29 Mar 2013

Combat Boosters Reloaded

Deep in the darkest corner of null-sec space sits a modest drug lab and other wonderful chemical and biochemical paraphernalia. A mad scientist is at work. They call him Chemical Daddy or the Doo-Doo Man and they say that he never eats or sleeps and that his eyes are made of synthetic golden cytoserocin.

26 Mar 2013

Decon Narrative

When I'm roaming from region to region I like to cut the journey short sometimes and dash through hi-sec space. Well, in theory. In fact this usually makes my journey slightly longer but it adds the chance of some fights along the way instead of roaming empty lo-sec after empty lo-sec. Usually, when I'm heading from the Verge Vendor/Essence side of town up to Heimatar/Metropolis I like to take a diversionary route through the lo-sec island systems as I like to call them. Isenan/Parts/Obalyu and then on to Seyllin/Ane and then further on towards Decon/Sharuveil. For the most part these are quiet systems surrounded by the pickings of hi-sec space. Occasionally you get lucky and the odd target or two drops in through the unwelcoming gates of lo-sec space.

25 Mar 2013

Screaming Outburst

The Enyo swoops. The imaginary back-up prober has yielded a 100% hit as the fleet chat window spools up into life.

24 Mar 2013


Three Daredevils, a handful of Atrons (I lost count in the end), a Wolf, a Jaguar and two Caldari Navy Hookbills. It should read like a good morning report of good fights and heroic tales from the beacons. But no, this is a list of ships that decided it was much better to indeed run away from a potential fight with an Incursus. Fair enough, each to their own and I would be lying if I said that I've never run from a potential fight but it is the manner of the escape acts that leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

21 Mar 2013

War Thunder Movie: Into Darkness

I've been playing quite a bit of War Thunder just recently. It's a great way to grab an instant PvP fix, just log on and jump into a plane and enter an arcade battle. Lose your planes and then quit the mission, take your experience points, skill up your crew and then join another game once you have repaired your planes or purchased new ones. It's good, I like it and it can be a nice distraction from the hardcore levels of EVE.

20 Mar 2013

Screaming Hayabusa!

Excerpt from Advice to Screaming Hayabusa pilots. Flight training and mental conditioning.

  ... and three red lights indicates that structure collapse is imminent. Pilots should brace for impact and/or consult their flight manuals. At the very last moment before structure collapse you should exert all of your supernatural strength, you will for a very brief amount of time feel that you are floating.

10 Mar 2013

The Insect

I'm running through the fields, which is weird when you think about it because I can actually fly, but I feel as though when I do choose to fly that I will be ripped to pieces and eaten. No mercy. Although I do have six legs, are six legs better than two wings? They are up above, high, swooping around and they want their feast.

8 Mar 2013

An Ode to Sorn

My strength is failing fast (Said the space-king to his men)
I shall never roam these stargates - like a conqueror again.