1 May 2014

[SKRMR] World Champions

It seems so long ago now when the stars first aligned and the fiery winds cut across the barren foot of a snowy Mount SKRMR back in March 2013 when only five pilots contested the first ever SKRMR World Killboard Championship, a world away from today's hectic struggle as some 21 pilots jostle for pole position each month at the top of the blood-spattered leaderboard.

Interestingly, to date there has only ever been four World Champions but still the brutal fight to be the top monthly killer and be crowned the next World Champion rumbles on. This quest to the top can drive a pilot to insanity, cause them to burnout and in the worst case scenarios even spin them helplessly to the character bazaar or even worse to the dreaded biomass chamber for we dance on the edge of a very fine blade.

It isn't hard to be good from time to time in the race to be World Champ. What is tough, is being good every day.

Those who strive each day to excel in combat and push themselves onwards to that superhuman next level of brilliance, those who have drank the sweet honey, the taste of winning, the daring who have worn that golden crown atop their head and have bathed in the luxuries of being called Champion for the month, only they know what it is really like to fly with the Champion's Banner across their frigate hulls while they prance around like celebrated warriors smelling of the finest soaps.

Truth be told, there is no higher accolade. 30 days as the top dog. The fame and the fortune. Breathe it in, smells sweet don't it?

When you've been crowned the top killer you shit roses all through the next month and you drink wine and perhaps you let the victories sink in for a while, soak up all that win.

In corp chat everybody calls you Champ and trumpets play when you log on and a lone bagpiper can be heard in the distance on each subsequent lossmail. It's good being the Killboard King (or Queen), and that's how it should be because you've earned it, you have returned from the field of battle and you are broken and bruised and everyone will know how tough it was to scratch and bite your way through the wreckage and all the dead bodies.

Then another month begins and for every champion there's the rat race of misery for everyone else, dark clouds overhead and black rain soaking you to the bone and those who are dying of thirst to drink from that sweet, sweet chalice, lips cracked and fists bloodied from trying, they get to start all over again while they drink the rain.

It's a blank slate and everyone wants to be the next champion. Former champions remember what it was like and they ache for another shot at the top spot, those who came so close tell themselves that this will be their time.

In the fields it is muddy, you're gonna have to eat a lot of dirt to wear this crown.

Date-*-WORLD CHAMPION-*-Runner-up
Mar 2013Miura Bull - 67Ashton Smyth - 11
Apr 2013 Miura Bull -101Nogusha - 54
May 2013Miura Bull - 116Nogusha - 44
Jun 2013Miura Bull - 197Death ToU - 98
Jul 2013Miura Bull - 140Death ToU - 100
Aug 2013Miura Bull - 218Lhorenzho - 181
Sep 2013Lhorenzho - 111Crake Gaterau - 98
Oct 2013Miura Bull - 201Crake Gaterau - 177
Nov 2013Crake Gaterau - 333Miura Bull - 251
Dec 2013Crake Gaterau - 346Reciprocrat - 258
Jan 2014Reciprocrat - 431Miura Bull - 233
Feb 2014Crake Gaterau - 475Miura Bull - 321
Mar 2014Miura Bull - 530Nuke Cave - 306
Apr 2014Crake Gaterau - 331Nuke Cave - 294
May 2014Nuke Cave - 400Dilium - 238
June 2014Lhorenzho - 319Reciprocrat - 233

What we do on the killboard... echoes in eternity.

To be continued ...



  1. It's like looking at a list of Stanley Cup champions #thelegendcontinues

  2. I hear a Mr. Lhorenzho isn't impressed by this.

  3. Updated with May World Champions.

  4. Congratulations to Lhorenzho who becomes the new SKRMR World Champion with a score of 319 kills during the month of June. Reciprocrat takes second place with 233.

    Thus concludes the SKRMR World Championships.