadly the fight petered out to the Loki docking on station and the system emptied.

A short time later in the neighbouring system of Egghelende I noticed a conversation request pop up from Jyren's Rage. He was a man with a plan and was now fitting up a Blaster Cannoned Talos. He asked a few questions about my Loki/Wolf fight and the plan was then made to try and get the Loki back in the belt at 30 in line with the station, where myself and corpmate Kaeda would be waiting to tackle it in the hope that it landed at 30 and right on top of us.

It did. 

It is always nice when a plan comes together like this. The end result was one dead Loki.


23 Apr 2012

Bull 2012

Miura Bull is the head of the Black Rebel Rifter Club [R1FTA], a Molden Heath frigate-flying guerrilla group. While initially enjoying strong public support, R1FTA allegedly turned on their own supporters, supposedly to "purify" the local population and turn Molden Heath into a bloodsport arena and in turn also transform R1FTA into a theocracy.

Bull proclaims himself the spokesperson of God and a spirit medium, has nurtured a cult of personality, and claims he is visited by an interstellar host of 13 spirits, including a Khanid phantom. Ideologically, the group is a syncretic mix of mysticism, Brutor nationalism, and Amarrian fundamentalism, and claims to be establishing a theocratic state based on their own rules and local Minmatar tradition.

Bull is often seen wearing bright white military dress, he sports a full beard and shaved head, has tribal tattoos and multiple piercings. He regularly smokes 'Brutor Number 12 Fat' cigars, has a strong taste for local spirits and is never seen without his trademark black shades.

Miura Bull

Bull has been accused by CONCORD entities of ordering the abduction of young capsuleers to become frigate slaves and noob soldiers. An estimated 200 or so capsuleers became soldiers and some estimated two million starship crew have been displaced since R1FTA formed nearly two years ago. Bull was indicted for high-sec war crimes and crimes against humanity and the general capsuleer population by CONCORD in Yulai, but has always evaded capture. R1FTA mainly operates in Heild in the Molden Heath region, but its membership and guerrilla activities have been reported across all of New Eden.

A young R1FTA soldier

Bull was thought among followers and detractors alike to have been possessed by spirits; he has been portrayed as either the Messiah or the Devil. He reportedly makes annual trips to Ammold (his birthplace), where he allegedly ascends planet-side to the highest of the hills and lays in the hot sun for days. Bull believes in the literal protection provided by an autocannon symbol and tells his young soldiers an autocannon on their chest drawn in oil will protect them from bullets.

Bull 2012 Campaign

Bull received a surge of attention recently when a 30-minute documentary titled Bull 2012 by renowned Gallentean film maker Jakob Intaki for the campaign group Invisible Rifters Inc was released. The intention of the production is to draw attention to Bull in an effort to increase CONCORD involvement in the issue.

The Teonusude Post commented: "The 27-minute video was posted on CQ Video Systems and NewEdenTube by Invisible Rifters and became a Universal trending topic across New Eden. Personally, I have never seen an outpour of support from people on my CONCORD news feed like this." The video has been viewed more than 800 million times at the time of writing. The film has quickly received attention from eve celebrities. Elizabeta Machini, writer for the Caldari State Post, offered more background on R1FTA as well as Invisible Rifters in response to the documentary. Machini and The Rens Star stated that Invisible Rifters hoped to raise Bull's notoriety enough to provoke a massive overnight cargo container campaign.

Thus far the campaign has resulted in a resolution by CONCORD and has contributed to the decision to send anti-pirate troops to the Molden Heath region.

Miura Bull and his supporters were unavailable for comment.


13 Apr 2012

Super Cap Down

A Nyx Super Capital is found idling at a safe spot in the backyard of a renegade warlord and his pirate community. After initial tackle is applied, a desperate battle erupts with a large force of heavily-armed Molden Heath pirates and friends who had scrambled over to the area. The Pride of the Federation initiates self-destruct and a crack team of NC. Supercarriers and support is cyno'd in to beat the timer and brutally execute the Nyx as it dances with death.

The Nyx is a gigantic homage to a figure much loved in Gallente society.

Nyx killmail is R1FTA's first ever Super Cap kill, messing up our efficiency in the process.

