27 Dec 2010

Wormholes, Wormholes

A Random-Violence fleet stands by for deployment into wormhole space.

Over the coming weeks I will be exploring wormholes and making use of wormholes that lead to parts of New Eden that I wouldn't usually visit. This will hopefully lead to some interesting fights and stories to report. Like the other day for example. HandofSatan had formed a fleet that was going to bust into a Khanid low-sec mining operation that was in full swing. A myriad of various sweet looking cherries were on the field and one prize stood out in particular, an Orca. Sadly it wasn't to be and most of the gang, including the Orca, either left the system or were in the safety of pos shields by the time our gang had formed. We managed to kill a couple of mining barges who were still on the field but it wasn't the sweet and bloody massacre we had hoped for. Unfortunately I only managed to make it onto this one pod kill.

We then decided to embark on an epic roam through Querious and onto Catch and Providence. It was to be an epic roam, in the end we ended up in Derelik (far, far away from our planned target system), some good few hours later and having avoided many camps and gangs that were chasing us along the way.

Early in the roam we managed to snag a couple of nice kills. A plucky Pilgrim tackled our Vagabond not knowing what was about to jump in behind him and soon crumpled under an angry dance of projectile fire. Soon afterwards the fleet laid waste to this Armageddon that was caught in an asteroid field.  

The rest of the roam was eventful but not many more kills were tallied. This pretty poorly fit Drake the only other victory to report. The large gangs that were patrolling the area restricting us from more pillage and murder. We spent most of our time avoiding potential traps and ganks in an area we weren't all too familiar with.

After a short break in Derelik I contracted my Hurricane over to Hand who flew it me back through high-sec space, saving me some 118 or so jumps in the process. I made the gauntlet run through high-sec in my pod over to Amamake where I picked up a Rifter and had a nice 1 v 1 duel. I then made my way home in a Rupture where I ganked some guy on the way who was an 'angry local chat kind of guy' when I landed in his belt just as he was warping off. I sat there for five minutes and he warped back to me at 0. Oh the joys of noobs who don't use the D-Scan.



23 Dec 2010

Hurricane Jane

It was a night for crossing off firsts from that big long list we all have. Firstly, after completing my training for tech II drones, I could finally field a combat ready Hurricane. The only missing piece from the tech II set-up being the Invulnerability Field, but I'm quite happy to run the meta 4 invul for the time being and I'm not in any real rush just yet to train for the tech II varient.

It was good timing as a Drake fleet was forming up at our pos, the Hurricane is my Drake so I christened my battlecruiser Jane and undocked into the night sky. As I broke out of warp and hooked myself up to the alliance comms systems it became clear that I would be able to cross something else off of my list. Tonight I would be 'Titan Bridged' for the first time. Excellent . . . .

I was happy with my first taste of battlecruiser fleet combat and was even more happy to bring Jane home in one piece. The battle report below showed a good nights work, I hope you agree.

Hurrican Jane Goes to Hollywood

Spot the Cane(s)


21 Dec 2010

A Short Spin on Stats

A few months ago I wrote about my efficiency and how inefficient I seemed to be. I put this down to being a pilot that was just a few months into the game and decided at 60% efficiency the only way to correct matters was to buckle down and not worry too much about efficiency. Hope that makes sense! Anyhow, looking over a few figures it seems I have improved somewhat.

Number crunching 101.

Current efficiency - 92.22%

Total Kills - 305

Total Losses - 52

Damage Done - 8.12 Billion ISK

Damage Received - 690 Million ISK

Chance of Enemy Survival - 21.31%

Top 5 Ships (& number of kills)

Jaguar - 160
Rifter - 115
Thrasher - 11
Republic Fleet Firetail - 7
Claw - 6

Top 3 Weapon Systems

150mm Light Autocannon II - 135
125mm Gatling Autocannon II - 69
200mm Autocannon II - 20

Not bad statistics for an 8 month old pilot I hope you agree, considering two months of that time I was away from the game and not skilling up either. Looking at the jump in efficiency improvement it is clear that flying with competent wing-mates certainly increases this factor, however, over 50% of my time in Random-Violence has seen me flying solo as it is my play style. I enjoy rolling out with fleets for sure, but I also enjoy the freedom to do my own thing when the need arises. So I wouldn't put the fact that I'm in a good pvp alliance as a main factor for the jump.

I'm also at the time of writing less than 24 hours away from being skilled in a fully tech II fit battlecruiser with tech II drone compliment. I expect my efficiency might drop somewhat after I lose a few of these bad boys. I will no doubt find myself jumping in the Rifter more than the battlecruiser but we'll see. I have some tasty looking Hurricanes and Cyclones fully assembled and ready to roll, rusty bits glowing under the station lights.

So my favourite ship is the Jaguar. Well that's not much of a surprise really, having learnt the ropes in the Rifter it was an easy progression into the Jag and I just love this ship, it is great fun to fly and I wouldn't change it in any way shape or form. The eagle eyed  reader may have spotted that I've never snagged a single kill whilst at the helm of a Wolf. Well, it's not for the want of trying. I've roamed far and wide in my Wolf but never managed, for one reason or another a single kill. Strange. I've never lost one either so it's not all too bad I suppose.

I hope I didn't bore you with too much statistics. Normal service will be resumed shortly, although I  might write 'A Short Spin on Alliance Stats' sometime in the future . . . . we'll see.


18 Dec 2010

Back to Base

It's now back to Syndicate after the recent deployment and a not too enthralling stay in and around Amamake and its surrounding systems, where I found myself making silly and costly mistakes during dogfights. Quite frustrating to say the least. I'm now looking forward to throwing together some cruiser and battlecruiser hulls and joining some nasty-ass fleets after mostly going solo for the past few weeks. I've even booked some of my Jaguar assault frigates in for some refitting and service procedures as some of the fits and indeed the modules were getting tired.

