27 Dec 2010

Wormholes, Wormholes

A Random-Violence fleet stands by for deployment into wormhole space.

Over the coming weeks I will be exploring wormholes and making use of wormholes that lead to parts of New Eden that I wouldn't usually visit. This will hopefully lead to some interesting fights and stories to report. Like the other day for example. HandofSatan had formed a fleet that was going to bust into a Khanid low-sec mining operation that was in full swing. A myriad of various sweet looking cherries were on the field and one prize stood out in particular, an Orca. Sadly it wasn't to be and most of the gang, including the Orca, either left the system or were in the safety of pos shields by the time our gang had formed. We managed to kill a couple of mining barges who were still on the field but it wasn't the sweet and bloody massacre we had hoped for. Unfortunately I only managed to make it onto this one pod kill.

We then decided to embark on an epic roam through Querious and onto Catch and Providence. It was to be an epic roam, in the end we ended up in Derelik (far, far away from our planned target system), some good few hours later and having avoided many camps and gangs that were chasing us along the way.

Early in the roam we managed to snag a couple of nice kills. A plucky Pilgrim tackled our Vagabond not knowing what was about to jump in behind him and soon crumpled under an angry dance of projectile fire. Soon afterwards the fleet laid waste to this Armageddon that was caught in an asteroid field.  

The rest of the roam was eventful but not many more kills were tallied. This pretty poorly fit Drake the only other victory to report. The large gangs that were patrolling the area restricting us from more pillage and murder. We spent most of our time avoiding potential traps and ganks in an area we weren't all too familiar with.

After a short break in Derelik I contracted my Hurricane over to Hand who flew it me back through high-sec space, saving me some 118 or so jumps in the process. I made the gauntlet run through high-sec in my pod over to Amamake where I picked up a Rifter and had a nice 1 v 1 duel. I then made my way home in a Rupture where I ganked some guy on the way who was an 'angry local chat kind of guy' when I landed in his belt just as he was warping off. I sat there for five minutes and he warped back to me at 0. Oh the joys of noobs who don't use the D-Scan.



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  1. OK, I guess I'm the first to claim my 20Misk. :-)

    Kimbeau Surveryor