29 Dec 2013

Game of Clones

The hardwires that are plugged into my brain occasionally buzz and crackle and make my head and neck feel warm at night, especially when I'm stuck in some cold station in the middle of nowhere with a hard excuse for a pillow. ~ The Tales of the Mad Brutor. 

24 Dec 2013

Neutron Commander

Running around in Atrons shooting Ventures.

The Old Man and the Cyno

When he was younger, Laurence flew ships to Molden Heath and he remembers seeing capsuleers playing on the acceleration gates. In his mind these young warriors were lions, they were brave and powerful and people from far and wide would be talking about the lions. As he grows older, these memories become dominant in his mind. He is somewhat confused about this, but when he dreams about the lions, it brings him comfort.

2 Dec 2013

Against the Gods

A Proteus appears on the directional scanner, what ship am I in? Hmm, an Enyo, that'll do. Off I warp into battle. The Enyo dies valiantly. Perhaps an expected death, but the challenge and that niggling thought in the back of the mind that this could be that glorious killmail that has its 15 seconds of fame in a chat channel somewhere, that's what drives the engine of the solo killmail hunter.