Warlord Protagonist blogs about the events leading up to the kill here.

Molden Heath pirates ready for action

Gunpoint pilot Allo managed to fraps the proceedings and then produce this video.


Our blogs will blot out the sun (episode I)

R1FTA has quite a few talented writers on its roster. This post and subsequent future episodes will look to delve into this murky archive and poke and prod then provide a short review and highlight of these blogs. Clearly, the best way to review a blog is for you, the reader, to pay the blog a visit, subscribe to it and then make up your own mind. But I'm confident that you will enjoy these blogs as much as I do.

Yuzuki Katayanagi - The Spacer

Yuzuki's blog is crisp and fresh, a stylish layout that is graphically pleasing on the eye.

The blog starts back in January 2011 when Yuzuki begins to chart his adventures through New Eden. Through the course of the blog we meander through Yuzuki's life in his previous corporation, his adventures in wormholes and gradually we move on towards a darker side to his eve career and how Yuzuki's path eventually crosses with that of the Black Rebel Rifter Club.

Yuzuki's latest articles offer an interesting insight into his most recent engagements and general play-style. In his posts he clearly reviews what has happened, what he did correctly, what went wrong and how he intends to go about fixing things.

All in all, The Spacer is a wonderful blog, one of the best looking blogs out there in my opinion and is well worth reading right from the beginning.

Must read blog post--One Week In Space

In this post Yuzuki describes in typical detail a working week as a Black Rebel pilot, his various fights and roams and how all this ended up with him losing nine of his trusty Rifters.

Lhorenzho - The Popped POD-Eve Schadenfreude 

What can we say about our elder statesman of the R1FTA people, our much loved Lhorenzho? A colourful and somewhat abrasive character that some people might not fully understand. Lhorenzho holds a twisted and dark sense of humour that rubs off brilliantly in his writing style.

Whilst not one of the most prolific writers in the blogger's circle--since the blog opened in June 2011 we have just ten articles to read through. But this is not necessarily a bad thing as Lhorenzho fully makes up for his infrequent posting habits with content that is chocked full of wit and leaves you wanting more. His writing style reminds me of some Charles Bukowski laced with a dash of sharp-tongued poison.

Overall a great read that is unique in its style and projection of life as what Lhorenzho perceives as his undercard billing in the Black Rebel Rifter Club.


In this post Lhorenzho attempts to describe the varied personalities of his corpmates and their attitude towards life in New Eden. An amusing and insightful read.

More to come in episode II.


6 Apr 2012

The Bounty Hunter

I hold the profession of bounty hunting with high regards, it holds a mystique and lore that stirs an emotion. 

Fiery the angels fell. Deep thunder rolled around their shoulders... burning with the fires of Orc. 

Unfortunately it doesn't quite work that way in eve. If there was some kind of game mechanic implemented into eve that could guarantee a fun and non exploitable play-style then I would tap into that resource and try to become some kind of shadowy ninja-like bounty hunter. Looking up the bounties, hunting down my quarry and then striking from the shadows, taking my dead and then collecting my wage.

Today I noticed I had myself collected a bounty. 

I thought about what this meant for a moment and toyed with the idea of leaving it there and giving whoever podded me next a nice pay day. Then I thought about how the next person to pod me would probably be some fag in a sabre with a cloaky falcon buddy and I also thought of how many nice new Wolf class assault frigates I could buy and then play with.

So yeah. I arranged for a first class and rather swift clone bay visit via a corpmate. Now time to go shopping.


5 Apr 2012

Stream Fighter II Turbo

Sard Caid, billionaire playboy in black rubber pants and the leader of the criminal organisation Gunpoint Diplomacy, who uses a mysterious power known as "Streaming Power", was out roaming the spacelanes and looking for trouble. Of course, this was all being shown live to an audience over on Sard's excellent stream, which can be found over at twitch.tv/sardcaid. A fantastic resource for aspiring solo and small gang pvpers or general voyeurs.

This particular evening's stream was bumped by the guys over at evenews24. Access to the entire stream can be found by clicking this link, and is well worth a watch.

