6 Apr 2012

The Bounty Hunter

I hold the profession of bounty hunting with high regards, it holds a mystique and lore that stirs an emotion. 

Fiery the angels fell. Deep thunder rolled around their shoulders... burning with the fires of Orc. 

Unfortunately it doesn't quite work that way in eve. If there was some kind of game mechanic implemented into eve that could guarantee a fun and non exploitable play-style then I would tap into that resource and try to become some kind of shadowy ninja-like bounty hunter. Looking up the bounties, hunting down my quarry and then striking from the shadows, taking my dead and then collecting my wage.

Today I noticed I had myself collected a bounty. 

I thought about what this meant for a moment and toyed with the idea of leaving it there and giving whoever podded me next a nice pay day. Then I thought about how the next person to pod me would probably be some fag in a sabre with a cloaky falcon buddy and I also thought of how many nice new Wolf class assault frigates I could buy and then play with.

So yeah. I arranged for a first class and rather swift clone bay visit via a corpmate. Now time to go shopping.



  1. Lol but at least you used a Tengu for the 'Podding' classy!

  2. Hah, exactly what I would have done.

  3. Yep, bounty hunting simply doesn't work in EVE. It was the reason I started playing before I knew how it actually worked. Very disappoint I was. But I do wonder who was "unknowledgeable" enough to put a price this big on your piggy bank... I mean your head :)

  4. You can do all the bounty hunting you want MB once they fix it the system,as long as it does not keep you away from your administrative duties with the Rebels! You got paper to push brother!