Sat in my quarters at the Intaki Commerce Trading Post I found myself blankly staring at my wall-mounted projector, the Intaki Trade Channel was on and the latest trade news was flickering its way across the screen. Enriched uranium was selling well and there was currently a high demand for hydrochloric acid and spirits. This grabbed my attention as I suddenly remembered how I was running low on my favourite fiery gold liquor. I changed the channel and caught the end of the bi-annual Bloodball match-up between the Caldari Navy Juniors and the Black Rise Saints. 

Saints won 36-16 - No fatalities this time around.

_ _ _ _ _ 

The bathroom was cold and damp, the smell of bleach in the recently cleaned room stung at my nostrils as the tap blasted cold water into the palms of my cupped hands, a chill rushed down my spine as I splashed my face with cool, icy water. As good a wash as any I thought to myself as I grabbed my black leather jacket and aviators and made my way down to the station's bar district.


16 Dec 2010

19 Blogs You Must Read!

This is a list of recommended blogs that I always look out for new posts from whenever I log in. Some of them are quite 'mainstream' in the sense that most bloggers probably follow them anyway as they are well known blogs. However, if there's a blog here that you aren't aware of then do check it out as you might be pleasantly surprised.

In no particular order, here is my definitive list of  recommended blogs, followed by a short description.

Aggressive Tendencies - Perseus Kallistratos is a pilot/director with The Maverick Navy, which is part of IT Alliance. This blog contains an excellent reel of information and battle reports on nullsec gang warfare.

Nashh Kadavr's Eve Blog - Well known blogger and home of the Celebrity Death Match. Nashh's blog also contains a healthy dose of well versed fiction.

Do Rifters Dream of T3 Sheep? - Sobczynski is a Rifter pilot for the Pator Tech School non-player corporation. This blog is a fresh and witty outlook on life in low-sec and when he's not out soloing Daredevils in his Rifter, you can read about his love-hate relationship with his Pator Tech bosses. Funny blog. 

Flee on Sight - Suleiman Shouaa is a director with the Tuskers pirate corporation. His blog contains some intriguing views on life as a pirate in low-sec, sprinkle in some tasty battle reports and you have one fantastic blog.

Rifter Drifter - Author of the fabled Rifter Guide. Wensley is a well known face of New Eden and his blog is up there too as one of the best. Here you can read informative posts on his early life as a low-sec pirate and his transition into null-sec politics.

Journeys of a Baroque Pilot - One of my absolute favourites. Read about the colourful, arty and expressive world of Tusker pilot Kishin Hattori.

Flashfresh - The Pirate. - Flashfresh is a pirate. Not just any old pirate though, he is the CEO of The Bastards pirate corporation. His blog contains some fine roam reports and excellent fiction.

The Rust Bucket Outlaw - The tales of Cebit, a pirate with Fla5hy Red formerly of The Black Rabbits.

Kane Rizzel - a Pirates Perspective - Kane has a unique style and it shines through in this excellent blog that charts some pretty epic solo piracy. One of the best.

The Travels of Black Claw - CEO of Open University of Celestial Hardship (OUCH), a training corp dedicated to null-sec survival. Good, informative reading.

Blacklight - VETO pilot Raxip Elamp is a genius in the art of fiction. Dark, gripping and each visit leaves you eagerly anticipating the next instalment. Bookmark this blog now!

Helicity Boson - Khanid Pirate - Got Hulks? Great reading from the creator of Hulkageddon.

Broadside - Sard Caid challenges the pilots he comes across to the deadliest dance in Eve, along the barrel of a gun. His blog contains a fantastic mix of the resulting fun and a healthy spattering of fiction. A very nice blog.

Confessions of a Killer Carebear - Von Diel has his own brand of destruction and here he tells it as it is. Nice blog.

Rum and Ransom: Journals of a Space Pirate - Mr Kha is another pirate with Fla5hy Red. This blog contains some excellent material for the novice up and coming pirate and useful information and stories for veterans far and wide.

Your money or your life! - Ka Jolo is to many the Godfather of pirate based blogging. If you read this blog from the start you will have amassed a sheer wealth of information to set yourself on the path of the pirate. The best blog out there.

The Bald Buccaneer - Tusker pilot Bourreau's blog contains some delicious words, graphics and chat logs. Check it out.

Kirith Darkblade - Eve Pirate - Kirith is quite possibly the most dedicated Rifter nut out there. This blog documents his travels and adventures on his journey to 'absolutely max-out' the skills involved in piloting the Rifter.

Intergalactic Man of Leisure - Mr Snypes is a God amongst men. His blog is unique in style, nothing out there can match his dedication to twisted and funny story telling. The founder of the Space Bunnies rehab centre for former exotic dancers and a lover of space pirates, spirits and tobacco can only make for one thing - fun.

I hope you enjoyed checking some of those out!


12 Dec 2010

Damn There Goes Another Space Bunny

Since my old friend Mr Snypes decided he was enjoying his space-paradise vacation just a little too much, it seemed like a good a time as any to hook up with one of his bunnies from the Space Bunnies Academy. For those who don't know, Snypes runs a rehabilitation program geared towards helping and training former exotic dancers for meaningful careers in space.

The current deployment I find myself on hasn't been rolling as smoothly as I had hoped. The main fleets seemingly rolling out when I'm hooked up to a hibernation unit. So I have found myself roaming various pockets of low-sec space.

