4 Apr 2013

Black Box of Death

Black Box of Death.

Warp Core Blackout Scrambler I

This module is a utility high-slot module that uses roughly the same CPU and powergrid as a Small Energy Neutralizer. It is a powerful module that was first used in very rough form by various rebel pirate hacker groups across New Eden, often going undetected by the authorities. It was said that no two blackout scramblers were ever the same, such were the haphazard construction methods employed.

3 Apr 2013

House of Flying Autocannons

MBDOT Film Productions presents - House of Flying Autocannons.

This post is intended as a parody of the wuxia film House of Flying Daggers. If you haven't seen it yet I highly recommend that you go watch it right now! Go on! We'll see you later .... This post pretty much gives away the original plot so *SPOILER WARNING* ...