Unaware of what was currently taking place on the stream, Myself, Kaeda Maxwell and Saftsuze were just returning home from a roam down to Derelik. We jumped into our next system and spotted a couple of frigs on the gate, unaware at this time that their gangmates were engaging Sard Caid on another gate in the system. Great timing! We gave chase as one of the frigs was flashy. We landed in the middle of the battle and began working on the frigs (or those that were flashy or were aggressing us), we managed to take down this Taranis and got on the killmail of his mate also in a Taranis before the rest of them began to flee. We then pointed Sard's Drake. Saftsuze had disconnected mid-fight and lost communications. I warped off with 13% structure and Kaeda deployed ECM drones much to Sard's annoyance. The gang returned and we showed up on the killmail. gfgf.

This fight can be found on the stream starting at approximately 8 min 30 seconds.


A little later on the stream, starting at approximately 59 min and 40 seconds, you can find an example of how stream sniping works. This is basically watching the movements of the live stream to engineer a fight, this can be counter-punched by delaying the stream somewhat but this was not the case tonight.

We had decided after watching Sard's journey through Great Wildlands, to wait on the other side of his out-gate back into Molden Heath in the hope that his ship was still in one piece when he arrived. Our ship choices were Assault Frigates and Destroyers. Our fleet consisted of four AF's and one Destroyer and we hoped for a good fight. At this point as we waited on the gate we were joined by a corpmate who had spotted us in system who was out roaming in his Tempest, not wanting to remove any chance of a fight actually happening in the first place he was asked to retreat from the system, which of course he then did.

The fight was good, as you will see from the stream a couple of Battlecruisers came to the aid of Sard on the gate and we lost the Destroyer and three Assault Frigates, with Kaeda's Vengeance the only ship to survive the fight. Still, the Brutix exploded and we got a good fight and that is great for television!


Most of the fleet then went about doing some other business and I closed the stream and went away from keys for a while.

A little later I returned to see from corp chat that Sard had just had a Thrasher 1v1 with corpmate Thestarling. This can be found on the stream at approximately 2 hours 14 min and 30 seconds and resulted in Sard's artillery Thrasher succumbing to the autocannon Thrasher in a quick gunfight.

Following straight on from this fight I noticed Sard ask for a Rifter 1v1 in local to which I quickly accepted his offer. It is worth mentioning that I did not have the stream up and running in the build up to this fight and I was not aware of what I would be facing. My inkling had me thinking that Sard would show up in an artillery fit, but in the end as you will see I was wrong.

This fight can be found with the build up starting at around 2 hours 20 minutes and 10 seconds on the stream. What followed was a great Rifter fight, showcasing why frigate duelling can be so much fun! One of the best Rifter v Rifter fights I have had in a long time. Good fight, good fight.

I would like to thank Sard for the fights and also for the stream, this should be on the eve essentials of sites that everybody should bookmark and watch on a regular basis. I for one love it.


2 Apr 2012

Why the RSOP works for us

I would like to think that the vast majority of the EVE PvP community 'gets us'. What I mean by this is, understands the way the Black Rebel Rifter Club works and goes about its business and has a grasp of its unorthodox play-style and why it is important to us. It is all about the fights for us, we don't care for anything else--win or lose. Give us a 50% efficient killboard filled with quirky kills made by wide-eyed noobs in Rifters, that tell a whole spectrum of stories over a 95% board with boring fleet mails with falcon and logi support monitored by Bureaucratic Nazis any day of the week. Unfortunately, I fully believe that a high percentage of the EVE populace doesn't 'get us'.

Recently I had a random conversation request pop up whilst I was out roaming, being the polite fellow that I am I opened the request as soon as was possible. I didn't know who the guy was but was intrigued as to what he wanted. To cut a long conversation short he had evidently convo'd me to offer up some advice and to put on the table a proposal. By the end of the conversation it was clear that he wanted to offer up the best bit of advice to make mine and my corpmates game time more 'enjoyable'. His suggestion? Join his alliance and 'learn bigger ships' (quoting here). 'Once in the alliance you can join regular fleets when an fc becomes available'. Blah, blah.

Okay, thanks for that..... But I think I'd rather stick a fork in my eye. 