During my planned stopover in Ouelletta solar system over in the Gallente war zones I found myself hunched over a bottle of silky-smooth brown liquor, it tasted good and the night was turning into a blur. Faces mingled, people came and went and soft Gallentean music danced through the air from the jukebox over in the corner. And then the music stopped . . .

The jukebox crackled . . .

Something funky crashed into my eardrums and as I began to focus I could make out something . . . . beautiful walking towards me.

Step forward, Goldy.

She took off my aviators and revealed my blurry eyes to the room. Then she grabbed hold of my arm and she led me to the dance floor where we moved around like a couple of electric eels. Just the wild kind of night I had imagined when I sent off a request to the Space Bunnies Academy.

"Fancy showing me the stars, Big Boy?" She whispered seductively in my ear and before I knew it we were undocking the Thrasher into the open vat of space. We bumped around a few of the nearby constellations, carefully avoided a couple of camps and then we watched the stars twinkling by the dashboard lights.

"I haven't come all this way for nothing you know, Miura."

I loosened my collar as a bead of sweat formed on the top of my brow.

"What, w-what do you mean baby." I tried to act cool as my voice went hoarse.

"I want to see combat." She leaped up excitedly from the makeshift bunk that was before a command console and I made my way over to my pod unit.

_ _ _ _ _

"Rifter and Merlin on scan, stand by sweetie, this will be bumpy but we'll be good."

The shiny 200mm autocannons glistened under the sun that was beaming its strength over the asteroid field that we now found ourselves. The two frigates were in view and I burst my micro-warp drive towards them both, with ammunitions loaded and the feed pipes cooking nicely to the guns I was confident we could webify and then blast these two love nest intruders into the thick-black soup of space.


The frigates didn't fancy the engagement as I watched them shoot off towards a nearby space station. I set warp out of the belt, but to my horror we were locked by a newcomer! Drat, a passing Jaguar had been alerted to the activity in the belt. I instructed all heat and cannons onto the assault ship but it was out of a comfortable shield-ripping range and with my engines reduced to a crawl I tried in vain to break its orbit, it was not going well. To make matters somewhat worse we had the wrong ammo type loaded. Shit was hitting the fan. I uncoupled myself from my pod unit and made best speed over to Goldy, strapping her into a crew escape pod then hurrying back to my pod.

That feeling of emptiness when your stomach sinks and then flips over inside you had just hit me. The drunkenness had now worn off and the realisation that this was going to turn sour finally hit home when I noticed all of my autocannons had burnt to a crisp. Smoke fizzled through the ship and red warning lights flashed, sirens wailed. I ordered the remainder of my crew to the escape pods and to prepare for the explosion.


As my pod fell from the security of the craft and into the harshness of the void of space below us I noticed escape pods hurtling past me, but I wasn't going nowhere.

I woke in the medical bay with that new clone headache feeling and a rubbery plasticized mouth. I swirled some water and spat into the sink beside me before hooking up my monitor to check the lossmail in the hope that Goldy had managed to escape freely.

My new heart sank as fresh blood pumped through my body.



10 Dec 2010

Raxip's Judgement

Raxip had a wicked glint in his eye, as he stood over me I could feel a sense of fear building up inside me, but I could not stop it growing. I was locked in deep sleep but at the same time this was so vivid, was I dreaming or was this real? His fingers shone in web-like flickers, like flames; and during his speech I could hear the glorious sound of a fire - burning - like the noise of a rug flapping in a wind. The words were unrecognisable, all that I could hear was mottled with other sounds. The sound of gunfire echoed in the room and then, laughing, uncontrollably loud, wild laughing.

Raxip smiled and the flames around him rose and as they burned yellow the image of a thousand dead souls screamed at him. The flames changed colour, blue-green upon the charred bones of the murderers and hypocrites who faded into the heat, Raxip stood there, laughing. Like some sort of God-like figure he granted them one final, brief moment of sight so they might see their own skeletons crumbling and glowing like lanterns in the dead of night. The screaming voices stopped, no longer did they cry out for forgiveness. As the flames finally consumed them to dust Raxip lowered his head solemnly.

Then out of the smoke, suddenly, whistling around the room like phantoms the ghostly figures appeared and then settled. Seven black, sinister faces looked down on Raxip from above. I could taste the smoke, heavy at the back of my throat, I gasped for air but nothing.

"What!" cried Raxip in a fury. "Can my years of service not give me my own foundation for judging my actions? And if I have sinned, then are you not two-facedly working for my downfall?!"

The ghostly faces looked on. There was silence in the room, an uneasy silence.

Raxip could say nothing else. He stood still, his eyes shifted in his head, and he clutched at his jaw nervously. The faces watched him. One of them moved forward towards him. Raxip watched him intently and then he took a step backwards. The figure struck the floor hard with his fist right in front of Raxip. A loud shrill engulfed the room as the floor opened and from within the dead escaped again. It seemed they were stuck between the stage of death and resurrection. Each and every soul was in fear of Hell and they did not know their next path. The seven black faces faded away and the grave closed suddenly, returning the souls to the darkness.

Raxip turned and walked out of the room.


4 Dec 2010

Thrashers Thrashing & Other Nice Things

I shall be spending the next month on deployment over in Lonetrek region. It should hopefully bring about some new avenues to explore and some good fights. I've moved over a small selection of tackle ships, after all if the stay is only for a month I don't think I'll be needing too much gear over here. (Hopefully).

