26 Sep 2013

EVE Online Rubicon

I posted this live to the [SKRMR] forums as it was being streamed. Please excuse the rough and ready nature.


Proposed release date 19th November 2013.

Live from The TwitchVerse.

EVE Online Rubicon ....

Customs Offices high-sec yadayada.... wars over pocos ...

New deployables ... 4 different structures ... Siphon Unit ... steals resources from moons LOL (dis gon be gud).

Depot ... mobile base/fitting service.

CONCORD won't interfere if these new deployables are attacked in highsec.

Deployable tractor beam/looting device.

Deployable short range cyno jammer. ZOMG. Won't disrupt covert cynos.


Warp acceleration to be fixed. Faster/smaller ships will buck into warp quicker. t1 cruiser the base level, i.e they will stay the same. Anything above class will be slower to kick into warp, smaller ships obviously will be quicker.






Work in progress ..... Interceptors to be immune from bubbles. THIS IS AMAZING. DevThread coming next week.

Marauders ... What's a marauder again? ... Err, new graphics. Marauders are now transformers and have hydraulics or something.

Interdictors ....Sabre works well ... others not balanced. Warp speed changes. Weapon bonuses/fitting to be changed. New bubble graphics.

EAF's ... big changes .... doubling range on ewar. Thread in the next week or so ...

New missile launcher ... Rapid Heavy Missiles ... Battleship-sized.

New Sisters of EVE faction ships. Frigate concept. Cruiser concept. Gallente/Amarr bonuses. Exploration/long deployment ships. Combat capability. Armor resistance bonuses. Drone bonuses. Exploration/hacking/probing/covert ops bonuses.

SOE Concept Frigate

SOE Concept Cruiser

Certificate system removed. New streamlined/cleaner cert system to be introduced. Certs linked to individual ship ability. Devblog soon.

Interbus Ship Identification Tree.

Character selection screen changes. More info ... better visuals.

Twitch tv introduced into the eve client.


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  1. I will watch your twitch Miura! As for why 99% of Eve players would need that feature: I'm not sure.