We are about as disorganised as is possible, comms are usually an after thought and when a fleet goes up it is usually when projectiles are already being exchanged. People from outside the corp looking in may think of this as a bad thing, I disagree. And whilst this is not a slur on any individuals in the corp, we have players who are highly organised and impeccable when it comes to discipline and sorting things out, should they need to. This is just the way we operate and we wouldn't want it any other way.

As a corporation we have been looking on at the battleclinic corporate ranking system with a wide grin in recent months. Not only have we climbed from 500 in the all-time rankings at the turn of the year to around the 250 mark where we now hover. Our careless flying style and disorganised nature has now propelled us up to fifth, yes fifth! Five. 5. Fifth overall in the rankings for recent corporations. Well done to all. I think we'll continue our current play-style, thank you very much.

Image courtesy of Kaeda Maxwell 



Whale Hunting Season off to a Killer Start

The Black Rebel Rifter Club prides itself on its glorious campaign of destruction in the high-security asteroid fields of New Eden. Since June '11 the in-house campaign 'Hulkageddon Never Sleeps' has notched up close to 250 destructed mining barges or industrial class ships.

This campaign is spurred on by free ships and fittings, regular paid bounties and the ongoing urge to wreak havoc on a profession that goes against all that the Black Rebels stand for. All in all it has been a damned good blast so far but if this campaign was driven by a gearbox then we have been cruising along in second gear and it is now time to ramp it up a little.

Recent murmurings from within the halls that govern regarding planned game change mechanics and other meaningless blubbering cries have not best pleased the inner-circle of the black-hearted pirate community. To this, we, the cartels and fight clubs, cutthroats and scallywags, raise the flag and declare nobody safe from our plundering.

To celebrate this, various pirates from across the cluster united for an evening of Orca hunting. A lumbering industrial command ship, these platforms of power often fuel vast mining operations. Now, striking into the very heart of these operations, the pirates aimed to spread fear and promote carnage.

The first test flight resulted in a swift broadside against an Orca that was spotted in Molden Heath high-sec. A fleet consisting mainly of tech 1 fitted and gunned Thrashers and Catalysts resulted in an Orca left smouldering with a burning hull, surviving with just under half of its structure points remaining. The fleet would not be deterred.

Re-grouping and improving the fleet with tech 2 gunned destroyers and stealth bombers added to the ranks, it was time to strike again, another Orca was spotted. This time the Orca crumpled into a ball of wreckage, the fleet finding its sweet spot and unleashing all hell on the hapless vessel.

A few hours passed, crews swapped shifts and the dust settled once again and all was quiet in the safety of high-sec. Then a rumble of Thrashers and Catalysts zipped into the asteroid field turning the nearby sun into a cloud of black. Another Orca fell to the fleet, the pirates had tested their capabilities, fired their guns and had now found their range.

Overheat everything, cycle spears, remember to click 'yes' on the Greenpeace pop-up.

May the bloodshed continue.


1 Apr 2012

Introducing the RSOP (R1FTA Standard Operating Procedures)

During normal hours of business, the Black Rebel Rifter Club uses a set of guidelines known as 'Standard Operating Procedures' (SOP), typically referred to as "the R1FTA SOP" (RSOP).

These are part of a carelessly put together doctrine based on not much experience and is mainly geared towards a barbaric approach to life, it is intended to keep members unsafe and impart the knowledge necessary to explode as many ships as is physically possible whether that be our own or others (NBD), while bringing fights to a quick close by providing entertainment and profit value to the enemy, minimising frustration and providing excitement value to the enemy at every chance we get. To that end, the RSOP is intended to:

Give the enemy easy kills of helpless non-combat ships.
Give the enemy easy kills of poorly-fitted ships.
Give the enemy any kills of high-value ships.
Give the enemy any chance to banter or smack talk with us.
Give the enemy enjoyment from the conflict.

The RSOP applies to all members when the OMGWTFUNDOCK level is set as R1FTACON 1. While this is typically during hostile play-time, it may also be applied during peacetime under extreme circumstances. Peacetime is classified as the system being 'blue' to the Rebels, at this point pilots are encouraged to undock and kill each other.

The below rules are as unclear as they can be made, and if you require clarification, then tough luck, please make them up for yourself, anybody bothering a Director may be kicked from the corp. There are lots of hidden meanings, and anything not listed here is likely part of the RSOP but we forgot to put it in.