Whilst waiting for the main core of the alliance to move up, the big hitters if you like, I decided to train up the Destroyer skill and get myself into a Thrasher. I'm so glad I did - this ship is so much fun and has netted me some nice kills. I went on a little roam and ended up in the Amamake area where I managed to brawl away with a Thorax that melted with little resistance,a Coercer that died in a hail of projectile fire, an Incursus that popped nicely and an Executioner that crumpled under the weight of 200mm autocannons ripping at its face. But the real proper fights were these two Hawks that possibly underestimated the power of the Thrasher. This one and then this one. Good fights, good brawls and quite nice loot for what was essentially a dicking around session. I also took along with me some camera drones to record my fights for a future video I have planned, but more on that at a later date.

Also, on my first day of moving ships over to Lonetrek the call came over intel that a carrier and a tech 3 cruiser were tackled in a nearby system. I joined in the assault and was pleased to confirm my first carrier kill and was happy that I managed to kill a tech 3 cruiser within hours of moving to the new area of operation.

Looking forward to some fun fights in the coming month and hopefully some great stories to tell.


3 Dec 2010

Space Trolls (part I)

This is a short script on trolling the trolls, anti-trolling and general all round confusion and baiting.

General storyline:

You are about to read an excerpt taken from The Tuskers Public Channel - a meeting place for all different kinds of spacefarer, from the elite pvp gods to the inbetweeners, the wannabes and the (usually) awestruck newbs looking for a helping hand.

The strings are being pulled over in Rifter Drifter channel. Wensley's new alt Baltasar is looking for a helping hand onto the pvp ladder and piracy is something that interests him greatly. One of EVE's self-proclaimed greatest trollers Proxyyyy is going to be the target subject. Previously, in Rifter Drifter channel, Toadzilla turns a trolling attempt by Baltasar into an anti-troll as he goes along with the gag to recover what looked like a steamroll move by Baltasar/Wensley. However, over in Tuskers Public things are about to get interesting . . . . .

The cast.

Wensley as himself. [String puller]

Raxip Elamp as himself. [Troll, Defensive]

Miura Bull as himself. [Troll, Offensive]

Baltasar Kyros played by Wensley. [Newb-Troll]

Proxyyyy as himself. [Famous forum-troll]

Toadzilla as himself. [Confused blame-taker]

All other members of the channel - as themselves.

And so we begin . . . . 

< entering The Tuskers Public Channel >

Baltasar Kyros > hello tuskers. toadzilla told me you guys are good people to ask about learning to be a pirate.

Miura Bull > hello Baltasar Kyros

zombiedeadhead > This is a mission channel?

Ronan Jacques > hiya Balt

Raxip Elamp > Sup Balt

Baltasar Kyros > this is a mission channel?

ItsmeHcK1 > yes it is

Baltasar Kyros > oh, am i in the wrong place

Nomad Storm > no

Grohalmatar > yes, toady has lied

Baltasar Kyros > ?

Miura Bull > some of the guys in here practice piracy

Raxip Elamp > C this is for HARDCORE MISSIONERS

Ronan Jacques > /emote rolls eyes

Grohalmatar > toady is a p terrible troll

< first assumption, Grohal >

Nomad Storm > idk why they are takling about missions

zombiedeadhead > Can someone help me kill Dagan?

ItsmeHcK1 > no

Baltasar Kyros > so you can help me get started in pvp?

Baltasar Kyros > i read the rifter guide but that doesn't seem right for punishers

ItsmeHcK1 > Never could kill anything, tbh. :(

Grohalmatar > ask away, just don't listen to anything proxy tells you

Raxip Elamp > tbh get a dozen cheaply fitted Rifters, lose them all

J'Ribs > there is a punisher guide out there

Baltasar Kyros > i can't fly rifters

Baltasar Kyros > i want the nice shiny gold punisher

Raxip Elamp > Learn.

ItsmeHcK1 > Better start training. :P

Baltasar Kyros > it looks like spaceships should look

Proxyyyy > Then fly it balt

Proxyyyy > Dont listen^

Proxyyyy > http://tuskers.killmail.org/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=8172442

Nomad Storm > punishers arnt terrible

Proxyyyy > cl!de^

Proxyyyy > = (

Raxip Elamp > God I hate ucma.

Tsubutai > ccc


Baltasar Kyros > there are no punishers on that link :(

Baltasar Kyros > do you fly punishers proxxxxxxxyyy?

Xuthi > balt

Xuthi > check this guide out too its good

Xuthi > http://dl.eve-files.com/media/corp/TheOrangeGuy/Beginners_Guide_to_Piracy_2.1.pdf

Xuthi > if you aint already

Grohalmatar > punishers are fine, rifters are just easier, but the trick is buy a bunch, fly cheap, and learn the mechanics of piracy, learn what you can engage, how to scan etc. you just have to get out and do it

Proxyyyy > Back in the day yeah

Proxyyyy > and recently yes

Baltasar Kyros > thanks xuthi, i will do

J'Ribs > Punisher Guide: http://00sage00.wordpress.com/2009/07/10/the-punisher-guide/

Baltasar Kyros > oh wow, thanks man

Baltasar Kyros > i am going to kill lots of rifters and prove the amarr are better

Sainsbury > ./o\

Baltasar Kyros > VICTOR AMARR

Raxip Elamp > Okay Balt 1v1

Raxip Elamp > I'll even fit only t1

Suzu Fujibayashi > but don't look at the punisher fit with electron blaster

Proxyyyy > Love balta tbh

Baltasar Kyros > i will kill you raxip

Miura Bull > if you do go for the rifter balt try to aim for something like this for mad deeps pvp http://eve.battleclinic.com/loadout/46757-Expendable-Fast-Rifter.html

Proxyyyy > lol

Baltasar Kyros > i have made a punisher just for you

Miura Bull > a good starter rifter that maybe you could transmit over to the puni?

