31 Jan 2013


Duke Thunderhorse, an old corpmate of mine has opened up a new corp called MIN0R THREAT. Along with another old scallywag in Judge Sarn, who is also on board with the project, this is a corp that looks to be an exciting prospect.

30 Jan 2013

Some Thoughts on Falcons, Winning and Urgent Means

In loving memory of all who have lost their ship to the merciless dice roll. They chose danger in the service of charity and truth. 


25 Jan 2013

Whose Drum Is It Anyway?

From inside the depths of the castle the drum beats loudly. A madman is stirring and from beyond the vast deep the noise rumbles like thunder booming. Nervous excitement. Martyrs ready themselves as the tune of war gathers momentum, blitzing its way through the void and threatening to shatter the landscape as we know it.