28 Apr 2012

The Last Rocket

A magical word or phrase uttered with the intention of bringing about evil or destruction; a curse.

I've been flying the Malediction a lot recently, it really is a great little Interceptor that at times can feel quite bomb proof. Mainly, I've been having fun taking out poorly fitted frigates and destroyers that have been unfortunate enough to stray into my path during my roams. I also had fun fleeting up with a friend where we managed to snag a Rokh and a Retribution between us. There was also an oddly fit Hawk that I took out on an acceleration gate. This fight was one that I nearly turned my back on, fully expecting the Hawk to be a competent pvp fit, so I was glad that I stuck around and started the fight.

I had been trying to start a fight with a Tristan and a Ferox since I spotted them loitering together in Jovainnon, but I was having no luck getting them to engage me. I followed them into Aeschee and locked up the Ferox as the Tristan warped away, to my surprise the Ferox fired on me and the fight was on. Setting my orbit wrong from the start I took some nasty hits and was soon in half armor, how embarrassing. Correcting my mistake I settled into a tight orbit and began spitting rockets at the Ferox. Slowly, very slowly I began to lay down the damage.

At this point the Tristan warps back in and locks me up, he doesn't fire on me (you'll see why later) but he does web me so I decide to switch my rockets onto the frig to remove him from the fight. As the Tristan enters armor he warps away and again I start on plinking away at the shields of the Ferox. After a short time the Tristan lands again and this time he doesn't get away in time as he explodes under intense overheated rocket fire.

Gate fire.

I hold my breath, wondering what might appear on my overview--eek a Wolf.

It is Ohm's Law's and he is heading towards us, but he hasn't yet locked me up.

Now at this point I had been shooting at the Ferox for quite some time and I was just noticing the local chat. Maybe Ohm's was holding fire on me in amusement at the banter going on in local? Maybe he just wanted to see a Malediction kill the Ferox? All this time I'm hoping he doesn't spool up his cannons and obliterate me, which he quite easily could have done.

Ivan Trosky Trosky > forgive the caps lock
Ohm's Law's > im havign watch watching
Ohm's Law's > fun watching*
Ivan Trosky Trosky > XD
Ivan Trosky Trosky > im sure you are
Eisler Rollard > >.<
Eisler Rollard > lol
Dism0 > i only take advance payment
Ivan Trosky Trosky > lol. good one.
Dism0 > recession and all
Ivan Trosky Trosky > of course
Dism0 > too many flakes
Ivan Trosky Trosky > quite

Dism0 > so how'd that work out for you?
Ivan Trosky Trosky > Pretty badly. But to be expected from first time low-sec expedition :)
Dism0 > did you have a crappy fit ship?
Ivan Trosky Trosky > Ferox, probably not fitted well
Ivan Trosky Trosky > But oh well
Ivan Trosky Trosky > "hope for the best, prepare for the worst"
Ivan Trosky Trosky > obviously, i did not prepare very well.
Dism0 > 4/2012 toon, id expect not a wise choice to be in low-sec
Ivan Trosky Trosky > Indeed. But oh well.

At this moment in time I am racing to finish off this Ferox before my supplies of rockets run out and I fear that I am losing the battle. My overheat is touching close to 90%. I am on my last few shots, the Ferox is in deep structure and then.......


The rocket launchers stop firing.

Ivan Trosky Trosky > Save now this guy is just playing with me
Ivan Trosky Trosky > :/
Ivan Trosky Trosky > either kill me, let me ransom, or go away.
Ivan Trosky Trosky > I really dont care which
Dism0 > lol who is it?
Ivan Trosky Trosky > Miura bull
Dism0 > if youre lucky he will blog about it
Ivan Trosky Trosky > haha known forever as the noob. Wonderful! XD

I open up a convo with Ohm's and I ask him nicely if he has any spare rockets. He kindly offers to go fetch some from a neighbouring system. Crisis averted, almost, why doesn't the guy jump back through the stargate? He hasn't been shooting me now for some time. As I am thinking this to myself he starts shooting again then stops. Odd.

Ohm's arrives back in a Hurricane and drops a can of rockets and it is now game on again. Ohm's declares that he will not fire on the Ferox and spoil the killmail. But I don't have a problem with him sharing the killmail in exchange for the rockets so we agree to finish the Ferox together. The Ferox soon implodes under the heavy gunfire.

Miura Bull > gf

Ivan Trosky Trosky > lol. WEll thanks for finally ending that
Miura Bull > well
Miura Bull > I ran out of rockets
Dism0 > lol
Ivan Trosky Trosky > Funny lol

I think next time I will load more rockets into my cargohold.



  1. First time poster but I've read you r blog a few times before. Mighty entertainment. Thank you kind sir. Good stuff :)

  2. The malediction in AB brawling form is a great and fun ship. The range control and ability to kite at the edge of bonused scram range can give many other frigs heaps of trouble.