Raxip Elamp > Hee hee hee Eeeeexcellent

Proxyyyy > Baltasar Kyros i think you should chat with Sassy B about some punisher love

Proxyyyy > Has good insight into z ship

Baltasar Kyros > Baltasar Kyros' Punisher

< Balt links a hideous Punisher complete with Gyro >

ItsmeHcK1 > Remember what Grohal said, Balt.

Baltasar Kyros > this is my ship to kill raxip

ItsmeHcK1 > Never listen to Proxy.

Raxip Elamp > OH SHIT GUYS

Raxip Elamp > I'm fucked

ItsmeHcK1 > Not sure if serious.jpg. :(

Miura Bull > oh balt

Grohalmatar > ummm gyro . . .

Nomad Storm > no way thats serious

Proxyyyy > lol love this dude

Baltasar Kyros > what's wrong?

Miura Bull > it's not a bad fit I suppose

Baltasar Kyros > i made sure it is all lasers

Xuthi > need a point :)

ItsmeHcK1 > If you just change the highs..

ItsmeHcK1 > And the lows.

Baltasar Kyros > becausre they told me not to mix weapons

ItsmeHcK1 > And the meds.

ItsmeHcK1 > You might have a good fit.

Grohalmatar > read the punisher guide balt

Xuthi > you need a warp scrambler , take out the web in the mid

Miura Bull > mate - - don't listen to them they are trying to mess your fit up

Xuthi > for a start

Miura Bull > so they don't have to fight you see

Xuthi > :)

Xuthi > without a scram your target can just warp off balt. every pvp ship needs one, pretty much required if you want to solo in it

Miura Bull > Xuthi would you 1 v 1 that?

Baltasar Kyros > miura, io think you are being mean

Raxip Elamp > Miura you're a terrible troll.

Xuthi > no id run like a little gurl ;P

Miura Bull > hey I'm not trolling

Xuthi > :D

Proxyyyy > Balt, just try it out

Proxyyyy > Also, i think ur a toady troll

< tee-hee >

Miura Bull > he means you are green and ugly

Miura Bull > ignore him he is being bad

Raxip Elamp > Miura stop trolling the newb

Miura Bull > this some kind of witch hunt?

Miura Bull > poor guy leave him alone guys

Baltasar Kyros > what is happening? what have i done?

ItsmeHcK1 > :P

Raxip Elamp > Nothing but what comes natural to a newblet

ItsmeHcK1 > You've unleashed the trolls.


Xuthi > lol

Nomad Storm > but dont the trolls live there too


Miura Bull > they live under the bridges


Baltasar Kyros > this place is odd

Baltasar Kyros > you guys are wierd

Xuthi > haha

Raxip Elamp > Pirates, man. We're all a bunch of wierdoes.

Baltasar Kyros > but better than my starter corp

Proxyyyy > Ob toady

< proxyyyy accuses Toady once again >

Grohalmatar > toady, do you think you could train for drakes or canes on this new character so we can actually do something useful together?

< and again grohal >

Miura Bull > you should ask Wensley about punisher's . . that kid grew up in one over in Amamake

Raxip Elamp > YEs

Nomad Storm > i thought he was a rifter fanboi

Wensley > i did what now?

Raxip Elamp > Wens is a puni expert

Miura Bull > nah man

Raxip Elamp > Miura you tard

Miura Bull > this channel is full of hurt

Miura Bull > new guy comes in here wanting some advice and you rip him to pieces

Raxip Elamp > And you just troll him the whole time

Miura Bull > me the troll?!?

Proxyyyy > = /

Miura Bull > that's harsh

Proxyyyy > U do know he's toady right?

Proxyyyy > Toadzilla = this dude

< get in there son! >

Miura Bull > No he's not

Miura Bull > don't listen to him Balt

Baltasar Kyros > toady has been helping me

Baltasar Kyros > i am not toady

Proxyyyy > k

Miura Bull > hang in there buddy

Wensley > eh speaks the truth. toady has been helping him

ItsmeHcK1 > I do not believe.

Nomad Storm > probably been talking to himself

Wensley > rifter drifter has scrolled up too far but miura and raxip can vouch

Miura Bull > :)

Wensley > there's no need to be mean to the little nublet

ItsmeHcK1 > :P

Baltasar Kyros > thanks wensley. don't call me a nublet though!


Miura Bull > LMOL

Nomad Storm > i might have to fit a punisher now

Raxip Elamp > C Toady was giving him lots of help

Baltasar Kyros > so how should i fit it? and how do i stop people runniong way

Sassy B > LAZOR PUNISHER BEST PUNISHER wat u lookin at

Baltasar Kyros > toady said a scram would be enough but the rifter guide says otherwise :(

Proxyyyy > thnk u sasa

Proxyyyy > gank punisher ftw

Proxyyyy > let the real newbs figure out the rest

Miura Bull > cold gas and heat a good mix?

Raxip Elamp > Hey Sassy just want to say before I log soonish that I'm a huge fan of you and Lady S.

Proxyyyy > btw Sassy B 3 bs's taking down a offline pos in Egmar Solar System

Proxyyyy > Or something

Proxyyyy > guns dont seem to be firing

Baltasar Kyros > toady said i should use scorch s

Baltasar Kyros > but it says "has fairly low damage potential, low tracking and is of limited use against heavily armored targets"

Baltasar Kyros > that can't be good, surely

Baltasar Kyros > can i only shoot shield ships? :(

Sassy B > yes it is purpal laser and the second best laser. imperial navy multifrequency is WHITE LASER and the best laser.

