11 Jan 2011

Tremor, Jams and Cynabal Streams

I talked about this ship set-up on occasions at the Republic Military School back in my student days with some steel-eyed veterans who claimed the Artillery Thrasher could wipe out an Amarrian in one swoop from 50 clicks. I never really put it into practice, often favouring the Autocannon clad Thrasher instead. However, whilst sorting through some gear and loot that I had stashed away I managed to cobble together one of my own and I headed off for a few nights of sniping in the asteroid belts of Amamake and the surrounding cesspit.

First to meet a sticky end was this unfortunate Rifter pilot who probably didn't have quite enough time to even wonder what the hell was happening as her ships internal structure imploded around her as a hot volley of Tremor projectile shells smashed the ship apart.

Next to taste the concoction of a one shot of Tremor syrup was this Merlin pilot who might perhaps like to have a word with his mechanical crew about fitting him some modules in his low slots next time he ventures out.

This was getting fun.

But then this happened. Under the murky green backdrop of the Amamake solar system I thought I'd try against another Thrasher in the hope he was cannon fit, unfortunately he too was Artillery fit and we began slugging it out from distance. Things went rather downhill when the hero Thrasher pilot was aided by a Falcon buddy that decloaked and then the arrival of another buddy in a Griffin to add more cowardice to the attack. I warped my pod out in amusement and took some abuse for berating the good fight that was offered up in local.

It went something like this.

Thrasher Pilot > Phew, gf man, that was close.

Miura Bull > Lol, gf I guess. Did you really need the Falcon and Griff though?

Falcon Pilot > You are stupid, who warps to a belt solo? You fag.

Miura Bull > Fuck you. Have a nice day o/

I then got some further abuse just before I jumped out and some of the local blobbers piped up about pirate tears etc, etc, yawn, yawn. I wasn't bitter, I was just being rude. Also, what puzzled me was the reply about 'who warps to a belt solo'.  Come on please, some people must enjoy playing the game with somebody holding their hand. That's not really my play-style and I think I'll keep warping to belts solo when the opportunity arises. I'd also like to think the majority of good pvpers I come across would think the same. No?

Anyway, a bit back I decided to spend some of the Bull family inheritance on something fruity and found myself roaming SOLO in my newly purchased Cynabal - which I pimped out like it was 1999. No scout needed here. Balls out flying, engage whatever comes onto the field type of combat. Well, almost.

Fruity Cynabal will eat your soul for lunch as part of his 5-a-day.

I found myself roaming the pipe from Sinq Laison down to Verge Vendor and back and first up for Cynabal feeding was this Catalyst that melted rapidly. Then on the way back I was sat in a belt counting the rocks (as you do) when a Rifter landed right on top of me, I quickly despatched him to the underworlds when another Rifter landed, he too met his maker. Right about the same time, I noticed one hell of a jump in the local comm systems and as I warped off into the distance noticed a nice looking fleet landing behind me. An eclectic mix of interceptors, cruisers, heavy cruisers and even bigger. Nice time to escape and dock up one might say.


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  1. Good sir... I beleive that indeed was a good time to GTFO

    For my own curiosity, may I ask what fit you use on your cynabal?