2 Apr 2012

Whale Hunting Season off to a Killer Start

The Black Rebel Rifter Club prides itself on its glorious campaign of destruction in the high-security asteroid fields of New Eden. Since June '11 the in-house campaign 'Hulkageddon Never Sleeps' has notched up close to 250 destructed mining barges or industrial class ships.

This campaign is spurred on by free ships and fittings, regular paid bounties and the ongoing urge to wreak havoc on a profession that goes against all that the Black Rebels stand for. All in all it has been a damned good blast so far but if this campaign was driven by a gearbox then we have been cruising along in second gear and it is now time to ramp it up a little.

Recent murmurings from within the halls that govern regarding planned game change mechanics and other meaningless blubbering cries have not best pleased the inner-circle of the black-hearted pirate community. To this, we, the cartels and fight clubs, cutthroats and scallywags, raise the flag and declare nobody safe from our plundering.

To celebrate this, various pirates from across the cluster united for an evening of Orca hunting. A lumbering industrial command ship, these platforms of power often fuel vast mining operations. Now, striking into the very heart of these operations, the pirates aimed to spread fear and promote carnage.

The first test flight resulted in a swift broadside against an Orca that was spotted in Molden Heath high-sec. A fleet consisting mainly of tech 1 fitted and gunned Thrashers and Catalysts resulted in an Orca left smouldering with a burning hull, surviving with just under half of its structure points remaining. The fleet would not be deterred.

Re-grouping and improving the fleet with tech 2 gunned destroyers and stealth bombers added to the ranks, it was time to strike again, another Orca was spotted. This time the Orca crumpled into a ball of wreckage, the fleet finding its sweet spot and unleashing all hell on the hapless vessel.

A few hours passed, crews swapped shifts and the dust settled once again and all was quiet in the safety of high-sec. Then a rumble of Thrashers and Catalysts zipped into the asteroid field turning the nearby sun into a cloud of black. Another Orca fell to the fleet, the pirates had tested their capabilities, fired their guns and had now found their range.

Overheat everything, cycle spears, remember to click 'yes' on the Greenpeace pop-up.

May the bloodshed continue.


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  1. That was a fun outing wasn't it boss? Of course everyday is Hulkageddon time in the Black Rebel Rifter Club!