10 Dec 2010

Raxip's Judgement

Raxip had a wicked glint in his eye, as he stood over me I could feel a sense of fear building up inside me, but I could not stop it growing. I was locked in deep sleep but at the same time this was so vivid, was I dreaming or was this real? His fingers shone in web-like flickers, like flames; and during his speech I could hear the glorious sound of a fire - burning - like the noise of a rug flapping in a wind. The words were unrecognisable, all that I could hear was mottled with other sounds. The sound of gunfire echoed in the room and then, laughing, uncontrollably loud, wild laughing.

Raxip smiled and the flames around him rose and as they burned yellow the image of a thousand dead souls screamed at him. The flames changed colour, blue-green upon the charred bones of the murderers and hypocrites who faded into the heat, Raxip stood there, laughing. Like some sort of God-like figure he granted them one final, brief moment of sight so they might see their own skeletons crumbling and glowing like lanterns in the dead of night. The screaming voices stopped, no longer did they cry out for forgiveness. As the flames finally consumed them to dust Raxip lowered his head solemnly.

Then out of the smoke, suddenly, whistling around the room like phantoms the ghostly figures appeared and then settled. Seven black, sinister faces looked down on Raxip from above. I could taste the smoke, heavy at the back of my throat, I gasped for air but nothing.

"What!" cried Raxip in a fury. "Can my years of service not give me my own foundation for judging my actions? And if I have sinned, then are you not two-facedly working for my downfall?!"

The ghostly faces looked on. There was silence in the room, an uneasy silence.

Raxip could say nothing else. He stood still, his eyes shifted in his head, and he clutched at his jaw nervously. The faces watched him. One of them moved forward towards him. Raxip watched him intently and then he took a step backwards. The figure struck the floor hard with his fist right in front of Raxip. A loud shrill engulfed the room as the floor opened and from within the dead escaped again. It seemed they were stuck between the stage of death and resurrection. Each and every soul was in fear of Hell and they did not know their next path. The seven black faces faded away and the grave closed suddenly, returning the souls to the darkness.

Raxip turned and walked out of the room.



  1. In terms of cannonity, this is such an awesome little bit of writing that I'll consider it as a dream Raxip had before his court martial, which you all will sadly never read about in my blog, cause I don't write about that sort of stuff.