29 Sept 2013

So I was wondering if some kinda toll was to be payed to not get killed

One of the seven tenets of bushido is that of benevolence, which can also extend to charity or mercy. The meaning suggests that one should pay alms to the poor, care for those in trouble, and take care of his fellow man. ~ Nogusha.

28 Sept 2013

Give me back MY money Tyrant!

Decon is an odd place, sandwiched by high-sec and 3 jumps from Dodixie. At certain times of day when the gate camps are sleeping .... the highsec bunnies come out to play.

26 Sept 2013

EVE Online Rubicon

I posted this live to the [SKRMR] forums as it was being streamed. Please excuse the rough and ready nature.


25 Sept 2013

I Don't Know What Just Happened or How You Did That

Sharuveil, next door to Decon .... a large system with 100-150AU warps between belt clusters, not much chance of someone knowing that you're lurking for them if they warp directly to the belts from cluster to cluster. Which of course some people habitually do.

23 Sept 2013

Crouching Ishkur, Hidden Prober

Ice belts! Over the next week or so I'm going to post some old battle reports from the SKRMR forums. Some of the information is now outdated, including fits and game mechanics, but I feel some of the actual stories might be of interest to some. The files are now declassified, although it is worth noting that some pilot names have been hidden out of respect. 

22 Sept 2013

The Guilt Game: or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Lossmail

I was recently browsing some random discussion thread that for the most part centered on ship losses, dealing with said ship losses, and also the idea of feeling guilt towards the person behind the toon whose ship you just blasted into smithereens.

19 Sept 2013

Drone 20 and the Scout Ship SKRMR

This is the story of four capsuleers floating in deep space aboard the scout ship SKRMR, their mission to destroy abandoned cynos and chase unruly plex farmers in star systems far, far from home.

17 Sept 2013

Hey Asshole!

"Hey Asshole!"

One of the most common labels that I see clumsily associated with piracy in New Eden is the term 'asshole', especially when aimed at the individual and not the profession. Now I don't think I have ever called anyone an asshole, not in life and certainly not in a computer game, and I don't feel like anything would ever get me so mad as to warrant using the word. There must be some real angst involved for the victim to resort to flinging these 'insults'.

16 Sept 2013

PigeonGate and the Blue Lightning Bolt

Not sure why but I started playing around with the corp logo tool, changing the colour of the background lightning bolt every few hours as I roamed.

Yeah it was one of those days.