21 Dec 2010

A Short Spin on Stats

A few months ago I wrote about my efficiency and how inefficient I seemed to be. I put this down to being a pilot that was just a few months into the game and decided at 60% efficiency the only way to correct matters was to buckle down and not worry too much about efficiency. Hope that makes sense! Anyhow, looking over a few figures it seems I have improved somewhat.

Number crunching 101.

Current efficiency - 92.22%

Total Kills - 305

Total Losses - 52

Damage Done - 8.12 Billion ISK

Damage Received - 690 Million ISK

Chance of Enemy Survival - 21.31%

Top 5 Ships (& number of kills)

Jaguar - 160
Rifter - 115
Thrasher - 11
Republic Fleet Firetail - 7
Claw - 6

Top 3 Weapon Systems

150mm Light Autocannon II - 135
125mm Gatling Autocannon II - 69
200mm Autocannon II - 20

Not bad statistics for an 8 month old pilot I hope you agree, considering two months of that time I was away from the game and not skilling up either. Looking at the jump in efficiency improvement it is clear that flying with competent wing-mates certainly increases this factor, however, over 50% of my time in Random-Violence has seen me flying solo as it is my play style. I enjoy rolling out with fleets for sure, but I also enjoy the freedom to do my own thing when the need arises. So I wouldn't put the fact that I'm in a good pvp alliance as a main factor for the jump.

I'm also at the time of writing less than 24 hours away from being skilled in a fully tech II fit battlecruiser with tech II drone compliment. I expect my efficiency might drop somewhat after I lose a few of these bad boys. I will no doubt find myself jumping in the Rifter more than the battlecruiser but we'll see. I have some tasty looking Hurricanes and Cyclones fully assembled and ready to roll, rusty bits glowing under the station lights.

So my favourite ship is the Jaguar. Well that's not much of a surprise really, having learnt the ropes in the Rifter it was an easy progression into the Jag and I just love this ship, it is great fun to fly and I wouldn't change it in any way shape or form. The eagle eyed  reader may have spotted that I've never snagged a single kill whilst at the helm of a Wolf. Well, it's not for the want of trying. I've roamed far and wide in my Wolf but never managed, for one reason or another a single kill. Strange. I've never lost one either so it's not all too bad I suppose.

I hope I didn't bore you with too much statistics. Normal service will be resumed shortly, although I  might write 'A Short Spin on Alliance Stats' sometime in the future . . . . we'll see.


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