23 Sep 2013

Crouching Ishkur, Hidden Prober

Ice belts! Over the next week or so I'm going to post some old battle reports from the SKRMR forums. Some of the information is now outdated, including fits and game mechanics, but I feel some of the actual stories might be of interest to some. The files are now declassified, although it is worth noting that some pilot names have been hidden out of respect. 

There's an Ishkur in the abandoned mining colony in Mannar. I am in my Wolf so warp straight on in hoping to land at zero, sadly he is 50k off as I drop out of warp. He has one rat left to kill so I give chase ... he then pulls his drones and they race by my side as I close in fast (but not quite fast enough), just missing scram as he warps off into the distance leaving his drones behind in the process. I scoop his drones and wait.

About two minutes later he lands at roughly 100k away from me, takes a look around then warps off again.

Ishkur Pilot > lol looser

Ishkur Pilot > cya o/

He has gone back into high-sec. I follow him and warp around the system for a bit so that he knows I am in there. It is just him, two of his corpies and me in local. They all then disappear from local so I head back to Mannar hoping to grab them.

They are there. In local at least, but I have no idea what they are now flying or indeed where they are.

Nothing is showing on scan near the abandoned mining colony so I warp straight to a random ice belt and land on his corpy in a Procurer at zero. Aha! Lucky! The Ishkur is 30k off of me, no sign of the other guy and I am slightly nervous half expecting a Rapier or Hayabusa to uncloak. I point the Procurer and I'm then returned the favour with a scram from the barge. The Ishkur closes in but then begins to kite me at a safe distance. I can't get anywhere near him, nearly burning out my afterburner as I burn out of range and warp to the station for repairs. I am in structure after fending off a swarm of drones and taking substantial railgun fire.

The other guy in their corp is actually docked up so he is not one to worry about for now.

I undock and warp back to the belt hoping to land closer to the Ishkur. To my surprise they are both now at a pounce 260+k away. The Procurer is happily mining away.

Ishkur Pilot > o/

Never delete your old bookmarks.

I have two bookmarks in this belt labelled conveniently as 'PROC MININGSPOT1' and 'PROC MININGSPOT2'. What were the chances of that? I remember slaying a couple of mining barges in here a while back in my Loki after bookmarking some wrecks. This particular slab of ice must be a popular spot. Anyway ....

I hit warp to the first bookmark and land .... 20k off the Procurer and 50k off the Ishkur. What are the odds?

I don't fancy all those drones again so decide to make it look like I am running away. I manage to split the Ishkur from the barge and begin to try and get the scram on him but he isn't getting close enough. I kill a few of his drones and align out again, bait tanking the remaining drones and dipping into deep armour. Whilst all of this is happening the Procurer is very-slowboating towards us but he is of no concern now.

The Ishkur gives chase and I slam on the brakes and stop dead.

The Ishkur pilot doesn't even notice my little stunt and he slams into range and I apply the scram. The Procurer has now sent his drones my way but seeing his buddy die he warps off to the station.

Job done.

Miura Bull > gf

Ishkur Pilot > not really, I moved in close in case you pussied out again

Ishkur Pilot > nice probes too

Yeah this Wolf has a combat prober fitted I'm sure, and nobody else neutral is in system. I bite my tongue.

Corpy 3 > What in the hell is going on in here I demand to know right NOW? <<<< this is the guy who was docked for all of the fight.

Ishkur Pilot > cehck corp

Ishkur Pilot > just soem pussie who can't take a fair fight

Miura Bull > gf

They leave local.


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