Sassy B > lasers are best at shields but can shoot all ships

Raxip Elamp > lol

Proxyyyy > Can out damage the rifter at range and close range it can out tank

Proxyyyy > either shield or armor fits tbh

Sassy B > no at close range it can be outtracked and die going :((((

Sassy B > i have been on both sides of this equation

Proxyyyy > because u arent using gats = /

Raxip Elamp > I've only been on one side :D

Sassy B > tracking is still rubbish with autos

Sassy B > compared to rifter

Proxyyyy > bonus unbonus

Yahrr > try using blasters with void XDeven after the 'fix'

Baltasar Kyros > so the rifter is just generally better?

Sassy B > yes

Baltasar Kyros > should i train that instead?

Proxyyyy > Overall

Baltasar Kyros > punishers look so cool

Sassy B > i love punishers, but rifter is plain better

J'Ribs > Baltasar:

J'Ribs > go to eve kills

Miura Bull > you could have the best of both worlds and fly the laser rifter

J'Ribs > and see how many rifters end up on killmails. and how many punishers do.

Proxyyyy > I have killed rifters with my own gank punisher but only coz am mad elite

J'Ribs > it's 15-1 in rifters favor

Proxyyyy > but also lost twice because of nuets

Proxyyyy > had no nos

Baltasar Kyros > how does the gank punisher work?

Proxyyyy > Shield and armor ritfers**

Sassy B > its not that ganky

PhantomDan > whats the difference between nos and neut again?

Yahrr > and ccp hammer himself is a fan of rifters, so it wont be nerfed any time soon

Proxyyyy > gank pun does 115 at close range

Nomad Storm > why would they nerf them lol

Proxyyyy > 100 with scorch

Miura Bull > mad deeps

Sassy B > i dunno i prophesise an AC nerf

Wensley > how can you not be a fan of rifters

Proxyyyy > Just a good mix of tank and damage

Proxyyyy > lacks fully tackle

Yahrr > because its the only t1 frig that is in use atm? I would prefer that they boost the rest, but effort-wise a nerf is easier

Wensley > ccp hammer knows his shit

Sassy B > nah tristan is way awesome now

Yahrr > in eve its rifter-vs-rifter-vs-dramiel-vs-rifter-vs-dramiel

Nomad Storm > + drake

Wensley > sassy speaks the truth

Nomad Storm > x1000

Miura Bull > until balt steps into the field with his puni

Wensley > rifter and dram are so popular for their speed

Wensley > minmatar will always be the skirmish ship of choiuce

Proxyyyy > merlin and rifter r p much in their own league

Baltasar Kyros > hmmmm

Sassy B > train for what you think is awesome

Baltasar Kyros > so i should just go and fly around and load purple ammo?

Sassy B > dont worry about whats best

Grohalmatar > and white ammo, and listen to sassy

Yahrr > purple ammo?

Yahrr > ohh lasers...

Miura Bull > the green ammo is actually the best balt

Sassy B > green is p cool now actually

Grohalmatar > has anybody tried conflag in medium turrets yet?

Yahrr > sulei has

Miura Bull > especially flying with a mottled red backdrop of a burning amarrian sky

Nomad Storm > i used to use them before too

Yahrr > and his tracking failed

Proxyyyy > conflag and hail worked before when shooting other cruisers and bc's

Proxyyyy > only realy never worked on the frig level

Proxyyyy > speed sig and what not

Baltasar Kyros > the augror looks cool. i want to fly like that

Proxyyyy > Toady u r p bored arent you?

< ha! >

Sassy B > i had an augror battleboat once it was rubbish :(

Sassy B > died to an ecm burst rupture

Grohalmatar > lol

Wensley > is today even online still?

< the trolls realise toady has logged off >

Proxyyyy > he logged 5 - 10 min ago

Proxyyyy > or his main did

Miura Bull > Balt the augoror is an excellent choice

Baltasar Kyros > tormentor looks like a fishing hook

Nomad Storm > for dieing in a fire

Baltasar Kyros > why is augoror so bad? it looks well har

Baltasar Kyros > *hard

Nomad Storm > you shoulda seen the old one

Miura Bull > it is kind of l33t

J'Ribs > I made a LOT salvaging in my tormentor back in the day

Baltasar Kyros > old one? it changed

Miura Bull > they had to nerf it

Miura Bull > it was mad deeps

Miura Bull > now it is semi mad deeps brosef

Baltasar Kyros > deeps?

Proxyyyy > Word sule stole from me

Baltasar Kyros > like vertical like myrmidon? they are sexy

Proxyyyy > DPS toady

Proxyyyy > U r p fail

Miura Bull > Deeps is short for deep heat overload system

Miura Bull > s

Baltasar Kyros > I AM NOT TOADY

Baltasar Kyros > stop it

Baltasar Kyros > i just want to know how to be a pirate

Proxyyyy > So your not coming on a roam with me and sam tonight?

Wensley > who is sam?

< does anybody notice the possible slip up by Wens? >

J'Ribs > Balt: YUou have to read, and fly.... and lose

Miura Bull > :D

Sassy B > exploding is totally the best way to learn, it makes stuff stick in your head

< nobody noticed! >

Proxyyyy > aye

Baltasar Kyros > like blood and guts

Baltasar Kyros > one day i will get really good and i will hunt you down proxsxxxy and kill you a million times for calling me a toad

Sassy B > i learnt that recon ships were not just big covops by warping a t1 gun rifter at a pilgrim

Proxyyyy > its p easy to do

Proxyyyy > i die alot

Baltasar Kyros > is it because you fall asleep on your keyboard like when you were typing your name

Miura Bull > lol

Proxyyyy > lol

Proxyyyy > u so cute TOADY!