In the event you make a mistake, then you should brag about it in corp chat and bask in the praise, rather than attempting to hide away your heroics, as you will typically find joyous laughter and back slaps awaiting you. At most, issues arising from mistakes tend to result in the person involved being temporarily thrown into a low-sec top belt for their own safety.

You must be undocked unless you are...

...spinning ships
Nuff said, spinning ships is cool, man.

...chatting trash in public channels
You don't have to be able to speak sense, extra points for trolling. If something happens, you need to be able to communicate it quickly, or at least receive instruction for response quickly. Adding gifs or memes to your silly views is encouraged.

You must fly...

There are no restrictions on what ships you are allowed to fly during an active RSOP. If you don't want to fly one of these ships, then you must receive written permission from a Director (unless a bribe is included your request is likely to be rejected).

...ships with T2 rigs, or faction or better modules (the more expensive the lossmail the better cos faction on your lossmail is cool, man)

Tech 2 Rigs are highly encouraged. The shield ones cost shit loads and make you look all pr0. They also add a bit more stuff to your stats.

'Faction or better' means any module other than Tech 1, Tech 2 and 'Meta' - in other words Faction, Storyline, Deadspace, or Officer modules. Pimp that ship yo! Shinier the better!

...'Covert Ops' combat ships
These are ships which can fit a Covert Ops Cloak and designed for combat, such as:

Stealth Bombers-Lolpoints if you lose it to a Rifter.

Force Recons
The Tech 2 'Covert Ops Frigates' should be flown head first into the nearest gate-camp.

...Tech 2 BattleCruisers or Battleships
Command Ships-Fly into busy null-sec systems like a BAUSS.
Marauders-What's a marauder again?
Black Ops-Battlefit those Black Ops for added points.

...Tech 3 ships
Strategic Cruisers-Everybody loves a T3 lossmail.

...Mining Ships
This includes the specialised mining ships, such as:

If you really must mine, you should use any of the above and fit it for BATTAL, you MUST close local chat and the directional scanner, deploy mining drones and attack anything that warps into you

This is any ship which is designed to move large amounts of cargo around, such as:
Industrials, including the Noctis
Blockade Runners
Deep Space Transports
Jump Freighters
If you need to move items, you should blindly jump into any system that is likely gate-camped. It adds an extra notch of excitement to your game. All of the above should be fit for combat where possible.

...faction ships
Any ship with 'Issue' in the Name.
Any 'Pirate' faction ship.
Any other ship listed in the 'Faction' subsection on the Market. These ships should be flown with reckless abandon and should ideally be pimped to the teeth.

...rare or unique ships
This is any ship which has been seeded by CCP for which the blueprints are not publicly available for, such as:
Interbus Shuttle

... and various others. If you are lucky enough to own something that was an alliance tournament prize you should fly it until it burns.

You should fit...

...your ship for PvP (durr)

This depends greatly on the ship and what you plan to do, but usually means no Mining lasers, cargo expanders or exploration (Codebreaker, Analyser, etc) modules, along with a Buffer tank where appropriate, although if you really are looking for a lolmail then all of the above are highly encouraged. For relevant fittings use your fucking imagination.

...your guns and launchers inefficiently
This means using faction ammo where you can. Remember to always fill your cargo with more ammo than you need, no matter what the ammo type.

...a Tech 2 tank on BattleCruisers and Battleships
This means your tanking modules are mainly Tech 2, such as Hardeners, Extenders, and so on.

...your ship for its role
This should go without saying, but it means the modules on your ship should typically cost massively more than the value of the hull (faction, officer). Tackle frigates should be pimped to the teeth.

...appropriate rigs
Tech 1 Rigs on Frigates, Destroyers and Cruisers are mandatory.
Tech 1 Rigs on BattleCruisers and Battleships are required.
Tech 2 Rigs on all T2 ships are strongly suggested, especially Tech 2 frigs.

You should always...

...check the Local channel for Targets
Check it before you undock, and keep checking it whenever you are in space. Bads may appear at any moment.

...dock up if there are no Targets
If you don't see a Target in space or the local channel, then dock immediately, no waiting. It's ship spinning time baby!

