16 Dec 2010

19 Blogs You Must Read!

This is a list of recommended blogs that I always look out for new posts from whenever I log in. Some of them are quite 'mainstream' in the sense that most bloggers probably follow them anyway as they are well known blogs. However, if there's a blog here that you aren't aware of then do check it out as you might be pleasantly surprised.

In no particular order, here is my definitive list of  recommended blogs, followed by a short description.

Aggressive Tendencies - Perseus Kallistratos is a pilot/director with The Maverick Navy, which is part of IT Alliance. This blog contains an excellent reel of information and battle reports on nullsec gang warfare.

Nashh Kadavr's Eve Blog - Well known blogger and home of the Celebrity Death Match. Nashh's blog also contains a healthy dose of well versed fiction.

Do Rifters Dream of T3 Sheep? - Sobczynski is a Rifter pilot for the Pator Tech School non-player corporation. This blog is a fresh and witty outlook on life in low-sec and when he's not out soloing Daredevils in his Rifter, you can read about his love-hate relationship with his Pator Tech bosses. Funny blog. 

Flee on Sight - Suleiman Shouaa is a director with the Tuskers pirate corporation. His blog contains some intriguing views on life as a pirate in low-sec, sprinkle in some tasty battle reports and you have one fantastic blog.

Rifter Drifter - Author of the fabled Rifter Guide. Wensley is a well known face of New Eden and his blog is up there too as one of the best. Here you can read informative posts on his early life as a low-sec pirate and his transition into null-sec politics.

Journeys of a Baroque Pilot - One of my absolute favourites. Read about the colourful, arty and expressive world of Tusker pilot Kishin Hattori.

Flashfresh - The Pirate. - Flashfresh is a pirate. Not just any old pirate though, he is the CEO of The Bastards pirate corporation. His blog contains some fine roam reports and excellent fiction.

The Rust Bucket Outlaw - The tales of Cebit, a pirate with Fla5hy Red formerly of The Black Rabbits.

Kane Rizzel - a Pirates Perspective - Kane has a unique style and it shines through in this excellent blog that charts some pretty epic solo piracy. One of the best.

The Travels of Black Claw - CEO of Open University of Celestial Hardship (OUCH), a training corp dedicated to null-sec survival. Good, informative reading.

Blacklight - VETO pilot Raxip Elamp is a genius in the art of fiction. Dark, gripping and each visit leaves you eagerly anticipating the next instalment. Bookmark this blog now!

Helicity Boson - Khanid Pirate - Got Hulks? Great reading from the creator of Hulkageddon.

Broadside - Sard Caid challenges the pilots he comes across to the deadliest dance in Eve, along the barrel of a gun. His blog contains a fantastic mix of the resulting fun and a healthy spattering of fiction. A very nice blog.

Confessions of a Killer Carebear - Von Diel has his own brand of destruction and here he tells it as it is. Nice blog.

Rum and Ransom: Journals of a Space Pirate - Mr Kha is another pirate with Fla5hy Red. This blog contains some excellent material for the novice up and coming pirate and useful information and stories for veterans far and wide.

Your money or your life! - Ka Jolo is to many the Godfather of pirate based blogging. If you read this blog from the start you will have amassed a sheer wealth of information to set yourself on the path of the pirate. The best blog out there.

The Bald Buccaneer - Tusker pilot Bourreau's blog contains some delicious words, graphics and chat logs. Check it out.

Kirith Darkblade - Eve Pirate - Kirith is quite possibly the most dedicated Rifter nut out there. This blog documents his travels and adventures on his journey to 'absolutely max-out' the skills involved in piloting the Rifter.

Intergalactic Man of Leisure - Mr Snypes is a God amongst men. His blog is unique in style, nothing out there can match his dedication to twisted and funny story telling. The founder of the Space Bunnies rehab centre for former exotic dancers and a lover of space pirates, spirits and tobacco can only make for one thing - fun.

I hope you enjoyed checking some of those out!



  1. A few more to add to my reading list :)

    Thank you for the kind words on my humble attempts at blogging!

  2. Aaaaw, thanks man. I'm gonna try to find a spot to quote your description of my blog. If I had a book, I'd put it on the back cover :P

  3. Thank's dude. I'll dedicate my next podding to you!