13 Apr 2012

Our blogs will blot out the sun (episode I)

R1FTA has quite a few talented writers on its roster. This post and subsequent future episodes will look to delve into this murky archive and poke and prod then provide a short review and highlight of these blogs. Clearly, the best way to review a blog is for you, the reader, to pay the blog a visit, subscribe to it and then make up your own mind. But I'm confident that you will enjoy these blogs as much as I do.

Yuzuki Katayanagi - The Spacer

Yuzuki's blog is crisp and fresh, a stylish layout that is graphically pleasing on the eye.

The blog starts back in January 2011 when Yuzuki begins to chart his adventures through New Eden. Through the course of the blog we meander through Yuzuki's life in his previous corporation, his adventures in wormholes and gradually we move on towards a darker side to his eve career and how Yuzuki's path eventually crosses with that of the Black Rebel Rifter Club.

Yuzuki's latest articles offer an interesting insight into his most recent engagements and general play-style. In his posts he clearly reviews what has happened, what he did correctly, what went wrong and how he intends to go about fixing things.

All in all, The Spacer is a wonderful blog, one of the best looking blogs out there in my opinion and is well worth reading right from the beginning.

Must read blog post--One Week In Space

In this post Yuzuki describes in typical detail a working week as a Black Rebel pilot, his various fights and roams and how all this ended up with him losing nine of his trusty Rifters.

Lhorenzho - The Popped POD-Eve Schadenfreude 

What can we say about our elder statesman of the R1FTA people, our much loved Lhorenzho? A colourful and somewhat abrasive character that some people might not fully understand. Lhorenzho holds a twisted and dark sense of humour that rubs off brilliantly in his writing style.

Whilst not one of the most prolific writers in the blogger's circle--since the blog opened in June 2011 we have just ten articles to read through. But this is not necessarily a bad thing as Lhorenzho fully makes up for his infrequent posting habits with content that is chocked full of wit and leaves you wanting more. His writing style reminds me of some Charles Bukowski laced with a dash of sharp-tongued poison.

Overall a great read that is unique in its style and projection of life as what Lhorenzho perceives as his undercard billing in the Black Rebel Rifter Club.


In this post Lhorenzho attempts to describe the varied personalities of his corpmates and their attitude towards life in New Eden. An amusing and insightful read.

More to come in episode II.


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