25 Sep 2013

I Don't Know What Just Happened or How You Did That

Sharuveil, next door to Decon .... a large system with 100-150AU warps between belt clusters, not much chance of someone knowing that you're lurking for them if they warp directly to the belts from cluster to cluster. Which of course some people habitually do.

Sometimes when I am watching TV or I'm semi-afk I will just sit in the top belt and wait for things to land on me. I had killed a couple of Ventures and a Retriever by doing just that only today.

Another Venture was on scan and a Ferox too. I'd killed one of their dudes earlier. I sat in the belt and waited for them ..... after they didn't appear in the belt I knew they were in their pos which is near the top cluster. Which incidentally looks like a 5-year-old kid set up.

After about 5 minutes the Venture decides to risk it and warps to the belt (what is d-scan again?) ... he doesn't even have time to align out as my blasters do their thing.

The Venture dies.

I lock the pod and scramble it. Holding it for about 30 seconds. The Ferox then lands on grid and I execute his corpmate right in front of him. Pointing my Enyo towards the Ferox which is 30k away from me I just land the scram as he is aligning out.

The Ferox dies.

Convo request.

Miura Bull > hello

Ferox Pilot > ok wtf

Ferox Pilot> wtf what a ship is that

Miura Bull > a frigate

Ferox Pilot > holy cow I just

Ferox Pilot > how can it do that

Miura Bull > it has magical powers

Ferox Pilot > nice one

Ferox Pilot > I dont know what just happened or how you did that

Ferox Pilot > but

Ferox Pilot > not warping to fight you again!



  1. To be fair an enyo is the holy handgrenade of frigates, takes some time to get there ... count to three ... but if its rolling under your feet its gonna make a really big boom.

    1. Literally lol'd...wife made fun of me.

      Good kills, boss!

  2. This is not the FEARox I know about.

    1. This wasn't fitted like the fearsome Sard Caid Ferox. =)

  3. Killmail link? I'd love to see how that Ferox was fit.