< oh dear >

Proxyyyy > gfgfgfgf

Grohalmatar > 6/10 honestly, could have laid more groundwork, but it has been entertaining

Baltasar Kyros > Proxyyyy gfgfgfgf

Baltasar Kyros > you what now?

Miura Bull > Avan Sercedos is a good pilot

Grohalmatar > ^^^^^^^

Wensley > [23:02:28] Miura Bull Avan Sercedos is a good pilot

[Miura Bull > where is he?

Proxyyyy > Avan rage quite eve

Baltasar Kyros > where do i find him?

Miura Bull > we want him back in eve now

Miura Bull > USA he lives on a boat out there

Proxyyyy > He logs on from time to time to change skills

Baltasar Kyros > why are you telling me this if he left?

Miura Bull > cos he'll be back

Baltasar Kyros > soon?

Miura Bull > give him a few hours

Miura Bull > add him to address book and wait for him to log on

Miura Bull > he will go green in the corner of your screen

Baltasar Kyros > i have to go to bed soon. its my turn to run the kids into school tomorrow

Miura Bull > when he does this . . grab him for convo chat

Miura Bull > oh ok balty

< An unsuspecting Toady logs back on >

Proxyyyy > Hey look! Its Toadzilla

Miura Bull > hi Toadzilla

Baltasar Kyros > so if i want to be a pirate like you who do i talk to? is prozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy in charge?

Proxyyyy > charge of what?


Baltasar Kyros > this channel

Miura Bull > he runs this channel yeah

Toadzilla > o/

Proxyyyy > Toadzilla i swear to gawd u r so annoying = /

Miura Bull > he is chief moderator i think, he formed the tuskers back in the day
Toadzilla > :\ ??

Proxyyyy > Suleiman Shouaa have you read the recent chapter of claymore?

Wensley > toady, the keep saying i'm you and won't help me. i thought you said the tuskers were good for beginners

< A deliberate mistake by Wensley, surely now Proxyyy will be wise to our little game >

Grohalmatar > woops :)

Miura Bull > ignore them balt

ItsmeHcK1 > lol

Nomad Storm > wow

Miura Bull > don't listen to what they are about to say

Baltasar Kyros > so is proxxxxy in charge?

Miura Bull > yes he is

Toadzilla > what's going on?

Baltasar Kyros > miura, i think your surname is good because you are full of it

Proxyyyy > Me thinking of ways to cut u toady

< nope none the wiser >

Miura Bull > how dare you

Miura Bull > OH MY GOD

Toadzilla > why would you cut me?

zombiedeadhead > thats a rl threat, babbable


zombiedeadhead > bannable*

zombiedeadhead > Reprted

Sassy B > lol babbable

Proxyyyy > ROFL nice one zombie

Miura Bull > zombie

zombiedeadhead > Dont

Proxyyyy > Hmm, might go get some fish n chips

Miura Bull > prox

Miura Bull > do you have real fish and chip shops over there?

Proxyyyy > Yeep

Baltasar Kyros > fish and chips will maek you fat, prox

Miura Bull > awesome

zombiedeadhead > proxyyy is a very fat man

Baltasar Kyros > well, unless you are already fat, in which case it will make yuo super fat

zombiedeadhead > he works in KFC

zombiedeadhead > and eats pizza

Miura Bull > pics or it never happeneed

Toadzilla > proxy's bio used to say he was like 110kg

Toadzilla > that's pretty fat

Baltasar Kyros > why does he not just eat chicken?

zombiedeadhead > And he has not had sex since he started to Pvp

Toadzilla > I guess he's tired of eating chicken what with working at a kfc

Baltasar Kyros > penis vs pussy?

Wensley > he he

zombiedeadhead > Ah, maybe I should tell you about his crotch problem

zombiedeadhead > Proxyyyy how is your mom these days?

Proxyyyy > lol

zombiedeadhead > Hae you shown her anything interesting layely?

Proxyyyy > Nope

Proxyyyy > Havent been talking to her tbh

Baltasar Kyros > braaaaaaaaaaaaaaainz

zombiedeadhead > Im not surprised tbh

Proxyyyy > Yeep

Baltasar Kyros > doesn't she come downstairs to do your laundry and make you tidy the room?

Grohalmatar > did you ever get arrested for punching that chick proxy?

zombiedeadhead > After you showed her your crotch rot

Proxyyyy > Nope

zombiedeadhead > Has it cleared up yet Proxyyyy?

Proxyyyy > yeeep

zombiedeadhead > Cool, the smell must have been nasty, glad its gone

Jin EnTonik > is that adding insult to injury or attempting a cover-up?

Suleiman Shouaa > Heard about your vaga zombie

Proxyyyy > Ye, i was realy scared back then zombie

sprocket13 > any of you fine pirates in sing liason region?

zombiedeadhead > I remember man, you were in a bad way

zombiedeadhead > glad youw were sensible and showed it to your mother

Suleiman Shouaa > We're fairly close by, why?

zombiedeadhead > Thats totally what I would have done

Baltasar Kyros > i am bored of you now. logging my main off.

sprocket13 > looking for a price check on a mac

Miura Bull > lol balt

Proxyyyy > Sometimes you gotta man up zombie

zombiedeadhead > Yep

Suleiman Shouaa > We don't support apple/mcdonalds

Proxyyyy > Show your mom your cock

Proxyyyy > you knwo what im saying?

