5 Apr 2012

Stream Fighter II Turbo

Sard Caid, billionaire playboy in black rubber pants and the leader of the criminal organisation Gunpoint Diplomacy, who uses a mysterious power known as "Streaming Power", was out roaming the spacelanes and looking for trouble. Of course, this was all being shown live to an audience over on Sard's excellent stream, which can be found over at twitch.tv/sardcaid. A fantastic resource for aspiring solo and small gang pvpers or general voyeurs.

This particular evening's stream was bumped by the guys over at evenews24. Access to the entire stream can be found by clicking this link, and is well worth a watch.

Unaware of what was currently taking place on the stream, Myself, Kaeda Maxwell and Saftsuze were just returning home from a roam down to Derelik. We jumped into our next system and spotted a couple of frigs on the gate, unaware at this time that their gangmates were engaging Sard Caid on another gate in the system. Great timing! We gave chase as one of the frigs was flashy. We landed in the middle of the battle and began working on the frigs (or those that were flashy or were aggressing us), we managed to take down this Taranis and got on the killmail of his mate also in a Taranis before the rest of them began to flee. We then pointed Sard's Drake. Saftsuze had disconnected mid-fight and lost communications. I warped off with 13% structure and Kaeda deployed ECM drones much to Sard's annoyance. The gang returned and we showed up on the killmail. gfgf.

This fight can be found on the stream starting at approximately 8 min 30 seconds.


A little later on the stream, starting at approximately 59 min and 40 seconds, you can find an example of how stream sniping works. This is basically watching the movements of the live stream to engineer a fight, this can be counter-punched by delaying the stream somewhat but this was not the case tonight.

We had decided after watching Sard's journey through Great Wildlands, to wait on the other side of his out-gate back into Molden Heath in the hope that his ship was still in one piece when he arrived. Our ship choices were Assault Frigates and Destroyers. Our fleet consisted of four AF's and one Destroyer and we hoped for a good fight. At this point as we waited on the gate we were joined by a corpmate who had spotted us in system who was out roaming in his Tempest, not wanting to remove any chance of a fight actually happening in the first place he was asked to retreat from the system, which of course he then did.

The fight was good, as you will see from the stream a couple of Battlecruisers came to the aid of Sard on the gate and we lost the Destroyer and three Assault Frigates, with Kaeda's Vengeance the only ship to survive the fight. Still, the Brutix exploded and we got a good fight and that is great for television!


Most of the fleet then went about doing some other business and I closed the stream and went away from keys for a while.

A little later I returned to see from corp chat that Sard had just had a Thrasher 1v1 with corpmate Thestarling. This can be found on the stream at approximately 2 hours 14 min and 30 seconds and resulted in Sard's artillery Thrasher succumbing to the autocannon Thrasher in a quick gunfight.

Following straight on from this fight I noticed Sard ask for a Rifter 1v1 in local to which I quickly accepted his offer. It is worth mentioning that I did not have the stream up and running in the build up to this fight and I was not aware of what I would be facing. My inkling had me thinking that Sard would show up in an artillery fit, but in the end as you will see I was wrong.

This fight can be found with the build up starting at around 2 hours 20 minutes and 10 seconds on the stream. What followed was a great Rifter fight, showcasing why frigate duelling can be so much fun! One of the best Rifter v Rifter fights I have had in a long time. Good fight, good fight.

I would like to thank Sard for the fights and also for the stream, this should be on the eve essentials of sites that everybody should bookmark and watch on a regular basis. I for one love it.



  1. his streams have been top notch, and very entertaining, plus I learned all about that crazy shield booster cyclone...

    I think I remember Kaeda saying in that stream that because you guys killed a Tempest you saved Sard's ship also lol.

  2. Great fun to see action in the neighborhood from the dirty low life enemy's point of view. And nice to see the Rebels come off with such a fine showing!

  3. "We then pointed Sard's Drake. Saftsuze had disconnected mid-fight and lost communications."

    ahaha, plain awesomeness!
    Saft, I hereby send you some more 'stache wax for your cache!

    MB, stream sniping, that's so fucking evil, you kaniiiievel!!