28 Sep 2013

Give me back MY money Tyrant!

Decon is an odd place, sandwiched by high-sec and 3 jumps from Dodixie. At certain times of day when the gate camps are sleeping .... the highsec bunnies come out to play.

I killed this Thorax and then immediately a convo request popped up.


A bizarre conversation was had.

Miura Bull > hello

Vovka Blekc > момент

Vovka Blekc > Why did you kill me?

Vovka Blekc > Why why why?

Vovka Blekc > Huh

Miura Bull > why not?

Vovka Blekc > This is stupid, we're not fighting Corporation

Miura Bull > I am

Miura Bull > we must feed the Gods, appease their appetite

Vovka Blekc > nichrome himself ... You sectarian?

Miura Bull > no

Vovka Blekc > Then give me back my money tyrant!

Miura Bull > money?

Miura Bull > take it from my fee

Vovka Blekc > what is fee??

Miura Bull > are you not entertained!?

Vovka Blekc > NO! You ushlepok degenerate ...

Miura Bull > what?

Vovka Blekc > I am Russian and I communicate to you through Google translator so do not get to the transfer curve!

Miura Bull > okay do not be mad embrace the game enjoy your death and do not cry you might spill your vodka

Vovka Blekc > haha amerikosov dick you'll understand ...

Miura Bull > god bless the might of the USA

Vovka Blekc > no fuck usa

Miura Bull > do you like America? I bet you do don't you?

Vovka Blekc > No I am a patriot, and I think Russia

Vovka Blekc > Russia brings fire to my heart

Miura Bull > Russia is a beautiful country, yes?

Vovka Blekc > Yes! Apart from the roads ....

Miura Bull > haha

Vovka Blekc > =)

Miura Bull > so yes, lowsec is dangerous place for flying that thorax of yours if you're not prepared to lose it in fight

Vovka Blekc > uh I was there red crosses kill =)

Vovka Blekc > sorry for outspoke usa not too bad really =)

Miura Bull > true that 

Vovka Blekc > bye


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