2 Apr 2012

Why the RSOP works for us

I would like to think that the vast majority of the EVE PvP community 'gets us'. What I mean by this is, understands the way the Black Rebel Rifter Club works and goes about its business and has a grasp of its unorthodox play-style and why it is important to us. It is all about the fights for us, we don't care for anything else--win or lose. Give us a 50% efficient killboard filled with quirky kills made by wide-eyed noobs in Rifters, that tell a whole spectrum of stories over a 95% board with boring fleet mails with falcon and logi support monitored by Bureaucratic Nazis any day of the week. Unfortunately, I fully believe that a high percentage of the EVE populace doesn't 'get us'.

Recently I had a random conversation request pop up whilst I was out roaming, being the polite fellow that I am I opened the request as soon as was possible. I didn't know who the guy was but was intrigued as to what he wanted. To cut a long conversation short he had evidently convo'd me to offer up some advice and to put on the table a proposal. By the end of the conversation it was clear that he wanted to offer up the best bit of advice to make mine and my corpmates game time more 'enjoyable'. His suggestion? Join his alliance and 'learn bigger ships' (quoting here). 'Once in the alliance you can join regular fleets when an fc becomes available'. Blah, blah.

Okay, thanks for that..... But I think I'd rather stick a fork in my eye. 

We are about as disorganised as is possible, comms are usually an after thought and when a fleet goes up it is usually when projectiles are already being exchanged. People from outside the corp looking in may think of this as a bad thing, I disagree. And whilst this is not a slur on any individuals in the corp, we have players who are highly organised and impeccable when it comes to discipline and sorting things out, should they need to. This is just the way we operate and we wouldn't want it any other way.

As a corporation we have been looking on at the battleclinic corporate ranking system with a wide grin in recent months. Not only have we climbed from 500 in the all-time rankings at the turn of the year to around the 250 mark where we now hover. Our careless flying style and disorganised nature has now propelled us up to fifth, yes fifth! Five. 5. Fifth overall in the rankings for recent corporations. Well done to all. I think we'll continue our current play-style, thank you very much.

Image courtesy of Kaeda Maxwell 




  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03cy86u6Wi4

    tum tee tum :P

  2. ♥ you guys. Keep on doing what you do and never change!

  3. And in the end they will say, "they did it thier way."

  4. wow! grats rebels! i think i will be coming back to eve in the coming month. keep flying wreckless! o7

    - pepper mynt