Baltasar Kyros > http://store.apple.com/us

Baltasar Kyros > can someone link all those punisher fits again? i want to save them for reals

Baltasar Kyros > forgot the first time around

Toadzilla > Punisher - Lsers

Miura Bull > you should use the one you have now tbh

Baltasar Kyros > thankee

Baltasar Kyros > wher ebe this gank one that mr important proxxxxy linked?

Sassy B > i reckon you should ditch the plate and fit a heatsink

Baltasar Kyros > maek link pls sassy

Sassy B > wat u lookin at is t2 fit tho

Baltasar Kyros > and where's my banner? :P

< another deliberate mistake thrown in, Sassy gets wise >

Miura Bull > :p

Sassy B > wrong account :P

Baltasar Kyros > :P

Baltasar Kyros > Any other good amarr frigate fits worth a play?

Baltasar Kyros > how's the malediction post rocket boost?

Sassy B > girl sum bitch ykno

Baltasar Kyros > oooh, i like

Miura Bull > sick

Baltasar Kyros > is proxy sulking since his fight with zombie?


Proxyyyy > I dont fight with zombie

Proxyyyy > We love each other to much

Miura Bull > these are proper gank boats

Baltasar Kyros > ronan, are you still rolling comedy amarr?

Miura Bull > and cool names too :)

Baltasar Kyros > top notch naming

Sassy B > tyty

Proxyyyy > lol

Baltasar Kyros > i wish rylack was still around

Baltasar Kyros > :(

Grohalmatar > he was on yesterday actually

Toadzilla > rylack was the best

Toadzilla > wat

Miura Bull > rylack

Baltasar Kyros > i see him around sometimes

Grohalmatar > not in a corp currently

Miura Bull > he was awesome

Toadzilla > rylack needs to be in rifter drifter

Miura Bull > Rylack started a punisher guide didn't he?

Baltasar Kyros > yeah

Phil Alex > http://00sage00.wordpress.com/2009/07/10/the-punisher-guide/

Baltasar Kyros > he does actually, i'll invite him

Appelle Tini > yay rylack~! really?

Appelle Tini > aw thought he was here, psh

Baltasar Kyros > "4-2-4 slot configuration (compared to the Rifter and Tristan’s 4-3-3 and the Merlin’s 4-4-2"

Baltasar Kyros > sounds like football :)

Sassy B > noone ever beleives me when i say punisher is best without plate :(

Baltasar Kyros > i do sassy.

Baltasar Kyros > i have never flown the damn thing so actually do want fits/advice

Suleiman Shouaa > Its too slow with a plate

Sassy B > ^^ thats the thing

Baltasar Kyros > sulei, you must have some good amarr fits

Proxyyyy > I also dont sass

Proxyyyy > believe u

Miura Bull > Sulei wrote a blog post on the punisher

Baltasar Kyros > sulei wrote a blog post about how he is a rich bastard.

Baltasar Kyros > it was full of useful content

Baltasar Kyros > he's gone now

Baltasar Kyros > :(

Miura Bull > but does he havea fine art collection? :p

Baltasar Kyros > i'm sure i once saw a vengeance that could tank sentries

Miura Bull > that's the dual rep mongoose

Baltasar Kyros > so you still need a web to make rockets worth a damn?

Sassy B > dual rep veng is only good if you consider your opponent running away to be a win

Miura Bull > that's how you win eve right?

Baltasar Kyros > it is in the north

Miura Bull > lol

Baltasar Kyros > as you will learn

Miura Bull > drop blob, half die, run away

Baltasar Kyros > man the south is DULL DULL DULL today

Baltasar Kyros > the north is like russia

Miura Bull > cold and full of drunks?

Toadzilla > is NC blue with test/goons?

Baltasar Kyros > the proper NC?

Baltasar Kyros > or the trolling NC.?

Toadzilla > idk man the one in the north

Baltasar Kyros > yes, then

Baltasar Kyros > miss sassy, what is you feeling on buffer vs active tanks on punishers?

Sassy B > if you put a plate on a punisher you're saying goodbye to any possible chance of holding your opponent in the fight

Baltasar Kyros > kk

Latronicus > unless its a noob cruiser

Latronicus > or bc

Sassy B > your also quite likely making it p obvious they're not gonna win by the fact that only a tiny sliver of red is appearing on your armor when they shoot you

Sassy B > for big ships your best off without plate to keep speed up

Baltasar Kyros > makes sense

Baltasar Kyros > bearing in mind i think the ishlur is an absolute brick

Proxyyyy > U going to esplode ^

Sassy B > why? it has the same ehp with no plate as a 200mm plate rifter

Sassy B > and way better rep

Baltasar Kyros > handling wise

Baltasar Kyros > i know it tanks better, it just feels like a wahle

Sassy B > i was talkin to proxyyy :)

Proxyyyy > toady is just bad

< muhahaha >

Baltasar Kyros > bearing in mind i compare verything to rifters

Proxyyyy > Not realy commenting on what u said sas

Sassy B > lol prox

Baltasar Kyros > mate, i am not toady alt

Proxyyyy > we dont disagree on much

Sassy B > <3 Miura Bull > this is amazing

Toadzilla > wtf I didn't even say anything

Baltasar Kyros > i think toady is just bemused

Appelle Tini > ur alts r evrywere

Baltasar Kyros > i only have one main and two alts

Grohalmatar > too many alts, ive got a headache

Baltasar Kyros > and both alts are in here

Miura Bull > :)

Baltasar Kyros > well, they are now she's logged in

Baltasar Kyros > buy me stuff in jita, woman!

Toadzilla > proxy did you get signed up on the forums yet?

< long pause . . . . . . >

Miura Bull > I think he is eating fission chips

Thanks for reading. And thanks to all those who took part - whether willingly or not.