18 Dec 2010

Back to Base

It's now back to Syndicate after the recent deployment and a not too enthralling stay in and around Amamake and its surrounding systems, where I found myself making silly and costly mistakes during dogfights. Quite frustrating to say the least. I'm now looking forward to throwing together some cruiser and battlecruiser hulls and joining some nasty-ass fleets after mostly going solo for the past few weeks. I've even booked some of my Jaguar assault frigates in for some refitting and service procedures as some of the fits and indeed the modules were getting tired.

Sat in my quarters at the Intaki Commerce Trading Post I found myself blankly staring at my wall-mounted projector, the Intaki Trade Channel was on and the latest trade news was flickering its way across the screen. Enriched uranium was selling well and there was currently a high demand for hydrochloric acid and spirits. This grabbed my attention as I suddenly remembered how I was running low on my favourite fiery gold liquor. I changed the channel and caught the end of the bi-annual Bloodball match-up between the Caldari Navy Juniors and the Black Rise Saints. 

Saints won 36-16 - No fatalities this time around.

_ _ _ _ _ 

The bathroom was cold and damp, the smell of bleach in the recently cleaned room stung at my nostrils as the tap blasted cold water into the palms of my cupped hands, a chill rushed down my spine as I splashed my face with cool, icy water. As good a wash as any I thought to myself as I grabbed my black leather jacket and aviators and made my way down to the station's bar district.


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