23 Apr 2012

Bull 2012

Miura Bull is the head of the Black Rebel Rifter Club [R1FTA], a Molden Heath frigate-flying guerrilla group. While initially enjoying strong public support, R1FTA allegedly turned on their own supporters, supposedly to "purify" the local population and turn Molden Heath into a bloodsport arena and in turn also transform R1FTA into a theocracy.

Bull proclaims himself the spokesperson of God and a spirit medium, has nurtured a cult of personality, and claims he is visited by an interstellar host of 13 spirits, including a Khanid phantom. Ideologically, the group is a syncretic mix of mysticism, Brutor nationalism, and Amarrian fundamentalism, and claims to be establishing a theocratic state based on their own rules and local Minmatar tradition.

Bull is often seen wearing bright white military dress, he sports a full beard and shaved head, has tribal tattoos and multiple piercings. He regularly smokes 'Brutor Number 12 Fat' cigars, has a strong taste for local spirits and is never seen without his trademark black shades.

Miura Bull

Bull has been accused by CONCORD entities of ordering the abduction of young capsuleers to become frigate slaves and noob soldiers. An estimated 200 or so capsuleers became soldiers and some estimated two million starship crew have been displaced since R1FTA formed nearly two years ago. Bull was indicted for high-sec war crimes and crimes against humanity and the general capsuleer population by CONCORD in Yulai, but has always evaded capture. R1FTA mainly operates in Heild in the Molden Heath region, but its membership and guerrilla activities have been reported across all of New Eden.

A young R1FTA soldier

Bull was thought among followers and detractors alike to have been possessed by spirits; he has been portrayed as either the Messiah or the Devil. He reportedly makes annual trips to Ammold (his birthplace), where he allegedly ascends planet-side to the highest of the hills and lays in the hot sun for days. Bull believes in the literal protection provided by an autocannon symbol and tells his young soldiers an autocannon on their chest drawn in oil will protect them from bullets.

Bull 2012 Campaign

Bull received a surge of attention recently when a 30-minute documentary titled Bull 2012 by renowned Gallentean film maker Jakob Intaki for the campaign group Invisible Rifters Inc was released. The intention of the production is to draw attention to Bull in an effort to increase CONCORD involvement in the issue.

The Teonusude Post commented: "The 27-minute video was posted on CQ Video Systems and NewEdenTube by Invisible Rifters and became a Universal trending topic across New Eden. Personally, I have never seen an outpour of support from people on my CONCORD news feed like this." The video has been viewed more than 800 million times at the time of writing. The film has quickly received attention from eve celebrities. Elizabeta Machini, writer for the Caldari State Post, offered more background on R1FTA as well as Invisible Rifters in response to the documentary. Machini and The Rens Star stated that Invisible Rifters hoped to raise Bull's notoriety enough to provoke a massive overnight cargo container campaign.

Thus far the campaign has resulted in a resolution by CONCORD and has contributed to the decision to send anti-pirate troops to the Molden Heath region.

Miura Bull and his supporters were unavailable for comment.



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