16 Sep 2013

PigeonGate and the Blue Lightning Bolt

Not sure why but I started playing around with the corp logo tool, changing the colour of the background lightning bolt every few hours as I roamed.

Yeah it was one of those days.

Each time a new member logged on I would change the colour to see if anybody actually noticed my little game of perverse traffic light corp logo changing. It was red and then gold and then yellow ... by the end of the evening it was blue, and after finding some pvp to keep me entertained I had forgotten about my little game on the side, and thus the logo stayed blue.

So it raised a smile when I noticed the next day a post by Patrick Kasper and then a response from Vincent on the corp forums.



Thinking out loud in corp chat a little while later .....

Miura Bull > last few days I have been changing the colour of the lightning bolt on the corp logo

Miura Bull > and someone finally noticed

Crake Gaterau > I did. Really like it

Lhorenzho > wait what?

Crake Gaterau > I liked the blue.

Lhorenzho > what lightining bolt?

Crake Gaterau > On our logo.

Lhorenzho > i see a bird or pigeon

Miura Bull > pigeon lol

Crake Gaterau > Falcon!

Lhorenzho > you lying to an old man sonny?

Miura Bull > what colour is it showing as now?

Crake Gaterau > Red

Miura Bull > kk

Lhorenzho > i see only in shades of gray

Lhorenzho > diabetic retinopathy

Miura Bull > what about now?

Lhorenzho > what is this the fucking optometrists office

Crake Gaterau > Yellow with a hint of white

Miura Bull > lol

Crake Gaterau > Haha

Crake Gaterau > It kind of looks like someone is...peing on our bird

Crake Gaterau > *peeing

Lhorenzho > he is fucking with you Crake............he likes doing that shit

Crake Gaterau > Not good.

Miura Bull > hehe

Crake Gaterau > I know! Mind games!

Miura Bull > back to blue

Miura Bull > I feel like a woman who is choosing what colour shoes to wear

Crake Gaterau > Haha

And then a short while later ......

Miura Bull > So what colour should it be?



  1. You got a mean streak in you BOSS. Messing with the memberships minds like that!! Shame on you kid! - Lhorenzho

  2. I like the shiny gold or shiny blue.

    But then again, Im a liker of shiny things, so I may be biased.

  3. I like the blue but kinda also like the yellow

  4. Yeah I thought the swords arrived at the same time as the blue!

    I think I'm down with the original white, though the bottom one with the yellow fade is cool also.

  5. I was going to say the blue because it is striking, but I think that the white shows the purity of mind of the true warrior.

  6. May I suggest Fuchsia to represent how FABULOUS SKRMR Pilots are in general?

    1. /me giggles and then waves with limp-wrist at Vincent.

  7. I like the gold one (third down)

  8. People really under-estimate the power of piss yellow!

  9. Thank you to everyone who participated in this practice vote. You will now be forwarded to a premium rate hotline where you can place your official vote.

    You may vote in as many categories as you wish, but within each category you are only allowed to vote for one nominee and, if you are voting via the website, only the one time per email address. If you are using PRTS then you may vote up to 6 times from the same number. This is to allow multiple members of the same corporation to all vote once via their one office phone number. If you exceed the limit using PRTS you will hear a message informing you that you have already voted. You should not be charged where your PRTS phone vote call exceeds the voting limits. If you exceed the limit when voting via the premium rate website your votes will not be counted but you may still be charged where applicable.