...smartbomb Trade Hubs when bored
You should smartbomb Trade hubs when bored, and harvest tears as much as you can. Remember, you can use Trolling skills at your own discretion.

You should sometimes if you're extra bored...

...use the Autopilot to fly your ship
Autopilot can be a fun way to fly your ship, especially through hostile areas, it actually flies for you! This can sometimes prompt the enemy to attack your ship giving you chance to retaliate and p0wn the noobs.

...go AFK in space
Sometimes it is TEH FUNNEH to leave your ship unattended for long periods when in space. Live life to the full and NEVER dock up if you have to leave. If you are a scout or picket and need to take a short break, warp to a planet at zero and turn the volume to max. Never announce to the fleet that you are going AFK.

Combat Fleets...

...must have at least two R1FTA members
Well stone me, who'd have thought more than 1 member would make a fleet?

...should have no scout if possible
A scout is for pussies. Real fleets jump blind 'erry gate.

...should probably be on Vent with the FC able to talk
Fleets should probably be on voice communications, usually the Fleet Commander should be able to talk. Alternatively, if you can type real fast it also adds for more excitement and added danger to your fleets.

...must consist of anybody who wants to fleet
The more rag-tag the fleet the better.

...members must be impaired
This means in PvP, you have as many active accounts logged in as you can handle, multiple accounts are fun. Similarly, fleet members are encouraged to be tired (sleeping is for wimps) and/or intoxicated.

...must split loot as they deem fit
Meh who cares about loot?

You can...

There are a number of things which you can do during normal business hours apart from hunting Targets. These are some of them.

...travel around EVE
Travelling is defined as moving with no cargo (opposed to hauling) and should be done in a 'Fast Frigate', Shuttle or Starter Frigate. Travelling enables you to move from one place to another, sighting bads on the way.

...set-up and spar at the R1FTA POS
Setting up overviews, practising scanning and sparring should be done at the POS, as it will piss people off when they land on grid with you.

...run fleets in LoSec and NullSec
Just because there are no targets around doesn't mean there is nobody to fight. Take a fleet out to losec or nullsec, and see what you find. Remember to follow no Rules of Engagement.

...run Wormhole Operations
You may run combat sites in wormholes. Most wormholes are full of bads, find them and kill them.

...disrupt Incursions
Incursions are hideous, filthy, money making schemes most often run by bads. If you are unfortunate enough to stray into an Incursion zone, spam the channel with gifs and memes.

...suicide gank in a group
This is best done with four or more members, with at least one of them with an alt scout ship - remember that most mining ships are piloted by afk retards. Ideally, all ganking should be done in busy high-sec systems. Ensure that all fleet members keep a lookout in local for any bads, and nobody should leave system without spamming the local chat with memes and gifs first. Don't forget to use an alt to scoop up modules. Recycle those gank ships!

...station trade
Err yeah.

...leave R1FTA until you grow some balls
If you want to, you may leave R1FTA until you feel you are more comfortable with our haphazard nature. You will forfeit access to the vast majority of forum content, channels, fleets, and you will probably be trolled through recruitment when returning.

Travel Advisories

Travel Advisories may be declared by anybody, and are typically limited to a specific system or region likely to contain hostile activity.
An advisory means that all non-combat activity should cease and all pilots should head over unless they are ship spinning. Travel into or out of the advisory area should be done blindly and with all guns blazing.
Once the threat has been eliminated or you are in your clone bay or capsule, the Travel Advisory may be closed.

Practice and Patrols

All R1FTA members are encouraged to practice the RSOP at all times, even when there are no targets immediately available.
This can include (but is not limited to) sparring in space, patrolling high-traffic areas for bads, as well as practising fleet command and movement skills.
Members are also encouraged to keep a look-out for any other members who may not be following the RSOP, and are authorised to tackle any they encounter being a bad.
R1FTA Directors are authorised to order a single shot to be fired to 'wake up' a member who appears to be  being a bad or is inattentive, followed by the potential destruction of their ship FOR TEH LULZ.
No time will be given before any actions are taken, and in the event an inattentive members ship is destroyed, the wreck should be destroyed too, and the killmail laughed at.


Because we are not Vogons.