4 Apr 2010

Introduction and Military School

First, let me drop a brief explanation to my name, Miura Bull.

A Miura bull is a Spanish fighting bull bred from the lineage of the Miura Cattle Ranch (Spanish: Ganadería Miura), located in the province of Seville, Spain. The ranch originally belonged to Don Eduardo Miura Fernández, and is known for producing large and difficult fighting bulls.

As I sit in the Republic Military School upgrading my learning skills ready for the onslaught of Advanced Rifter Combat training, I read about why my parents named me. I am intrigued 100%, the fighting bulls from a long lost time, brutish, muscular and of incredible strength and courage. This is what I will take with me into combat.

I read on some more from the holographic tablet on the table in front of me, my head itches with a warm glow from the data being entered into my chipsets . . . .

There are certain strains of bull with a marked ability to learn from what goes on in the arena ... faster than the actual fight progresses which makes it more difficult from one minute to the next to control them ... these bulls are raised by Don Eduardo Miura's sons from old fighting stock...

My journey is about to begin, guides have been read and future plans laid. Miura Bull will be a name synonymous with Rifter combat. I promise you this, without being cocky. Miura Bull will strive to master the Rifter and bring pain on those who tangle with him.

Mess with the bull, you get the horns.

These few lines from the tablet grab my attention like none other . . .

Bulls from the Miura lineage have a reputation for being large, fierce, and cunning. It is said to be especially dangerous for a matador to turn his back on a Miura. Miura bulls have been referred to as individualists, each bull seemingly possessing a strong personal character.

By now I am tired and decide to head off up to my room. I don't know for sure how long I will decide to stay affiliated with the Republic Military School. As a solo pilot it would be a perfect backdrop for my future endeavours but the path ahead will be long and winding.

I hope to have you along for the ride.