28 Jul 2011

Conscience Killer

I'd been roaming unsuccessfully around Syndicate in a Sabre, nothing too fancy just a quick burn around an old loop I used to roam in my Jaguar, nothing was out and the whole place was dead apart from the odd scout so I set my navigation systems back to Reblier and docked the Sabre up in the station.

A short while later I noticed the local communication systems flashing up in my quarters.

Roman TheWise > I think fk me there is a -8 sec dude in local, I presume he's the sort of dude who'd gank people?

traccat > he will kill u on sight

Roman TheWise > yeah no crap

traccat > so it would be nice to see outside the station b4 undocking lol

I saw this as a good opportunity to poke my nose around the system in my Hurricane that had been running some repairs down in one of the hangars. Nothing was on scan as I prowled the system hoping for something to let my Hurricane's autocannons feast on.

A short while later ......

traccat > he's outside somewhere according to star map stats

I had been checking all the stations looking for where the locals who seemed so afraid were hiding. Upon undocking from one of the stations I was joined by a Myrmidon right next to me, and so, for the glory of the broadside I opened fire immediately on my target. Flashes of cannon fire lit up the dark murky space outside the station, the sentry fire from the station's guns trying to halt me in my tracks and further adding to the light show. The Myrmidon was having nothing of it though and immediately requested docking permission, in half armor he disappeared from space back into the safety of the hangar. I warped off to a safe spot to regenerate some shields.

Later whilst sat near the high-sec gate I noticed a Manticore land nearby. Being a neutral pilot I assumed he would be going about his business and be jumping back into high-sec. Wrong. He began burning towards me, locking me up in the process, plucky little fellow hey? I returned the favour fully expecting him to jump on into high-sec, but to my surprise he let off a salvo of torpedos in my direction! Aggression, now this is something I live for and this was akin to prodding a tired and hungry sleeping killer-dog with a broom handle. Right about the same time I began unleashing death from my cannons the Myrmidon from previous landed right next to us.

He too locked me up and began shooting me with his tech 1 guns. The kill-switch was well and truly flicked now, the rush of bloodlust flowed, the red rag to the bull was flapping in a violent storm. The Hurricane made short work of the stealth bomber and began to bring about the demise of the Myrmidon. The end was near, the Hurricane blitzed through the hapless Gallente battlecruiser with ease. As is always proven to be the case in combat, a cap stable ship fitted in the way of the bear usually makes for a dead bear.

I scooped the loot from the two wrecks and was just about to initiate my warp engines when an autopiloting pod landed on the gate. Poor timing young fellow.


In other news.

During a recent Rebel roam around the Verge Vendor and Essence regions I broke formation from the fleet in Hevrice and stopped off at the shrine to the great Tusker pirate Mr Snypes, which is situated high above the Hevrice 5 Station. I dropped some cans full of ammo from the Black Rebel Rifter Club honouring the former capsuleer, who recently handed in his pilot's licence, no doubt he'll be on some tropical planet somewhere right now in the South sunning his fresh clone and kicking up some surf whilst telling stories of low-sec to some local beach dwelling punk kids. A million miles away from the black space lanes. Good luck Mr Snypes!

The Snypes Shrine in Hevrice.


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