23 Sept 2010

The Best Made Plans

It sure is easy losing time when high on your favourite narcotics. My vacation was meant to be an educational one, a plan was hatched to study hard for the core gunnery skills that my Rifter piloting was lacking. I suppose my choice of venue during my stay was quite possibly a bad one given my history with over-exuberance and the hard stuff.

The last month and a bit had flown by but now it was killing time. I felt I now had the skills to perform the dirty deeds in the space lanes and asteroid belts of New Eden, the chance to make a name for myself as an opportunist in this cut-throat world was now within my grasp.

I undocked from the floating narcotics centre and made my way into low-sec.


Black Shades Killboard


I'm back on the scene after a couple of months of rest, the need to recharge the batteries was evident but now the excitement has kicked in and as the security status continues to drop, the excitement and adventure rises.

Watch this space.