29 Sep 2013

So I was wondering if some kinda toll was to be payed to not get killed

One of the seven tenets of bushido is that of benevolence, which can also extend to charity or mercy. The meaning suggests that one should pay alms to the poor, care for those in trouble, and take care of his fellow man. ~ Nogusha.


I was idling in station, just myself in local with my alt in a Helios. He had just finished hauling some precious loot stuffs. I noticed a new player in local, he wasn't very clued up on things, I gathered, as he started chatting in local.

Mission Runner > Anyone know if this system is claimed by a corp?

Mission Runner > hello

Mission Runner > anybody here or afk?

I ignored him for a little bit and then noticed a convo pop up.

Now I don't know what happened here but for a brief moment of my day I became the helper as opposed to the killer. A rare moment of mercy. I felt bad so gave him his money back in the end, after all, I wasn't asking for anything.

Miura Bull > hello

Mission Runner > Hi

Mission Runner > Do you know if this system is claimed?

Miura Bull > can I be of service?

Miura Bull > ahh claimed? I don't think so

Mission Runner > If so how can I get permission to complete a mission here?

Miura Bull > oh I see umm

Mission Runner > Last time I tried to complete it I was kinda insta ganked Smiley

Miura Bull > oh dear

Miura Bull > what ship were you flying?

Mission Runner > A PVE Drake

Mission Runner > So I was wondering if some kinda toll was to be payed to not get killed

Miura Bull > some people do sell mining permits and mission daytrip passes if that is something you might be interested in?

Mission Runner > do you sell?

Miura Bull > eh not really sell but a small donation never hurt

Mission Runner > I can pay but how do they work?

Miura Bull > well if anything nasty shows up we'd then fight them off or advise when it is safe to resume the mission

Mission Runner > makes sense how much?

Miura Bull > anything from 50 million upwards I guess

Mission Runner > Im only into completing that last part of a mission. Then Im off again.

Mission Runner > Shouldnt take more than 30 mins or so

Mission Runner > I don't mind to pay 100m to complete it. Its an important mission, so kinda important to get done

Miura Bull > that is fine

*** at this point he had actually donated 100m isk to me and I didn't notice at first. I thought this chat was all simply speculative ***

Mission Runner > So I can get my ship now and complete it?

Miura Bull > sure, it isn't very busy right now so you should be okay.

Mission Runner > Of course Smiley

Mission Runner > So. Should i write here if Im attacked or how does it work?

Miura Bull > yeah we'll keep this chat open. I am semi afk anyway

Miura Bull > oh wow you actually sent me 100m isk I am sorry I did not realise

Mission Runner > Im just hoping to stay alive Smiley

Miura Bull > in that case I best undock and patrol the skies for you

Miura Bull > careful some more just entered system

Mission Runner > thank you

Mission Runner > I see it

Miura Bull > this is bad timing sorry. It was quiet like 5 minutes ago I do not know these people or what they are doing. hopefully they leave soon

Mission Runner > I hope so too. Clearing out pocket two here

Miura Bull > okay should be okay if you have nearly done

Mission Runner > There are at least one more pocket Sad

Mission Runner > Doing it as fast as possible. No looting etc

Miura Bull > okay I think you're good, just one ship on scan

Mission Runner > 2nd pocket cleared

Miura Bull > is that all clear now? all done

Miura Bull > or one more pocket?

Mission Runner > Should be 1 more pocket

Miura Bull > okay

Mission Runner > Last pocket here. Hopeffully I have enough firepower to destroy this tower without them killing me first

Mission Runner > Completed and jumping out. Thanks alot mate

Miura Bull > awesome glad to be of service. fly safe o7

Mission Runner > You too Smiley

Mission Runner > Btw. If you need anything, like fetching stuff from high sec, due to your sec status. Im more than happy to help.

Miura Bull > thanks!

I actually probed him out and moved my covert ops on to the ingate. I watched that gate for him ready to undock if anything came his way. I toyed with the idea of just going in and killing his drake but he was so innocent, like a cute little puppy and today I decided not to be ruthless. I also sent back the ISK. I am doubting myself here. We must not speak of this.



  1. In this case I think you done the right thing, you kept to your word.

  2. And they say pirates don't have a heart :P.

  3. "Goodness is something chosen. When a man cannot choose he ceases to be a man" - Anthony Burgess, A Clockwork Orange

    You old softy you :)

  4. Not going soft just following your space warrior code of honour mate.

    However I wouldn't make a habit of it :D

  5. "but he was so innocent, like a cute little puppy" The best thing to do with a naughty puppy is to smack it over the head with a rolled up newspaper until it doesn't piss on the carpet.