29 Oct 2010

Efficiency? What efficiency?

Looking over my killboard statistics it has dawned on me that at the beginning of my headlong fall into piracy that I am not really very efficient. I'm currently hovering around the 60% mark. I don't know if this would be termed as bad or average for a pilot my age? What I do know is that losing assault ships doesn't do your efficiency any good. I can't seem to stay away from the Jaguar hull though, it really does rock in the right engagement and is a ship I consider great fun to fly, even when losing in one you get the sense of a fun duel.

So, what's the plan now? Well, I'm just going to carry on as I am, maybe ensure I hop into the Rifter after every 'expensive' loss. I'm not going to fuss over it, I'm sure over time it will iron out and become more of a respectable rating but that's for another day and somebody else to worry about. I would however be keen to hear from other pilots on what they think about efficiency ratings and if they can remember what their experiences were of being 'efficient' in the early stages of their dark careers.

Now, ready me my Jaguar!!


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