23 Dec 2010

Hurricane Jane

It was a night for crossing off firsts from that big long list we all have. Firstly, after completing my training for tech II drones, I could finally field a combat ready Hurricane. The only missing piece from the tech II set-up being the Invulnerability Field, but I'm quite happy to run the meta 4 invul for the time being and I'm not in any real rush just yet to train for the tech II varient.

It was good timing as a Drake fleet was forming up at our pos, the Hurricane is my Drake so I christened my battlecruiser Jane and undocked into the night sky. As I broke out of warp and hooked myself up to the alliance comms systems it became clear that I would be able to cross something else off of my list. Tonight I would be 'Titan Bridged' for the first time. Excellent . . . .

I was happy with my first taste of battlecruiser fleet combat and was even more happy to bring Jane home in one piece. The battle report below showed a good nights work, I hope you agree.

Hurrican Jane Goes to Hollywood

Spot the Cane(s)



  1. Nice ride, I saw you struttin' around Egghelende earlier today in a Hurricane, but it wasn't Jane, was it?

    Why did you spook that Ishkur, btw? I would have wiped the floor with that rumbuctious piece of work :)

  2. It was actually Jane's sister ship - Vampire Soup. Jane is docked up in Syndicate having her hull repaired. I hadn't lost a Cane until tonight when I lost two. . . but they weren't technically mine :P

    Also, that Ishkur pilot was my alliance mate, lol. We were looking for a Brutix and Myrmi . . He wanted to go after you but I knew we wouldn't catch you, I know how slippery you can be. :)